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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Andie302

    Rave: I went to a workout class this morning before work because I have a real estate appointment after work and feel great. Adulting so hard today!
    Rave: Happy Friday all!

    • Andie302

      Forgotten question: Anyone interested in 2 Rod Man tickets at the DC Improv on Saturday night? I got them before I knew there would be a playoff hockey game. It’s the later show, doors opening at 9:15, show starts at 9:45 – and I bought them in December so the assigned seats should be pretty good!

    • I miss working out in the morning. But I just don’t think I can get up early enough to do it right now. But I hope to get back to it after the baby is a bit older and sleeping more consistently. It’s such a fantastic way to start the day!

      • Andie302

        I am NOT a morning person, so this is probably the first time I’ve worked out before work in maybe 5 years or more. However, I have been waking up much more rested lately, so I could see this working again in the future. Plus going to class after work means another shower, which is just annoying. You have a lot on your plate with a toddler and new baby – you’ll get back to it eventually!

  • Rave: Friday!!!!
    Rant: seriously pollen, go to hell.
    Rant: Still haven’t started my taxes
    Rave: feeling relieved now that I know we have a new research coordinator coming on board soon
    Rant: still feeling overwhelmed by all the things I’m supposed to be working on. Ugh.
    Rave: working on focusing on the good things: beautiful sunshine, I can pay my bills, sweet kitty cats who love me, wonderful neighbors, and good things on the horizon.

    • If you’re getting a refund, there isn’t a penalty. If that’s the case, relax and get to it once things settle at work.
      If you’ll owe, file for the 6 month extension by Monday, then relax per the above (send in some money to avoid late payment penalties).

  • Rave: Teleworking today which means I see natural light instead of the inside of a dreary office!
    Rave: getting to spend time with my best friend and her beautiful 2 year old daughter later!
    Rant: feeling migraine-ish right now. Hoping this painkiller squashes this crap so it doesn’t ruin a great day in the making.

  • Rant: there was an armed robbery near 2nd and T last night, at like 8 or 9pm. ugh.
    2nd Rant: This dude I “used to know” (in the Gotye sense) is doing really well professionally. While I want to be happy for him (full-stop), I have complicated feelings, and feel like a jerk.
    Rave: My parents are in town, and my mom made me pancakes for breakfast. Woo!

  • Rant: Calvin Gurley and his constant campaigning/bombardment on the neighborhood listservs, not to mention all of his signs everywhere in my neighborhood that will inevitably not be taken down in a timely manner or will end up littering the streets. I don’t even disagree with everything he says, but the way he goes about it keeps him from ever getting my vote.
    Rant: New Dems who were on the anti-Obama wagon this time last year and not on the anti-Hillary/FEEL THE BERN wagon this year. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have you on the semi-Socialist bandwagon, however, it feels way more like a popularity contest than an issue-driven, informed voter thing. I especially dislike the “let me campaign for Bernie by reposting every anti-Hillary meme I can find.” If it comes down to Hillary or Trump, are these voters going to get apathetic and just not vote? Or do they get that not voting is essentially handing the election to the other side?
    Rave: It’s Friday! Despite the outcome of any election, Friday will always be Friday.

    • I don’t understand the Hillary vitriol that comes from so many Bernie supporters. I understand the passion he inspires, but why does that mean you need to bring down the other Dems? It seems extreme and very unwarranted, but my Facebook is covered in Bernie supporters trashing Hillary.

    • I see the same thing from Hillary supporters. I see more anti-Bernie stuff than “this is why Hillary is the best candidate.” I have to say this is the most annoying race in my adult life. It’s like really? Look who is on the other side!! And we have Bernie supporters trashing Hillary and Hillary supporters doing the same to Bernie supporters. Every time my wife turns on anything about the election I swear my blood pressure goes up.

    • Ditto re. Calvin Gurley, although I haven’t stumbled across any of his semi-coherent listserve posts recently.

      • Lucky you! He’s posting at least 3-4 times a week on the ones I’m on.

        • He could well be posting a lot on one of the Yahoogroups I’m on (in?)… but I don’t read it every day. Maybe I just happened to read the e-mail digest on a day when he didn’t post. πŸ˜‰

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: why are yellow line trains so freaking cold! I can’t snooze when I’m shivering.
    Rave: I think today will be a quiet day at work. So far all I’ve done is cut out decorations for a party we are having.

    • It weirds me out to see people sleeping in public. Sleep is such a vulnerable, intimate state. Just me?
      (Not criticizing, E504)

  • smrtcar

    Rave: Went to the hockey game last night in the Budweiser Brewhouse, all inclusive.
    Rant: Drank too much and am somewhat hungover.
    Rave: The Caps won!!
    Rant: My investment company messed up my statements and my advisor instructed me refrain from filing until next month when the paperwork will be correctly reissued
    Rave: I have it in writing that they will reimburse all monetary penalties from taxman.

