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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: A small diamond fell out of my engagement ring sometime yesterday. A reminder that I need to get the prongs replaced more regularly. Any suggestions for where to go for prong checking & to get the stone replaced?
    Rave: Toddler is hilarious. She likes to give me something else to do when she wants to do something herself. Yesterday, while trying to zip up her jacket, she tells me “I do it my self. Ima, go talk to my teacher about my day.” Her teacher, the other parent in the room, and I just about died laughing.
    Happy Friday everyone!

    • Andie302

      I went to Shah and Shah at Emilie and QZ’s suggestion and they replaced a small stone in a ring for me. I had an overall great experience and would use them again in a heartbeat! I had two things repaired, so I don’t know what the cost of that one particular item was, but it felt reasonably priced to me.

    • Thanks for reminding me to get mine checked! I use I Gorman on 20th and M – they’ve been great and usually do cleanings and such for free for.

  • Revel: Told the guy I thought I was falling for him, to which he said ‘and me for you.’ Can’t stop smiling today.
    Rave: Tax refunds came in.
    Rant: Nada. I’m insufferably happy, and I apologize to everyone around me for being so irritatingly chipper.

  • justinbc

    Poll: March 10th HH @ Biergarten Haus work for most people? It will give us all a free excuse to take the streetcar! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Andie302

    Rave: Fridayyyyy
    Rave: Such a fun time playing trivia last night
    Rant: My head, well specifically my left temple, is hurting. I think I ground my teeth last night. It has nothing to do with the beers I consumed, I’m sure.
    Rave: Not a ton planned for the weekend and so happy about it.

    • Ugh, I grind my teeth in my sleep all the time. BF regularly wakes me up cause it’s just continuous grinding. I keep meaning to get a mouth guard but forget every time I go to the dentist. Hope your head feels better soon!

      • I’ve heard that grinding is actually caused by sleep apnea and that a mouthguard can make the problem worse.

        • I have never heard that before. I would talk with your dentist, s/he is probably the best person to talk to, at least for starters. If a bigger issue is suspected, work with your dentist and or PCP to set up a sleep study.

        • The better thing to say is that teeth grinding COULD be caused by sleep apnea, though I have never heard of sleep apnea causing grinding. The most common symptoms of sleep apnea are snoring, dry mout/throat, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, weight gain, and moodiness. In children, night time urinary accidents are common and in adults, having to get up to urinate. Your body produces a chemical when you have REM sleep that decreases the need for urination, which is how we sleep through the night without the need to pee, so if there is an issue with it, a lot of times it’s because the person isn’t getting good sleep.

          • Emmaleigh504

            fascinating. I didn’t know sleep apnea could cause all those thing.

          • Hm, maybe I’ll mention this to my PCP. I do get up to go to the bathroom a lot in the middle of the night. But I’m also on a high dosage diuretic and I can’t remember if I used to get up as often before that.

          • It’s also important to note that a lot of people think that sleep apnea is only a condition for obese people, but people who are at “healthy” weights can also suffer from it.
            The urination thing isn’t just sleep apnea, anyone with a disrupted sleep cycle can have that, and it’s also very frequent in people who work nights (that’s how I learned about it years ago). But for parents with older kids who still need pull-ups at night, have their tonsils checked – this was one of the things Littlest Anonachild’s pediatrician threw at me when we found out his were enlarged (she was right).

      • What causes teeth grinding in your sleep?
        & how would you know you do it besides someone else observing?

        • Andie302

          I don’t know about SKT, but I can tell because my jaw will be sore the next morning. Booze causes me to do it. I actually had a problem with my jaw popping probably ten years ago and wore a mouth guard at night avidly for about a year and the problem went away completely. This feels like that only not as bad.

          • My jaw also hurts the next day. Also, it’s been so loud that I’ve woken myself up before. But mostly I know because someone tells me the next day (or wakes me up to get me to stop).
            I think a number of things can cause it (anxiety, booze, misaligned teeth, sleep issues, acid reflux, etc).

