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  • This will make the 4th or 5th vape/pot-related spot in Adams Morgan. I guess it’s better than empty store fronts.

    • Yeah, not excited about this. I like the exterior of this storefront …just wish this strip was getting something more interesting.

  • Adams Morgan is the original stoner neighborhood.

  • Gross. Not keen on these shops.

  • goaldigger

    Wish that the liquor store next door could have expanded to have more craft beer

  • Please no more vape or glassware shops, we have enough! How about a healthy fast casual restaurant to cater to the Solidcore crowd?

    • Not excited about another vape/smoke shop is opening up in admo, but I get why no fast casual/more lunch spots open up…..no lunch crowd. U St is having the same problem, the only restaurants that do well there are the ones that focus on dinner. There aren’t enough offices or workers in the area to support it. Unfortunate, but again it makes sense.

      • I agree (although places like the Sweetgreen seem to do okay — but then again it’s attached to the YMCA…). I mean, isn’t opening another vape shop the same thing? I doubt there’s any more demand for vape shops than for fast casual lunch/dinner spots.

        • You know what would be kind of nice (though probably not viable) would be a spice store …like a Penzeys or something. Or a deli…do we even have a deli in this area (safeway doesn’t count)? While a pharmacy isn’t something I get excited about I’m kinda happy that an independent pharmacy is opening a few blocks down.

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