1104 H Street, NE

“Dear PoPville,

On Saturday, my friend had one of her first nights out since giving birth to twins in December. We met girlfriends for dinner and then planned to go dancing on H St. Since my friend is nursing, she had to pump milk before we left the restaurant, and she had a small bottle of milk in her bag when we arrived at Little Miss Whiskey’s. When the bouncer looked in her bag, he examined the bottle, and she explained that she was a new mom.

“No disrespect for your condition,” the bouncer responded, “but this is a bar. Why would you bring that here? It’s weird.” He added that Little Miss Whiskey’s doesn’t allow “outside food or drink.” He said he needed to ask his manager whether my friend could enter the bar with milk in her purse–and when he returned, he said she couldn’t.

We asked to talk to the manager, who was surprisingly hostile. He told my friend she could give him her breast milk to keep behind the bar but couldn’t have it in her bag, adding “We don’t allow those devices.” (I assume he was referring to breast pumps?)

To be clear, my friend was not trying to bring a baby to a bar or even discreetly pump milk in the bathroom–she was just trying to hang out with friends while carrying a (small, sealed) container of milk in her (zipped) purse.

We went to Rock & Roll Hotel instead, where they checked my friend’s bag and let her in with no hassle. I’m not sure if Little Miss Whiskey’s thought we had devised a very weird scheme for sneaking liquor into their bar or just doesn’t want moms there on a Saturday night, but they embarrassed my friend.”

Update from Little Miss Whiskey’s:

“* Marc (the “bouncer”) never said “No disrespect for your condition, but this is a bar. Why would you bring that here? It’s weird.” That statement was made by someone on the sidewalk not related to the business (details re: Marc below).

* Gregg (the “manager”) was polite. He was apologetic in his attempts to explain policy. He was never “hostile”. He offered to keep the milk safe behind the bar (yes, “safe”, because contrary to evident suspicions we do not harbor any desire to tamper with someone’s breast milk (details re: Gregg below)).

* Our business licenses are common. Those licenses prohibit outside alcohol being brought in by patrons. Any kind of liquid can have alcohol in it. It is not up to us to interpret either the law or what the contents of any liquid are, and, sadly, there is no end to the nonsense patrons will attempt in order to bring their own alcohol into an establishment (yes, in a shampoo bottle, and that’s exactly why bags are checked, and exactly why we adhere to rigid policy).

* ABRA regularly sends undercover persons into liquor-licensed establishments to check on whether their laws are being enforced. That’s their job. It is our job to enforce those laws so the business doesn’t get fined or shut down, as well as so employees don’t lose their jobs.
There is no way for an employee to *know* what bizarre circumstance calls for an exception. Therefore, there are no exceptions.

* After the woman who wrote this letter to PoP (and also sent in her one-star review on Yelp) screamed at Gregg “YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER WOMAN IN THIS BAR AGAIN AFTER TODAY”, a nearby person on the sidewalk said “oh bitch go protest somewhere else”. I write this because I anticipate she will levy more false allegations, and I want to make it clear that neither Gregg nor Marc made any comments that were embarrassing to the woman with the breast milk or her “friends”, much less rude or mean-spirited. No other employees were involved in this situation. If someone made an ugly remark, it was not an employee of LMW.

* I could attempt to placate all those concerned by publicly apologizing for how Marc and Gregg handled the situation, but I will not throw them under the bus. Allegations that they were rude, or impolite, or tried to embarrass anyone, are simply untrue. The “friends” of the woman with the breast milk made the situation loud and embarrassing, and Marc and Gregg remained composed even as the women screamed at them. I know I risk further public outrage by stating that I am very proud of how they handled the situation, but they were stuck with an impossible and bizarre circumstance in the middle of the busiest night of the week, and I am genuinely heartbroken to see their respective characters so wrongly called into question like this.

* I encourage anyone to please come meet Marc and Gregg (who happen to be brothers). Marc checks ID’s (and your bags) every Friday and Saturday night. I am certain you will immediately realize that he is a soft-spoken man who does not make incendiary comments, much less even raise his voice. As one friend commented about this situation, “Marc doesn’t talk like that”. Gregg bartends every Monday and Wednesday night. He regularly works weekends as well. I am certain you will find him polite and positive, just as he has been since he began working with us four years ago. This is one of the many reasons he has the keys to the business and is a signor on its checking account.

* Lastly, I know Marc’s and Gregg’s mother is an impressively accomplished woman- in both business and family- for whom they have tremendous respect. She raised her sons to treat people with respect, which I know because they have spoken of it and because they act like it.