        • For me, it’s stress and reflux (also caused in part by stress).
          The indicators (for me) are a sore jaw, and teeth being ground away,.
          As an aside, “decrease the stress in your life” is perhaps the least helpful medical advice ever.

        • Supposedly the dentists can see wear and tear on the teeth. But it seems like they tell everyone they grind, which makes me suspicious.

          • Yes, they can see it, but if you think your dentist is shifty get a second opinion.
            No dentist has ever told me that I grind fwiw.

          • I’ve been to a few and they all say it, including my former dentist who I totally trusted.

            It just seems odd that everyone I know (that I’ve talked about it with) has been told they grind. But somehow no one’s partners that they sleep next to every night ever notices.

          • Every dentist I’ve ever seen has told me I grind my teeth, and I know I do because roommates, parents, anyone I’ve slept near when I’m stressed out, has told me that I grind my teeth like crazy. Boo.

          • I’ve never been told that I grind my teeth by any dentist. The same dentist that I go to, Mr. Eggs also goes to, and they told him he does (and he DEFINITELY does) and got him a mouthguard that helps him immensely.

          • I Dont Get It

            I’ve never been told by my dentists that I grind my teeth.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I can tell when I grind a lot more than usual by my sore jaw the next day. Also the dentist can tell. Apparently grinding can cause micro chips in your teeth near the gum line. That’s how my dentist diagnosed my grinding.

  • Rant: The woman at last night’s dance class who took up 4 people’s worth of space because she was flailing around so much. Love her enthusiasm but people were moving away from her so they wouldn’t get hit in the face!
    Rave: Hosting the SO’s out of town friends tonight for a night of Japanese food, drinks and games.
    Rant/Rave: Pup decided that sleeping on top of me was the best place to be last night. 70 lbs of adorably annoying puppy antics.

  • Rave: tax refunds are here. I’m going to make decisions and make some changes to my kitchen. They’re my cabinets, I can paint them if I want to.
    Rant: back at it again with the dating game. I’m not sure how much more I can take.

    • ?! Oh man! We need to do drinks and catch up, that’s so crummy! ๐Ÿ™

    • Added rave: I’m out of town for 2 weeks in August, so I don’t have to be annoyed about not getting John Oliver tickets and I don’t have to decide about going to an expensive dance weekend. I’ll be hiking and relaxing with glacriers instead ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rave: Friday! So very happy for a quiet weekend ahead.
    Rant: Waiting on go ahead from boss and work product from other people to move forward on some projects.
    Rave: Coffee! Sweet nectar of the gods that I can drink and enjoy again thanks to heartburn meds. With it, I will be through the next month.
    Worry: Keeping my fingers crossed for two friends who are having medical procedures done today.

  • Rant: Work frustration at an all time high. Tears on the train yesterday. At least they didn’t come at the office (now that we’re in an open office space, there isn’t a place for that!).
    Rant: Amtrak delays.
    Rave: Sun and yummy tea and a good bagel for breakfast. And, if I”m honest, an episode of the Bachelor to distract myself from the frustration (my friend got me hooked last week!).
    Rave: Working from home, away from the negativity of the office. I’m going to turn off my e-mail for a few hours as well.

    • Ugh I totally feel you on the work rant. I had the most demoralizing with my boss’s boss today and almost cried during it, out of sheer frustration. I’ve started the job search but that is just as frustrating as my job!!

  • Rave: That debate was a total shit show last night lol. How can anyone sit there and say “yep, I’m voting for THAT guy!”
    Rant: Save the Dates didn’t turn out as expected, not sure what to do but its an unnecessary stress at this point. :/

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Woke up thinking today was Saturday.
    Rave: Coffee.
    Question: Besides writing, is there something you wished you learned to do with your non-dominant hand?

