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Dupont Circle Fountain Remains a Mess

by Prince Of Petworth June 7, 2016 at 11:25 am 10 Comments

Dupont Circle

Been getting lots of emails and tweets about this over the last week or so, most recently Jonathan Padget writes last night:

“Okay this deal where everything around the fountain is soaked and water’s flowing into #DupontCircle itself is cray.”

Cray indeed, cray indeed. C’mon National Parks Service!!

  • Philippe Lecheval

    NPS in DC seems so helplessly dysfunctional and poorly managed on all fronts. Many of their police officers are an embarrassment, proper maintenance of their facilities is nearly nonexistent, and major construction or rehab projects are nearly always poorly executed.

  • stcohi

    NPS even powerwashed the fountain yesterday morning, and by the evening, it was spilling water down onto the street. This cannot possibly be a difficult issue to fix. How hard can it be to unclog whatever is clogged, or at the least, turn the water off in the interim?

  • Chris

    There’s so much un-mowed grass on NPS space, too. Perhaps they’re having budget issues?

  • Uptowner

    Another reason to transfer these parks back to DC control, where there a much greater chance we could actually manage the parks properly. There is absolutely no reason a national agency needs to maintain a local park like Dupont Circle or Grant Circle. They’re simply not good at it, as they were set up to run massive parks, and they’re not accountable to the local residents who use the park.

    • Rich

      Some of us have lived here long enough to not have any more confidence in DC.

  • Mickey’s BFF

    So just jump in and unclog the drains. What’s the BFD?

    • Stephanie


  • DCgal101

    After walking through Dupont Circle this morning, and noticing the problem for weeks, it seems to be fixed!


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