    • Accountering

      Make sure you extend, and send a deposit if you think you will owe. No reason to get on the IRS’s naughty list.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I totally spaced on my mammo appointment this morning.
    Rave: They were really nice about it and rescheduled me for a time I’m less likely to miss.
    Rant: I’m still pretty conflicted about the need for yearly mammos. I deal with that by passive aggressively “forgetting” to do it about every other year.
    Rave: Mr. Zelda’s brother and best friend coming for a quick visit this weekend.
    Rave: Fun event with Emmaleigh Saturday night.

    • Check to see if there are new guidelines on mammograms for your age group. I know some of the preventive screening guidelines have been altered in recent years; I can’t remember if that’s the case for mammorgrams.

      • Quotia Zelda

        There are conflicting recommendations, given my age – early 40s. My doctor follows the ACOG guidelines, which call for the earliest and most screening (and there is some family history, but it’s of the type that doesn’t really raise my risk more than the general population).

    • I am weirded out by having arrived at the age for mammograms. In my head it’s like I’m in my twenties and just recently received those cards that go over your shower head and tell you how to do a BSE.

      • I know, right? I did a doubletake when I realized I’m in the second half of my 30s. I totally don’t feel like an adult. Does one ever feel like an adult?

      • Quotia Zelda

        In my head, I’m still 27. Too bad my body doesn’t agree.

        • Emmaleigh504

          same. I have to get on the mammo train this year and am not looking forward to another appointment to keep.

    • I’m also conflicted about mammogram guidelines – I was diagnosed with DCIS last year (at age 42) after a routine mammogram. I get why they’re recommending less frequent screening at this age, but at the same time, I was 42. I had also been doing the “forgetting” about it one year and doing it every other year, or at least that had been the long-term plan, since that was only my second one that turned up the DCIS.

      But… I will also say that none of the DCIS treatment was terrible. Obviously, I would have preferred not to get it at all, but the biopsy was relatively painless, surgery (I had a lumpectly) was easy as far as surgery goes and recovery time was pretty short, and radiation wasn’t too bad. I opted not to take tamoxifen. The worst part about it was all the anxiety involved with waiting – for results and between phases of treatment. Also, radiation is every day, and I had to drive to Sibley (not normally a car commuter), so that was also stressful.

      Getting my now-annual mammogram (I get exams with the surgeon every 6 months) on Monday, so hope that comes out okay.

      • Sending good thoughts your way for Monday!

      • “The worst part about it was all the anxiety involved with waiting – for results and between phases of treatment.” Yep — I think that’s part of the reason why the thinking is shifting to more “watching and waiting” with ambiguous situations.

        • Thanks!

          Mine was high-grade DCIS so it really did need to be treated, although I realize that sometimes DCIS never becomes invasive and doesn’t cause problems. There are also apparently long-term psychological effects, like anxiety every time I have symptoms of any kind.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Me, too exactly. Was on tamoxifen for 7 years. Went off last February and lost about 10 pounds.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          fu Comcast! Please get those early mammos. DCIS is much easier to treat and considered “cured” – If you have questions ask away.

  • Rant: Severely glutened last night. Still really uncomfortable.
    Rave: 3 weeks and I’m home!
    Rave: Brainstorming ways to propose to my maid of honor… any fun ideas that aren’t cliche or too cutesy?
    Rave: Settled on processional music. This has always been on my big *things*.
    Rave: New running shoes. Hopefully they resolve my recent issues.

    • A friend of mine just asked me to be a bridesmaid in the usual cliche ring pop way, but then she also wrote a whole letter explaining why she would love to have me stand up for her, complete with funny stories and memories of our entire friendship and pictures. It made me cry in the middle of the restaurant we were at, and I cry very very rarely. It was so incredibly thoughtful.

      • this is so sweet and thoughtful of her (and kudos to the personalization)!

      • I love this. I think I will incorporate the personal letter. I’m definitely more sentimental than she is but I think she will appreciate it.

    • What processional music did you choose?

      • The wedding party will walk down to Pachelbel Canon in D (friends will play the violin and cello) then I’ll walk down to the Audrey Hepburn version of Moon River.

    • I thought I was reasonably conversant with wedding-related customs, but I didn’t realize the bride is expected (?) to “propose” to her maid of honor.
      Eggs’s anecdote is very sweet, though.

      • Its just a fun thing but some people make it pretty elaborate (google image “bridesmaid proposal box”). I’m thinking mine will involve a nice letter and maybe a bottle of champagne.

      • Oh it’s very much a thing on Pinterest!

        • Ahh — I can see Pinterest and elaborate “proposals” with a visual component being mutually reinforcing.