    • Putting in my contacts and brushing my teeth! In college I had massive shoulder surgery that put me in a Robo Cop/Gunslinger brace for months. And it was so hard to learn how to do things with my non-dominant hand. It was frustrating but also pretty cool that my hand adapted and learned!

      • The things you never think about until you can’t use your dominant hand (I’ve had two shoulder surgeries on my dominant side and you’re right it’s so hard!) – possibly TMI, but wiping after using the bathroom. Seriously, give it a shot sometime with your non-dominant hand. Not easy at all.

    • I’m ambidextrous! I can hold dining utensils with my left hand and sorta write. I’ve never actually tried to put my contacts in or brush my teeth with non dominant hand, I think i’ll give it a shot this weekend. Something I wish I could do? Apply make up. I’d probably look like a 5 year old playing in Mommy’s makeup bag.

      • I broke my right wrist in 3rd grade – when we were learning cursive – so I can write with both hands (though my handwriting is horrible regardless of which hand I use)

        • Cursive! Ahh, that takes me back.
          Remember how the teachers made it sound like we were going to be writing in cursive for the rest of our lives? And then once we got to high school — or maybe even junior high — we discovered that teachers didn’t particularly care about cursive vs. print, as long as the writing was legible?
          Cursive was a BIG LIE.

          • Ahh I only write in cursive! It’s so much faster.

          • SouthwestDC

            I still write in cursive!

          • I learned cursive as a kid like everyone, and had ok handwriting…
            and then in my twenties, found myself in architecture school where I had more handwriting classes, because of course one must learn to write like an architect, all in little capital letters….
            Then in my thirties I was in landscape architecture school and had MORE handwriting classes, because god forbid a landscape architect should write in all little capital letters the same way an architect does it… no, they have their own ‘look’.
            Oh in real life none of them call it handwriting – it’s ‘lettering’ thank you very much.
            And now, since I almost never write by hand any more for just about anything, I have pretty much lost any memory of ‘cursive’, and my handwriting is horrible, and my lettering is not much better.

          • jim_ed

            I still write in cursive because my print handwriting is embarrassingly poor, and I think it makes me look uneducated. Also, I write probably at least twice as fast in cursive, although for letters with lots of flourishes I’ll substitute print letters if I feel like it. Anywho, I’m pro cursive and will make sure my kid learns it. school system be damned.

    • Paint my nails. I am one of those women who has the one perfectly polished hand and the other hand that looks like a 3 yea rold just had some fun with a bucket of paint and one of those inch wide paint brushes.

    • If I could have gotten my left hand to play more than chords on the piano, I might have stuck with it?

  • Rant: Got a letter from the IRS saying that due to additional processing, they would be sending my refund in the form of a check instead of direct deposit, and it would take an extra month. By then I’ll be out of the country and won’t be back to deposit it until May. Has the happened to anyone else? Does it mean I’m getting audited?

    • The check stub on my DC refund said that they are sending checks instead of direct deposit due to the increase/to reduce fraud. I had requested a check anyway, but maybe that’s why. I wouldn’t think it means you are getting audited.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: morale at work at an all time low. not sure how to motivate myself to do any work.
    Rave: enjoying a cup of tea before I even pretend to do work.

  • Rant: Excellent column today by Catherine Rampell in the Post really distills how little difference there is between GOP candidates on policy issues. Yes, Trump is a blowhard and overall distasteful person, but (assuming he doesn’t become president) the most influential part of his campaign is legitimizing Rubio – making him seem “moderate” by comparison. He’s not. Not by a long shot. Does he go around insulting people? No. But he’d be the most conservative president since Hoover, and it isn’t close. And yet somehow he’s viewed as the compromise, moderate pick because Trump is so over the top.

    • This was my biggest fear of having Trump in the race – that he would make people look legitimate and moderate by comparison, all the while distracting from the fact that they’re all obsessed with implementing regressive conservative policy.

