“the most epic pharmacy-opening trailer DC has ever seen?”

Hell Yes!! Thanks to Jonathan Rogers for sharing this absolute awesomeness. northcapitol Rx is a “New independently owned local community pharmacy opening soon at 1516 north capitol st NW”

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  • binntp

    This epic trailer moves very fast, but I was pleased to read (in a flash) they will have pet compounding services. I currently have to order my pet’s specialized meds from a pharmacy in Kensington and would love to have a closer location to get them from, so I’ll be psyched to see this place open!

  • This is weird – don’t they know about my mans right up the street nearby Florida who’s got everything I need? And I know he don’t have to pay no taxes!

  • I love that they end it on enemas. way to know your audience.

  • Stupid. 100% Stupid. Everyone should always be able to have basic health care.

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