Most sincerely,

Mark Thorp, owner”

1212 H Street, NE

From a press release:

“Vendetta on H Street NE is excited to partner with Jo-Jo Valenzuela & Jamie MacBain of Behind The Stick Consulting Group on The Cumberland, a pop-up cocktail lounge that will occupy the upstairs bar at Vendetta on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday nights starting April 6th.

The Cumberland’s drink menu will include a selection of draught cocktails ($12 each), boiler makers ($10 each), and a “Nashville Michelada” beer cocktail ($9). The full opening menu is included below. To complement the cocktails on The Cumberland nights, Vendetta’s kitchen plans to offer a selection of bar food until 1am, including snackable items like boiled peanuts, pimento cheese dip, a play on “shrimp & grits” with jalapeño hush puppies & grilled shrimp in a cream sauce, brisket hash with tater tots and whiskey gravy, and more. Their full dinner menu will also be available upstairs until 10pm.

The Cumberland will be open from 5pm – 1:30am Wednesday & Thursday nights, and 5pm – 2:30am on Fridays.

Also, mark your calendars for the next Maison-Dixon Hot Chicken night at Vendetta on Sunday, April 10th. Supper starts at 5pm with a full menu of Nashville Hot Chicken, Chicken and Waffles, Fried Smoked Pork Chops, Grilled Pimento Cheese and more! No reservations necessary.

The Cumberland Drink Menu (more…)

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From MPD:

“On today’s date [Saturday] at around 3:50AM, First District personnel responded to the 1100 block of H Street, NE, in reference to a shooting. When the officers arrived on the scene, they discovered a victim suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the arm.

There is no suspect information relative to this offense.

The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

This case is currently being investigated by the First District Investigative Unit.”

do not enter
Photo by PoPville flickr user Rob Cannon

“Dear PoPville,

A group of friends and I were at the bar [Rock n Roll Hotel] on Friday night, hanging out on the second floor. We placed our jackets and purses on the chairs against the wall and were dancing close by. It was a group of 10 with us, and one person was close to the jackets and purses at all times. However, three of our purses were still stolen. We alerted security and used “find my iPhone”, which showed that our phones were still on property. Security luckily took us seriously and started searching around. They said they had someone in holding that they thought knew were the purses were and took us to look (turned out, they weren’t ours). They also said that this same thing happened last weekend, as well.

The cops were contacted and we met with them outside of the bar. Showing them the “find my iphone” app again, our phones had moved a few blocks to Benning Rd NE, between 18th and 19th. All of the iPhones were showing the same location. The cops response after they saw were the phones/purses were located was that we should just cancel everything and not bother going to try to get out purses back because that was an area where people got shot. They refused to go in the area as well.

After dealing with that not-so-helpful cop, I found another one on my walk home (with two guy friends) and told him what happened. He, at first, seemed very concerned and helpful; but then also repeated the same “just cancel everything, people get shot in that area” when I showed him where my phone was as well. He said that wasn’t really his district and he would dispatch someone to meet us at my friends house. (more…)

From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department seeks the public’s assistance in identifying and locating a person of interest in reference to an Armed Robbery (Gun) incident which occurred in the 1300 block of I (“Eye”) Street, NE, on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at approximately 4:17 AM. The subject was subsequently captured by a nearby surveillance camera.

DO YOUR PART TO HELP PREVENT AND SOLVE CRIME. The Department currently offers a reward of up to $10,000 to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for a violent offense, including armed robbery, committed in the District of Columbia. Your assistance is appreciated by your community. Ref.: CCN #16-033-829.

Anyone who can identify these individuals or who has knowledge of this incident should take no action but call police at (202) 727-9099 or text your tip to the Department’s TEXT TIP LINE at 50411.”

The victim reports:

“Early Saturday March 5th I discovered my car missing from it’s previous location at 13th and I St NE. While on the phone with 911 reporting the car stolen, two males crossed the street coming toward me. I started to walk in the opposite direction trying to put distance between us, but when I looked over my shoulder to ensure I was just being paranoid and they were actually walking elsewhere discovered they were directly behind me with a gun pointed at me. They took my phone (with 911 call still in progress), purse, wallet, etc. As I ran in the opposite direction hoping they wouldn’t shoot I looked over my shoulder and saw them get into a car waiting halfway down I street and take off toward Florida. I ran to H St and some really great guys that work at Queen Vic called 911 on my behalf and waited until the police arrived. Last week, MPD posted the video (above) hoping the public could help identify the POI shown. Would appreciate any help identifying him. MPD apparently offers a $10,000 reward for any info that leads to an arrest.

Obviously, all the things taken are replaceable and I’m happy to have escaped unharmed physically, but my well being has been disrupted 10 fold after having a gun put in my face and it’d be great if the police could arrest the guys that did it.”