        • Just don’t get sucked down the Pinterest hole of wedding ideas. I know someone who spent almost $250/box on those bridesmaids boxes!! Insane.

          • Yeah, I don’t know anyone who actually made bridesmaids boxes in real life. Pinterest was so overwhelming to me as a non-creatively, non-crafty person that I deleted my account shortly after getting engaged.

          • Pixie — LOL!

  • Rave: This is the first weekend in a long time where I have no real plans and nothing to do. I plan to sleep in tomorrow and finish my taxes. Maybe hit a yard sale.

    Rave: toured the WeWork living spaces in Crystal City yesterday. I’m seriously considering renting. I loved the studios, everything is included and I like the communal aspect of the concept. Its really out of my price range right now, but something to consider down the road.

  • Rave: Mentor gave me a book about boundary setting, and it’s been a revelation. Sometimes words hit you precisely when and where you need to hear them.
    Rave: Off to RIchmond tomorrow for Saturday day drinking in the sunshine and Sunday hiking.
    Rant: Trying not to freak out too much about the boyfriend meeting my parents when they visit in two weeks. First time they’ve met someone I’m dating.
    Revel: Living in power and joy in the beautiful springtime!

  • Rant: My SpEd teacher is out and his sub is the most obnoxious man. He’s a retired bored/lonely guy who just talks talks talks. The kids are trying to work independently and quietly and he is going on and on about Hitler/Trump, the history of Egypt, and other random topics… I need headphones
    Rave: It’s Friday and a half-day for students!

  • Rave: Brianna Scurry will be kicking off the first ball of the 2016 NWSL season at the Spirit game this weekend. I grew up idolizing her so I am ridiculously excited.
    Rave: I actually had a decent night of sleep albeit with a series of seriously strange dreams complete with soundtracks. I wish I knew why the song Moon River was so prevalent.
    Rave: The Other Mrs. Rabbit woke me up with the song we chose to walk down the aisle at our wedding. That’s my favorite way to be woken up.

    • Ha! I couldn’t sleep and was figuring out wedding music last night – I listened to pretty much every Moon River cover on YouTube. Strange coincidence.

      • That’s a bizarre coincidence. The Other Mrs. Rabbit and I chose to walk down the aisle to Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel K.. We both love that song and hate the Wedding March.

        I just wish I knew where Moon River came from. I haven’t listened to it in a long time.

  • Rant: Ugh, more home things need fixing. This time, it’s a broken downspout cap and a decorative shelf coming away from the house. And because the shelf and/or cap apparently need to be replaced, it’ll be a $4k fix. This after installing storm windows (and the requisite painting/cleaning of the windows beforehand) and our first floor furnace replaced with a heat pump. Oh, and buying a new car. What an expensive month!!!
    Rave: After getting run around from one dealer on why they couldn’t order the car we want/when they might be able to, we were able to successfully place an order through another dealer over the phone last night. I guess it’s a bit more difficult right now because it’s near the end of the model year. Argh.
    RAVE: CAPS WIN GAME 1! And a shut-out no less. Baby steps towards optimism πŸ™‚
    Rant: Of three tax documents sent out on Monday, only the one to Hartford has arrived. The one to DC is delayed (huh?), and the one to our accountant in Bethesda has no info other than it was “accepted” by the post office. Seriously???
    Rave: love that my daughter always calls “Steve” from Green Eggs & Ham dubious (or dope-ious in her pronunciation). We might have to re-name him Mr. Dubious πŸ™‚
    Rave: Friendly people smiling at my kids on the bus. I know kids can be annoying, so I appreciate when people are kind and friendly.

    • Oh man, that is rough. We need to do something with one of the downspouts on the back of our house eventually, but there are a lot of options and they’re all expensive haha.

  • Rant: Crazier-than-usual nightmares last night.
    Rave: Kittycat was very sweet and snuggly this morning.
    Rant: Forgot to bring my lunch — and my daily caffeinated soda — to the office.
    Rave: It’s Friday!

    • Your second rant sounds like an excellent excuse for a walk later! It’s a lovely day today. I’m happy to have that same excuse today πŸ™‚

      • That is indeed a nice silver lining. πŸ™‚
        I just wish the food options around my office were better.

        • What about food trucks? I think you work near me–if so, definitely check out the food trucks.

          • The food trucks are all ones I’ve never heard of, which has made me reluctant to try them. Which ones do you recommend?

  • Rave: Had an incredible night at El Gran Combo – nothing like dancing with my husband to live salsa music from an awesome band.. Sadly they didn’t play our wedding song.
    Rant: Cranky and resentful about work situation.
    Rant: Read a rough article about a guy who survived a suicide attempt from the Golden Gate Bridge – and now my mind is running a mile a minute about my friend (she was stopped in an attempt there last August)…how to help, what to do, what I’ve done wrong.
    Rave: Sunshine, the gorgeous local library, and a lunch date with husband and my best buddy should make for a better day.