  • Question: Would I really be any better off going to an accountant for my taxes versus doing Turbo Tax or H&R Block (online) on my own? I have done them already but not submitted yet, and I am getting back a sizable refund from the Feds, and an ok refund from DC. My BF wants me to go to his accountant to see if I can get more, but I’m just not sure there’s anymore to get, and I don’t want to pay that much to have my taxes done when I am perfectly capable of doing them on my own. Thoughts?
    Rant: I can’t find my damn work earbuds. Gospel Girl is in a humming mood and the new girl’s nails go click click click on everything. Ahhhhhhhhh!
    Rave: It’s Friday. It’s supposed to be in the 60s Sunday, and I am well enough to enjoy it!

    • Accountering

      If you have a fairly simple situation (no home based businesses and the like) you are more than fine to use Turbotax. A CPA is going to charge quite a bit, and if you give him the same information you gave Turbotax, will come to the exact same result.

      • Thank you, Accountering! I am very simple, the only deductions I have are kid related. He owns his own business so I get why he goes to an accountant, just didn’t think it was right for me.

        • Accountering

          It’s not. If you have a W2, personal exemptions, mortgage interest and state taxes paid, then you should NOT be using an accountant. Use Turbotax, and go get your refund!

      • I’ll second this. I paid a CPA firm this year for the first time, knowing FULL well I was wasting my money, simply because we owe around $4k and I wanted to be 100% sure that I did it right and I needed help setting up the payment plan and/or processing an extension. If it showed I was getting a refund I’d have taken it and ran.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I have used Turbo Tax for years now, including when I had some complicated issues (sold a house, inherited money). If you honestly answer all the questions and have all your forms in front of you, its as good as a CPA and much cheaper!

      • I Dont Get It

        Plus once you get it set up in TurboTax, as long as you don’t change employers, etc. it is lightening quick to do your taxes in subsequent years.

    • If you have already filled out your forms, or now how to fill them out, you can do both Federal and DC for free using the Free Fillable Forms (although I guess some people have had some issues with DC this year, I haven’t tried yet). With the fillable forms you also e-file and can get direct deposit. I have done it this way for free the past few years. I highly recommend it.

      • May have to look into this for next year. My forms aren’t changing much from year to year.

      • Are those easy for itemized deductions? I did them back in the day, before I became a homeowner, but assumed they’d be too complicated now.

        • Yes, you can easily attach a Schedule A to the Federal free fillable forms. If I remember correctly, I think there’s a prompt to add forms and Schedule A is one of them. I own a home so taxes (property and DC income) and interest, as well as making some charitable contributions, and it’s all easy. I actually do them first on paper and then just transfer the information onto the fillable forms and then e-file. I think last year I got my refund in like two weeks. You do have to input your W-2 info, but it’s just copying the info. They also do basic math. I love them (obviously).

  • Rave: Friday! yoga followed by a movie date should be fun!
    Rant: Having a hard time getting up the energy to declutter-Konmari the crap out of my place. I know I need to. I just always find something “better” to do when I do have the energy! Grrr!
    Rant: Trump. Enough said.
    Rave: Sunshine

    • That sounds awesome!
      I wouldn’t worry about the KonMari energy. I hit it hard the first weekend and have been struggling. She suggests taking 6 months to do the whole thing anyway.

  • Rave: Someone in class said “Illinoise” today. I thought of you all.
    Rant: The professor then proceeded to pronounce “harassment” as “hair-iss-ment”… what?
    Rave: Spring break in Arizona and New Mexico.
    Rant: Looking forward to the hiking but not the camping.
    Rave: Got a crazy good deal on an Arcteryx parka after my Eddie Bauer one broke. It’s like wearing a flattering, snuggly sleeping bag.

    • Is the professor a Brit?

      • Thought the same thing! Or perhaps Canadian?
        There are a few words I still say the “British” way, including saying “trousers” instead of pants. My kids find this absolutely HILARIOUS apparently.

        • He’s a Michigander which makes it especially odd!

