The Liberator, “Irish and European cuisines”, now coming to 477 H Street, NW

477 H Street, NW

Looks like plans for a strip club, then cigar lounge have now become plans for The Liberator. A new liquor license placard posted out front says:

“Multi-level restaurant and bar featuring a fusion of modern Irish and European cuisines with a seating capacity for 370 patrons. Total Occupancy Load of 470. Requesting an Entertainment Endorsement.”


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  • I can’t imagine 470 people eating crubeens, cabbage, and Scotch eggs. Hope it’s well ventilated.

  • Like the change of plans! I lived in Ireland for a summer and ate a lot of pizza and curry, as I wasn’t a huge fan of the native cuisine, other than beer and bread and hearty soups. Still, it appeals to me as a neighbor far more than strippers or cigars.

    • I spent some time in Ireland recently, and the food was by far the worst part of it. Except for the fish and chips, and Irish breakfast.

      • Really? Where were you traveling? Do you like seafood? About every other year I travel up and down the west coast of Ireland and have had some of the most amazing, freshest seafood.

        • Galway has amazing eats. The oysters there are unreal. And yes, so much seafood year round. Gotta love those cold Atlantic waters 🙂

        • Mostly in Dublin and Cork. It sounds like I missed out on the seafood, unfortunately.

          • I don’t know much about the Dublin food scene, but if you get to go back to Cork, try to get to Kinsale. I haven’t been, but it is supposed to have a lot of good, creative cooking. Of course, on a blustery day, I think it is hard to top a bowl of good seafood chowder, brown bread, butter, and beer.

      • Oh, forgot about the fish and chips. Not a fan of blood sausage, which I got as part of breakfast at a B&B, or the beans on toast combo my Irish roommate always had after long nights out drinking. Not a huge seafood fan, either, nor am I a fan of chinks of meat and potatoes. I do have fond memories of delicious new flavors of Pringles, though. Stayed mainly in Galway.

  • Seating for 370? While I suppose it’s better than the previous proposals, it still sounds like a recipe for more mediocre chain Irish pub-like food. Buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks are Irish now, right?

  • Missed opportunity – this should have beern the restaurant name at the Trump hotel.

  • This area is definitely lacking in Irish pubs…. Between Kelly’s, the Dubliner, Irish Channel, Fado? Now this?

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