    • Try not to berate yourself so much about your friend — you’ve really gone above and beyond in your efforts on her behalf.

      • Thanks – I really appreciate the vote of confidence. I’m a fixer…I want to fix things. And this is one thing I know I cannot fix. But that doesn’t put my mind or heart at ease…

    • Do you listen to the Mental Health Happy Hour Podcast? A few weeks ago the host interviewed a cop who worked the Golden Gate Bridge and did suicide negotiations. It was a really powerful interview.

      The National Suicide Prevention Hotline website has some good resources for supporting loved ones who have attempted suicide. I’m pretty sure you could even call the hotline and talk to a counselor for some advice. Secondary trauma is real – don’t discount how it affects you as a loved one. I’m glad you are taking good care of yourself.

      • I’ll have to check out the podcast. Thanks for sharing it – it’ll be rough but I owe a whole host of thanks to the guardians of the bridge.
        I’ve worked with NAMI a bit (for her and for support for our group of friends) – but not the hotline. I’ll have to look into it.

    • Oh man, I’ve been following your updates on your friend from the beginning and it’s just so heart-rendering. I’m so sorry you’re struggling with this, but to the extent you can, please know that you’ve gone above and beyond in trying to help her and get her to a good place. And, in the end, there’s only so much you can do because she’s got to be able to take some steps to help herself too. Sending hugs.

      • Thanks for the hugs and thoughts. It ebbs and flows, but I pretty much always feel helpless. I’ll always care for her and want to help.

        • That One Guy

          That’s all you can really do, make yourself available to them. To say something along the lines of: beloved friend I’m here for you when you want to have company or get things off you chest, and wait.

  • Rant: Being at home is such a strange thing. I honestly feel so disconnected from the wider world in some ways and like one of the only things I have to talk about is the kid.
    Rave: Talking about the snuggly, adorable kid isn’t that hard. πŸ˜‰
    Rave: I made it to my first post-baby restorative yoga class. It felt amazing to be present in my body and have some time to myself. Getting out and about helps a lot with the feelings of isolation.
    Rave: My little sister and niece are coming to visit today.

  • Rave – My niece was born yesterday!! So happy for my sister and brother in law and I’m so happy there’s a new baby in the family to spoil πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to meet her.
    Rant – Stuck in my windowless cube on this beautiful day.

  • Rave: the weather is beautiful and it seems like the first weekend in forever that the weekend weather isn’t the pits compared to the mid-week-when-i’m-stuck-in-an-office-and-can’t-enjoy weather.
    Rant: no one in my (very small) family has my late grandmother’s coffee cake recipe. i had a small bite of sbux’s coffee cake this morning and was hit with such nostalgia and a desire to go straight home and whip out her incredible version.

    • saf

      What sort of coffee cake was it? Maybe someone else’s Gramma’s recipe is close enough to her recipe for you to tweak it into right.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Why am I forever ordering take out from more than one location?!?! I’ll walk into one place order the food and while waiting walk around outside, enter another store and order more. I need someone to slap me when I do this.
    Rave: I believe I managed to break free from the ritual morning coffee. It may be short lived, but it’s a small accomplishment.
    Question: Is it possible to stalk a business owner? The Thai restaurant I went to yesterday switched hands and I miss the flavors/taste of the prior owner and wonder if it’s possible to figure out who they were and perhaps where they are now, if they set up shop somewhere else. Too crazy/much?

  • RAVE: My due date was 2 days ago!
    RANT: I’m still pregnant and becoming quite uncomfortable!
    RAVE: At least the weather is lovely.

    • That One Guy

      Maybe your child will be born with a full head of hair and become another internet celeb. I believe that’s a thing right now, no?

    • The weather is perfect for some nice, long walks. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air!

  • Rant: I don’t fully trust New Baby Kitty. He has a flat-affect thing going on that makes me think he could snap and eat my face. The kids can do anything with him, and he just sort of tolerates it.Β But he rarely comes and does the rubbing-purring-loving that indicates a “people cat”. He used to sleep with them in their beds, but now he sleeps across the room. Also, he is huge and on the rare occasion he shows any emotion, it’s aggression (aimed at a rug or a twist-tie, never at a person so far).

  • General Grant Circle

    Wondering when Ruto del Vino, Timber, and Slims will open
    And what will become of Train and Turtle

  • Rant: Someone stole our trashcan in the 40 minutes between when my partner got home and I got home. Who does that?!
    Rave: Partner called 311 and they responded right away. We’ll be getting a new can within 20 days, so yay? They also didn’t mention any replacement fee, and neither did the confirmation email they sent, despite me being under the impression that it cost like $65. We’ll be spraypainting our house number on this one, this time.

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