        • My dad calls jeans “dungarees” which I still find hilarious. Both of my parents also say “yuge” which is less funny with the rise of Trump.

        • I call any pair of pants that needs to tailored “trousers,” which is almost everything but jeans for me. I never thought of it as particularly British. Besides, it;s more fun to say — “pants” is a boring word. Very tinny.

          • See, in the UK, “pants” are actually underwear. So I got broken of saying pants VERY quickly. To me, trousers are any pair of pants other than jeans, or, I guess, leggings if you can call those pants. So I’ll say to the kids, go get your school trousers on, and its “Bwahahaha, mom said *trousers* hey mom, I’m getting my *trousers* on!” in a super over the top Queen’s English accent.

    • Did you buy your parka online? The zipper on mine broke last week and they’re all so expensive ๐Ÿ™ I was hoping to make it to the big parka sales in a month or so but I don’t know…

    • LOL! I remember when that pronunciation of harassment was being forced on us during the Clarence Thomas thing. Someone suggested that the regular pronunciation was too close to “her ass”. So for a while, everyone said it the other way. But I didn’t think anyone was still doing it.

  • Ironic tax rant: Had to file part year resident for DC and VA. Used online free e-file. DC was accepted, VA was mysteriously rejected for no stated reason other than letting me know I had to paper file. Mailed it 5 weeks ago. Tax office hasn’t even received it yet. DC refund came like 6 days after e-filing. Mystery abounds.
    Rave: free yoga class at my apartment. It was hard! but a lot of fun. I wish I could afford class pass
    rant/rave: post shingles nerve pain flaring on/off for the past 2 weeks. Got off my butt to consult my GP and got a script for something. Hopeful.

    • VA isn’t good with modern technology.

      • I’m realizing that now. I wonder if it had anything to do with being a Part year return. 2013 I was VA resident and the efile went fine. 2014 I was DC all day. 2015 is the swirl year and the first year I had a problem.

        • No, something that’s really straightforward and quick in DC will take ten times as long and involve lots of extra paperwork in VA. I’ve moved back and forth a few times so I have some experience with this!

    • If you’re fine just doing yoga, look into Groupon, living social or new member deals. Most studios in DC offer a deal.

  • Rave: Frozen mini cream puffs for breakfast.
    Rave: The daffodil bulbs I planted this past fall are sprouting.
    Rant: No sign of the tulips yet.
    Rant: Also no sign of anything sprouting in the containers on my back deck.
    From talking the other day to an acquaintance who’s a professional nursery/garden person, I suspect that the rocks I put at the bottom of the containers weren’t sufficient and that I should’ve chosen a type of _soil_ with better drainage.
    Compensatory rave: At least most of the bulbs I planted in the containers were leftovers from other batches, rather than batches/packages unto themselves.
    Rant: … except for the 10 blue hyacinths I planted. ๐Ÿ™

    • Emmaleigh504

      They may still come up, don’t lose hope. My container garden sprouts and blooms later than gardens in the ground, so that may be the case for you.

      • Hmm. I’ll hope for this… but I have a feeling I’m going to be disappointed just like I was last year.
        I wouldn’t mind as much if I hadn’t spent so much freaking time on the eight (rather large) containers — emptying them of their dirt, putting in a layer of rocks (fairly big rocks, so 2″-3″ of drainage space at the bottom), putting in dirt, placing bulbs, and then putting in more dirt.

    • FtLincolnLove

      Are the frozen mini cream puffs the ones that come in a giant bin from Costco!? Because my goodness, those are SO GOOD. Solid breakfast choice!

    • I Dont Get It

      The tulips that I moved, and was I lazy and didn’t plant them very deep, are sprouting. The new tulips that I planted at proper depth are not showing yet.

  • Additional rant: “Best available” seats for the Stone Roses show in NYC (which went on sale this morning) are $95. Ninety-five dollars!!
    I kind of want to go to the show… but I was tentatively planning a trip elsewhere around the same time. And I’ve heard that the Stone Roses’ recent reunion shows were disappointing.

