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725 T Street, NW

From All Souls Bar facebook:

“Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We are in the process of applying for a patio permit in the empty space on 8th Street next to the bar. This is being met with opposition. Once again we feel this opposition is unwarranted with some misinterpretation of the law and our intentions.

We’ve attended the last two ANC ABRA committee meetings to present our ideas and discuss them with the neighborhood. You can read about them here thanks to Short Articles about Long Meetings:…/all-so……/two-qu…

Our intention is to create an outdoor space for the neighborhood to enjoy. An extension of who we are; a simple gathering place that is cared for and well maintained. We want to take a barren lot and surround it with trees and plantings to beautify the corner for pedestrians and patrons alike.

We want a patio with table service only—no standing, no speakers and no smoking (sorry folks). A patio with limited hours. We want a place that will enhance our neighborhood by making it greener and safer by having more eyes on the street. A place that is not a threat to peace, order and quiet.

If you believe in All Souls and our outdoor vision please let the ANC know how you feel. We will need all the support we can get before our next committee meeting April 15.

Please email using the subject line: ALL SOULS PATIO
Nick Baumann, chair of the ABRA committee
[email protected]

Brian Footer ([email protected]) our rep
Ellen Sullivan ([email protected]) our neighboring rep
David Batista ([email protected]) me

Please include your name and address and let them know why you support All Souls and our patio.

If you live in ANC 1B please email your representatives as well:…/advisory-neighborhood-commission-1b-00

The ABRA committee meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month, which is April 15th, at the Thurgood Marshall Center at 1816 12th St, NW. It is open to the public as is the ANC meeting on May 7th. We’ll keep you posted on both.

Thanks for your help,
David Batista / All Souls”



By the way – this what the vacant space used to look like before All Souls:



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