• anon

    Someone must have missed the ‘chain of custody’ class at the police academy.

  • shmoo

    dare you to eat that gum

  • anonymous

    repeat after me: evidence bags are not sandwich bags

    • Heh, this made me imagine a Brooklyn Nine Nine episode where Scully packs his sandwich in an evidence bag, but then accidentally eats a sandwich that actually IS evidence.

  • devoe

    I would bet my bottom dollar that this is not Fl. Ave, but Rhode Island Ave NW. The lot on the left is the large parking lot for the social service office on RI Ave and FL. Ave. does not have a boulevard strip down the middle or parking.

  • pru

    It’s a blank form on an empty unused bag. Y’all got that, right?

    • Swdc

      Did you not see the gum wrapper at the bottom of the bag? Potential Dna evidence dropped at the scene…

      • Mariss

        Actually, some people use foil like this to smoke crack, and sometimes dealers put cocaine in foil like this. Whoever they took this from is probably going to be quite happy on trial day!

      • Anon

        Somebody’s been watching too much CSI. If it was actually evidence taken for DNA it would be taken by the Forensics unit and would be in a paper bag (plastic bags destroy DNA). There’s a 99% chance this was just some prisoner’s property that they dropped after retrieving it at the police station (from what I hear evidence bags are often used for that because MPD is too cheap to buy enough of the bags that are supposed to hold it).


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