    • After all these years it might be hard to live up to the legend, and shouldn’t they be playing in a Red Hook warehouse instead of MSG? Nonetheless, I’m sure I’ll compulsively checking StubHub for the next three months and crossing my fingers….

      • Yeah — I’m going to try to make my tentative travel plans materialize, and look into the Stone Roses show only if they don’t.
        One British friend of mine went so far as to say that Ian Brown has never been able to sing live. It’s hard to imagine things could be _that_ bad… but maybe it would explain the poor reviews of the shows.

    • I’ve got tickets to the Roses at T in the Park festival in Scotland in July.

      Granted, Brownie’s vocals are absolutely shocking. But still. It’s the Roses. In a field. In Scotland.

      Manchester in the area!

  • Rave: When asking the other Mrs. Rabbit about what length of massage we should schedule, she looked at me with these super serious eyes before saying “If we’re going to do it, we might as well do it right.” 90 minutes it is!
    Rave: A good friend of ours made it through a serious surgery with flying colors. We should be allowed to visit her on Sunday.

  • That One Guy

    E Street Cinema is showing Studio Ghibli movies on the weekends starting next week. Cool.

  • RAVE: DC rejected the Pepco-Exelon merger, but will accept with pro-solar conditions! Yeah!

  • Inspired by the Vida post–does anyone have a recommendation for an actually affordable, chill gym/fitness studio in the U Street or Dupont area?

    • I don’t think such things exist in DC (aside from the city-run recreation centers).

      • They exist but not near such prime real estate.
        The less popular wsc are 20-30/month, for example.

        • Where are those? My girlfriend was paying $84/month for the Capitol Hill location.

        • Similarly, LA Fitness (Farragut North) – nothing fancy, but definitely the most affordable in the area.

        • I think it’s a mistake to get a membership to a gym that’s not close to home or work just because it’s cheap. You have to be so much more motivated to go if getting here involves a small journey.

        • I guess I should qualify affordable–I know there’s not going to be anything truly cheap, but some of the boutique studios around here are like $125/month. So something more like $70-80 would be good. I might look into that WSC at Chinatown too.

          • topscallop

            I tried that WSC for a month on a Groupon and wasn’t a fan, mainly because it seemed kind of bro-y. If you’re willing to go to Chinatown, would you consider Metro Center? I belong to Crunch, which is about $50/month (and they sometimes have deals for cheaper) and has lots of classes and a nice setup.

          • If you’re doing wsc, I liked DuPont the best, and definitely recommend trying it out via Groupon before committing. It all depends in what you care about most: price, classes, etc

    • You might want to check out the JCC.

    • Second JCC, their prices seemed pretty good when I looked into them after the YMCA shuttered. Of course affordability and chill are relative terms. I ended up signing up for Balance on 14th and K near Thomas Circle because they had some of the same classes I was taking at the Y. I think membership for one location is like $64/month for annual membership. So far I like it well enough but I miss the Y which I would say was the right amount of chillness for me in terms of lots of different people utilizing the gym. At Thomas Circle, I only go to classes so I can’t speak to the equipment.

    • Mint is a chill gym with lots of classes, but not super affordable. I think membership is around $90/month. They’re at U Street & Florida Ave near Pleasant Pops.

      • Both Mint and JCC sound like good options, thanks. Mint is closer so might be worth the price.

      • Actually MINT sometimes has deals where you pay $50 a month if you sign up with someone else– so $50 each. I think its called their 2 for 1 deal. I’m on it now and it lasts 1 year. The other option is if you are married (weirdly they don’t let you use it unless you are actually married), it’s $80 a month for each of you, instead of the usual $90+.

