Washington, DC

stupidiest marketing campaign ever

It may have may have one of the most ridiculous, to put it mildly, marketing campaigns and it may not run on Sundays (which I still can’t believe hasn’t caused more outrage) but I will admit that I’m going to ride the Streetcar. When I do super long walkabouts and my route takes me to H Street – I can see myself occasionally riding it to Union Station.

So, while it has been fun giving them grief [latest from the Economist “The catastrophic execution of the streetcar project has somewhat obscured the fact that even if everything had gone smoothly, the planning itself is rotten.”], nevertheless I want you to be honest – will you ride the Streetcar? How often do you think you will? What’s your scenario?

Actually it just occurred to me, I do many of my walkabouts on Sunday oh well…


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