1341 H Street, NE

From a press release:

“Easter is linked to Jewish Passover by more than just yearly calendar proximity. In many languages, the words for “Easter” and “Passover” are identical, with both symbolically celebrating spring, hope, and rebirth, regardless of religion. In their long-continued tradition of bringing together people, cultures and religions, Washington DC’s premier Jewish-Irish bar/restaurant announced today plans to again make this connection with their first-ever “Lamb-a-palooza” Easter Meets Passover holiday weekend celebration, as part of their month-long Spring Shenanigans Simcha Festival.

The festivities begin at 5pm on Friday, April 3rd and run through Sunday, April 5th, offering non-traditional Passover Seder dinners, holiday-inspired brunches, and specialty cocktails. Friday and Saturday night’s multicultural Seder Plate-mirroring dinner menu features classic Matzo Ball Soup, a garden-fresh Romaine & Green Onion Salad with Spicy Horseradish Dressing, savory Herb-Roasted Lamb Chops served with Sauteed Swiss Chard & Shallots, Roasted Rosemary Potatoes, a Pickled Egg, Fruit & Honey Haroset and–with a final nod to the no-flour Passover tradition, freshly baked house-made Matzo Bread. Saturday and Sunday morning’s Brunch menu continues to play on both holidays, featuring Jewish & Irish hybrid dishes such as Beef Salami & Eggs, House-Smoked Salmon with Eggs, Tomatoes & Onion, Lamb Sausage & Egg Irish Breakfast, a “Sunny Side Up” Lamb Burger, Cream Cheese Omelets and Matzo Brei. And finally, to wash it all down, Star and Shamrock Bar Manager, Gene Barnett, will be unveiling his Irish whiskey and Manischewitz “Guilt Chaser” craft cocktail, with an enhanced selection of Kosher, California Cabernets and Chardonnays throughout the weekend.

Star and Shamrock’s famous frontman, co-owner, Jason Feldman, offered, “We have always stuck by the notion that there is more in common with these two cultures than most people think. We love celebrating the similarities with a bit of irreverency. Star and Shamrock’s story is more than just kitsch, it’s about our traditions and history. So, if you’re wondering whether you should go to Easter dinner at your mother-in-law’s during Passover or if it’s okay to eat matzo and peeps, our ‘Passover Meets Easter Lamb-a-palooza’ has your answer.”

For additional information on this and other Spring Shenanigans Simcha Festival celebrations, such as Star and Shamrock’s upcoming five-year-anniversary party on the weekend of April 16th, as well as various smaller parties in between, please visit”


From @MayorBowser’s State of the District last night:

“We all know that the Streetcar has been long on promises but short on results. That changes now.

I promise you that we will get the Street Car along H Street and Benning Road line up and running.

Then we will extend the line to downtown Ward 7 so that Councilmember Alexander’s constituents along Benning Road can ride to Union Station and eventually all the way to Georgetown.”

What about Georgia Ave and Walter Reed…?

1351 H Street, NE

In other massively anticipated openings – Maketto has finally announced a day – Friday, April 10th.

From an email:

APRIL 4, 2015

Photo courtesy Rock & Roll Hotel

From a press release:

“Beginning Friday March 27th, Rock & Roll Hotel will bring a new mix to the nightlife on H St; introducing ROOFTOP DJs on Friday and Saturday evenings from 5-8pm! We are proud to be one of the few bars in the entire city to host rooftop DJs on the weekend. Expect music and happy hour specials from 5-8pm both nights. Plus, just like our second floor DJ sets, there is never a cover to party.

We host one of our resident DJs, LanceDontDance (part of the CLSTRFCK dance party troupe) on Friday March 27th. Weaving from top Indie jams to your favorite hip-hop classics, he’s got a set prepared to kick the weekend off right. On Saturday the ROAM DJs, featuring Lisa Frank, Chris Nitti and Sami Y take over.

Party begins Friday, March 27th [1353 H Street, NE]
And every Friday and Saturday following
5-8pm | 21+”

411 and 413 H Street, NE

From a Nando’s spokesperson via email:

Nando’s got some great news today from the DC Board of Zoning Adjustment. Thanks to overwhelming support from our H Street neighbors, the BZA approved our special exception to operate at 411 and 413 H Street, NE. We can’t wait to get our hammers swinging, light up our grills and bring our spicy PERi-PERi chicken to H Street! We are now hoping to hatch on H Street by late fall or early winter.”

Ed. Note: Woodley Park also has BZA approval but no projected opening date yet.


“Dear PoPville,

As a dedicated X2 rider for 4 years, the X2 has changed a lot – and the rise of the “bus bunching” last year was noticeable and aggravating. I’m glad WMATA is dedicating more resources to handling this busy route.

Though, while the frequency of buses has increased 6am-7pm on weekdays – there is still a persistent gap in service from 7pm-7:30/45 – which after a long day is never fun.

And on weekends, forget the X2 entirely.”

From WMATA’s post Metrobus X2 Continues to Gain Riders:

“So to improve reliability, we made some changes in December 2014:

To meet demand, we increased the frequency of buses to an even 8 minutes all day long – 6:00am-7:00pm on weekdays.
We deployed a team of dedicated supervisors on the street (at Minnesota Avenue and Lafayette Square) and at the Bus Operations Control Center to ensure even spacing between buses on weekdays. The X2 is now a “headway-managed” route on weekdays, meaning our primary goal is to maintain buses evenly every 8 minutes throughout the day.
We adjusted the scheduled running times by about 15% for all trips.

The results have been impressive: ridership has jumped 14% from 12,700/day in October 2014 to 13,800 in February, overcrowding (particularly during the midday) has been virtually eliminated, and on-time performance has grown to 83% – a remarkable achievement for a heavily congested urban corridor.”

414 H Street, NE

From an email:

“Boundary Road is hosting a pop-up for Sally’s Middle Name on Sunday, March 29. It’ll be from 10pm to 12am, which we know is a little late in the evening for a lot of people, but is when Boundary Road traditionally hosts its pop-ups. I promise it’ll be worth staying up a little past bedtime. Chef Sam will be assisted in the kitchen by Chef John Manolatos of Cashion’s Eat Place.

Sally’s Middle Name will open on June 3rd, 2015 [1320 H Street, NE]”


“Also – on April 1st Sally’s will be participating in a chili cook-off at Meats & Foods to celebrate the opening of their new patio.”

247 Florida Ave, NW