        FWIW, it’s really chill and probably the BEST gym I have ever been to. Not just becuase of the extras like mint scented towels and what not. Firstly, it is extremely clean and well maintained. Everyone is really nice and its a good mix of old and young, men and women, people in varying levels of fitness. The classes are great and they have a recently redone spin studio which I really really love. Their staff really seems to put in a lot of effort into creating fun and interesting classes and other programs.

        And no, I don’t work for them. I’m just someone who has tried WSC and the Y on U street, and MINT is the one that works best for me.

  • Rant: birth worshippers on facebook. Childbirth is kind of cool. It can be enormously empowering, and there’s no reason to have any sense of shame or secrecy about it. And of course, baby! Wooo! But please, for the love of cheese and crackers, quit putting birth videos in all their gynecological detail on facebook. I am in no way suggesting that your slimy new overlord isn’t the most amazing thing to happen ever. It totally is, and I am overflowing with joy and awe for you. But I wish we could agree that the moment of the actual emergence should be enjoyed between the parents (and medical staff and anyone else who has agreed to be in the room for the blessed event).

    • I know I’m opening a can of worms here, but can we add breastfeeding photos to the list? Not shaming women for breastfeeding, but why are we posting pictures like its competitive sport?

      • Whaaaat? People do stuff like this? Why?

      • Breastfeeding pictures don’t bother me. It’s not messy, and doesn’t showcase any super-private bits. You almost never see more than you’d see in a bikini. Also, some babies eat all the damn time. If you avoided taking any pictures of mom and baby while baby is nursing, it feels like you’d never take any at all. (Feels like. I know it’s a subjective thing.)

        • There are some people who take it to the extreme though. Not just pics of mom and baby nursing, but full boob hanging out pics. I know babies need to eat and I don’t think moms needs to be hidden in the bathroom while feeding. But I’m just not a fan of the competitive breastfeeding pics.

      • The women who do this tend to be trying to normalize breastfeeding, which really is needed, especially in certain social circles.

    • OMG do people actually do that?! That person (or people) would be single-handedly responsible for making me throw up all over the place and would immediately be defriended. I really do not need to see that.

      • We must have cool parent friends– I’m just as shocked as you are. At most my friends will share one baby/kid picture a month. My sister puts additional photos and videos on a separate platform, for a select group who want to follow my niece’s every move (and even there she wouldn’t show breatfeeding or graphic birth photos).

      • To be clear, these aren’t videos of my friends giving birth. It’s mostly people who like and share stuff from parenting sites, so it then pops up in my feed as “your granola friend liked this/ commented on this”.

        • I see. That’s still gross though. Like… do people actually derive pleasure from watching that stuff? Ugh ugh ugh ugh.

        • I’m on facebook less and less since it’s started bombarding me with my friend’s liked posts. Just because they like something doesn’t mean I have any interest in it.

          • Agreed, it’s a terrible feature of FB. Sometimes I’ll have pages of strangers’ updated profile pictures that my friends liked. Lame.

          • It either shows the posts from strangers who make all their posts public (these tend to be the most annoying FB posters) or profile picture changes which can’t be made private (like I really want my friends’ friends seeing my face plastered in their news feed).

  • Rave- the biopsy came back as benign.
    Will not accept rants today.

  • Rave: I actually think acupuncture is righting my hormones. Whatever its mechanism (positive therapeutic meditation??), every time I go, I get some sort of signal that things are normalizing that exact evening or next morning. No reason not to keep going at this point, especially because it’s relatively inexpensive.
    Rave: Can’t wait to snuggle with my husband tonight while watching the Americans. I really think we spend an amazing amount of time snuggling and am positive it is key to a well functioning relationship. Oxytocin!
    Rave: Woke up on the right side of the bed and I am not a morning person. Which means no rants. TGIF and happy weekend everyone!

  • Rave: Back in DC, and my handywoman got a bunch of stuff done to my fixer upper while I was gone. Woo!
    Rant: Jet lagged.
    Rave: Friend coming to stay with me for a few days.
    Rant: Too much darn work. Not sure how to enjoy my friend’s stay – will try to get work done on Saturday.

