Patio Work Begins at All Souls

725 T Street, NW

Yes!! The outdoor patio is coming to All Souls. It’s been a minute since I’ve had the opportunity to mention one of the top five bars in DC. They now have a website too – check out their menu here. And I’ll see you on the patio in a couple months…

looking east towards the Howard Theatre

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  • Great!

  • Much needed.

  • justinbc

    Top five you say, where can we see these rankings?! 🙂

  • Awesome move. I like All Souls, but every time I try to go there it’s so incredibly loud and crowded that I wind up elsewhere.
    Though how long do we give it before the residents of that formstone house in the background start making noise complaints?

    • The first Friday/Saturday night after it is open.

      • Anonynon

        iv never been because the same reason I walk in look around all type a folks screaming at each other get freaked out and go to right proper….aint got time for that

  • Great news for David and All Souls! On the other side of T, sad news with Zenebech Injera closing in 6 months for the new 7 story building coming in :(.

    • Do you know if they’re moving somewhere else?

    • Agreed, Dave and his staff are great(plus Dave is a dyed in the wool Skins fan/local guy). He runs an incredibly professional bar, with Bartenders that know their stuff and are a sort of throwback to the Neighborhood quiet spot know your name bartender, rarely seen today. I see another comment on here about it being crowded and loud- try stopping in on a sunday afternoon or on an off day during the week. Its a great spot.

  • Love it – with this, Glenn’s, and Compass the amount of crime in the area has started / will continue to dwindle with the increased foot traffic at all hours of the day. The alley right there on T St. used to be a major hub for drug deals and people offloading stolen packages & purses.

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