Friday Question of the Day – Favorite Sports Bar? Favorite Bar to Watch Sports?

51st state
2512 L Street, NW

Sources say that 51st State has closed. Their phone goes to generic voicemail, website is down and their Facebook hasn’t been updated since Feb. 2. And with March Madness starting as well as yesterday’s question about NASCAR – I thought we should revisit our favorite spots to watch sports in DC? Do you have particular spots you prefer depending on the sport? If so, please specify which sport you are watching at each bar/restaurant?

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  • saf

    I love Walter’s, as they actually show DC sports, especially the Nats. I also enjoy watching sports at Meridian Pint, Smoke and Barrel, and Red Rocks. I used to enjoy watching the Nats at Kangaroo Boxing Club (Thanks Carrie! And Kat, thanks for putting on the Nats, despite your loyalties.)

    • saf

      Oh, I also like Ventnor’s, they just aren’t as convenient.

    • +1 for Walters. Great viewing set up

    • The setup at Walters is ideal but the food is crap (haven’t really tried it sense they changed owners a few months back so maybe that’s changed).

    • ugh Walters’ food is terrible, and their set-up is not great. At least three times I’ve been to watch NFL, and I can either not see my game on TV due to so many people standing behind the bar seats with their butts/backs in my face and/or I have to crane my neck to see half the screens.
      Meridian Pint, while not being a perfect set up, at least has enough TVs to separate people a little bit. I don’t want some dude’s butt in my face!

  • I assume this means that the Watergate West poker room above 51st State is also gone? Used to see some crazy action there almost a decade ago.

  • Penn Quarter Sports Bar

  • I liked the upstairs bar at Homestead during the Nats playoffs. I need to give the Pitch a try…. I’m in search of a good sports bar in Petworth with decent wings – Walters just doesn’t cut it.

    • The Pitch is AWFUL!!! Given it 10+ tries. You’re better off walking down to Reynolds or Walter’s provided Walter’s isn’t doing trivia over a playoff game like they did twice last year.
      Duffy’s is still my go to but if I’m walking I’m going to one of those two or the Midlands. Midlands is going to be great once it warms up but even still there is a really good sized indoor space as well. Watched a game there last year and enjoyed it.

      • Good to know. Yea forgot about Midlands for watching sports. I might have to give them a try come April….

  • Cleveland Park Grill. They have decent bar food, lots if televisions, and a patio bar upstairs.

    • Yes, CPBG is awesome. Football Sundays are great, because they play literally every game and mark which TVs will play which game, which is very helpful when one arrives early to stake out a spot.

      • +1 Soooo many TVs, plus a rooftop with TVs as well. Food is actually pretty good and their happy hour is a good deal also. This was my go to when living in Mclean Gardens.

    • maxwell smart

      +1 Food is pretty great, decent beer selection, and the roof deck in the summer is amazing.

    • Yep, CPBG is the best sports bar in the city, in my opinion. I like the vibe at Walter’s better, but the food and more TVs put CPBG over the top.

  • Justin’s Cafe!

  • I actually just prefer to go to my favorite neighborhood spots. They all have TVs and if you’re there enough (which my liver confirms that I am), they will typically put on anything you ask.

  • To be a good sports bar, you have to have the SOUND on for games. I don’t even care if it’s the game I’m watching. No sound, no sports bar.

  • Duffy’s for me, hands down.

  • Even as an avid sports fan, I never quite got into the sports bar culture. Would much rather watch an event live or in the comfort of my home, where I don’t have to deal with drunks and rowdy grown fans. Having said that, I do occasionally go to Crystal City Sports Pub on NFL sundays and Summers for soccer mainly for the social spectacle of it all.

    • I’m not personally a big fan of Clarendon/ Courthouse, but they do sports bars right over there. Summers, Bracket Room, etc…

    • Absolutely agree. If it’s a gam I care about, I watch it at home, or a friend’s house. If I am just interested in the event or spectacle, then a sports bar is fun.

    • Agree about Crystal City Sports Pub. Used to live down there. Now live in DC and I still return for NFL games.

  • Penn Social does it right

  • Any suggestions for a good bar to watch sports in the H st area? We haven’t had great luck so far.

    • skj84

      I’m not even kidding, but the Pub at the new Whole foods has a 90 inch tv. They were playing college basketball on Weds, so I’m sure other games will be shown going forward. Other than that I’m not sure. Maybe Big Board?

    • Star and Shamrock, Big Board, Vendetta will put a game on if you ask, Kitty’s Saloon, there are others as well that I just can’t think of right now.

    • Queen Vic is a big EPL bar. If not, I would say Star and Shamrock. But not many sports bars around that way.

    • On the eastern side, Queen Vic and Biergartenhaus are the best bets. On the western side by Union Station, it’s Big Board for sure.

      90in TV at the Whole Foods, you say? Count me in.

    • Biergarten Haus is one of the best NFL spots in the city. Not sure about other sports though. They do a great job of labeling all the TVs on the patio for what game will be one to save changing channels/arguments. Plus, giant steins of beer and brats.

  • DCLadyinWaiting

    Ivy and Coney because it feels like home (aka the Midwest!)

  • Stoney’s on P St. for Nats and Wizards, Penn Commons in Chinatown for Caps (mostly for the round-the-clock HH and proximity to the action, for a fraction of Verizon Center prices).

  • On H St Star & Shamrock, The Big Board and Red Rocks have TVs and always show games.

  • I can’t believe 51st State closed! While Rebellion in AdMo replaced it as my New York Giants bar of choice (due to proximity), I spent many a Sunday there for Giants games and the occasional Yankees game. Great atmosphere. Better than expected burger and good prices on Brooklyn Lagers. This really makes me sad!

  • The Pinch (not Pitch) and Meridian Pint. I know this was not the question, but I gave Prospect about 5 too many chances. So many things wrong with that place, including the unfortunate lay out of the floor/TVs and the changing of TVs even though you’ve been there for an hour to stake your spot out in front of the marked TV with your game (didn’t just happen once or twice..)

  • Duffy’s, for wings, cheap ass pitchers, and the atmosphere. Good craic.
    Black Squirrel is great because it’s never too crowded on sports days and they’ll turn on whichever game you request. Plus I live a few doors down.

  • Rave: Seattle trip today to see good friend I haven’t seen in a long time.
    Rave/Rant: Potential tenants to rent apt, but want to move Apr 1 which means I need to change move date and have under a week to pack once I return.

  • Lou’s City Bar. Great beer selection and great quinoa burger.

  • I’ll throw in for Ventnors downstairs. Feels nice and basement-y, free popcorn, cheap Budweiser.

  • Ventnors and it’s not even close.

  • Duffy’s has always been my favorite but it’s good to hear that more bars around town are finally acknowledging the Nats’ existence.
    Has anyone tried Macintyre’s in Woodley Park across from the Metro? I’ve walked by a thousand times and it looks nice from the street.

  • I’m a big European soccer fan so I love Lucky Bar. Also since I’m specifically a Barcelona fan, I love watching their matches at Elephant & Castle (19th and I) as that’s the Barcelona Penya (fan club) bar. But overall sports bar: Nellies for sure!!

  • Nellie’s. Great atmosphere, location, bar food, clientele and location

  • H Street needs a good sports bar. Big board is good, but not a pure sports bar.

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