    • Would you mind sharing your handywoman’s info, assuming she does good work? I’m annoyed with our current person because he takes FOREVER to fit us in around his other jobs. And he hasn’t done the best quality work on every project.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Multiple fun events planned for the next few days — but only one per day. This is a perfect plan for an ambi-vert!
    Rave: My “tight” jeans now fit! Next up: fitting into my “smaller” jeans. Slow and steady really does work — at least in this case.
    Rant: Pining over a “perfect” backpack — which would be an extremely reasonable purchase if I hadn’t just bought a perfect hobo bag. Also pining over a necklace — which is not reasonable, but very pretty. The necklace is Mignon Faget….Thanks Enabler! <3 ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rave: Learning to keep my expectations high but few has definitely been the way to grow.
    Rant: Watching a political process that I never fully trusted implode.
    Superficial Rave: I have a bag with almost 20 samples of hair products to play with. The greater world may be in tatters, but I can find some small solaces in pomade.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Got John Oliver tickets for Wednesday 8/24 at 7:00pm. Orchestra, they are going to be fun! Happy Friday everyone!

  • Kukki Bakemono

    Rave: n. A lively party or gathering involving dancing and drinking (Sorry, had to do it. Or did I?)
    Rave: With my tax return and some of today’s paycheck, I was able to make a huge dent in my credit card balance AND put money into an Emergency Fund and Travel Fund I set up. I also downloaded an app to track my spending in real time so I don’t go over my self-imposed weekly allowance. I’m adulting the sh*t out of this week!
    Rave: It’s Friday so that means a sandwich at Bub and Pop’s (with bread pudding, of course) and watching Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro at the JICC later this evening.
    Rant: I’ve had to Alt+Tab like four times just to finish this post because people love staring into my cubicle when they walk by.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: The scaffolds are down at two of the houses and
    Rant: The exposed brick looks beautiful. This is a rant because maybe they wonโ€™t re-paint?
    Rant: This cold!

  • Rant- The Wind! Its killing my vibe.
    Rave- Heading out of town for the weekend to spend time with my Ma’…Can’t wait!
    Rave- My friends are the absolute BEST!
    Rave/Rant- Haven’t done my taxes yet but I don’t mind…I’ll get my mailbox money when I’ve truly decided on what to do with it! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy Friday Washingtonians <3

  • Rave: So many fun things planned this weekend: brunch and seeing the Oscars shorts for free on Saturday, church and making brunch with someone on Sunday, and venturing to some of the bodegas/grocery stores y’all recommended to find ingredients to make Ethiopian food!
    Rave: About a month ago I basically got an unsolicited job offer to do pretty much what I do now, but for more money, and in NY. But I’ve started realizing that I don’t want to leave DC – there are too many things I want to do in this city, too many places I’ve left unexplored and friends I love. So happy Friday, DC, I’m here to stay! At least for a while longer!

  • SouthwestDC

    Rant: The life of a contractor. Doing busywork while waiting for the real work to come in.
    Rave: Out of 46,000+ entries my photo was selected as a finalist in Smithsonian Magazine’s annual contest. I used this victory to enable myself some new equipment I’ve had my eye on!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Spent the morning presenting at career day at Middle Zelda’s school.
    Rave: Middle Zelda was suitably mortified.
    Rave: Took the whole day off, so now I have a free afternoon.

  • Rant: The flu. I have not been this sick in years. Everything hurts. I’ve had crossfit workouts easier than changing my sheets this morning. Sweating while shaking from the chills was a new and exciting development last night. This all with having gotten the flu shot. But I do work in the ED so it was bound to happen
    Ravel: I have a doctors note and am off work until Wednesday. I think the tamiflu is kicking in. I’m not dead?

  • Rave: It’s Friday!!! *happy dance*
    Rant: That wind is fuh-reezing. Hurry up 60 degree days.
    Revel: It’s leap year. Woo hoo

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