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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: I work with the loudest people on the planet. They think that everyone needs to hear everything they say. Also, I have one coworker here actually bangs on the keyboard when typing. So annoying.
    Rant: I have a presentation today and I am so nervous. It’s on a report that I wrote a few months ago but I’m so scared of drawing a blank in front of the audience.
    Rave: Teleworking tomorrow.
    Rave: TJ Maxx just opened near where I live. Can’t wait until Saturday to check it out.

    • Where’s TJ Maxx opening?! Also, sorry about your co-workers, and good luck on your presentation!

    • Loud colleagues are the worst. Are headphones permitted where you work? I sometimes don my Bose earbuds and play music queitly when my colleagues are loud. It drowns the noise out nicely.

    • HA! For a second I thought you were my husband, (1) since he deals with loud colleagues sitting around him and loud typers too, and (2) we like to dramatically say “Chinatown” ever since we watched said movie. But he wouldn’t care about TJMaxx.
      Anyway, he wears earbuds & listens to ambient music or noise cancellation earbuds & white noise.

    • Typing = typical office noise. I am mystified by people who complain about “loud typing.”
      Full disclosure: Several years ago, a colleague accused me of typing too loudly. I was stunned. I said something like, “I’ve been typing this way since I was in sixth grade.” I think it must have been a proxy for her having some other issue with me, because the previous occupant of that cubicle typed loudly — maybe even more loudly than I did.

      • Some keyboards are louder than others. One colleague in particular is a very loud typer. He even got a new keyboard to deal with this, but still loud. I can hear him typing from 5 cubicles away, while everyone else’s typing just fades into the environment.

      • I thought I was being kind of sensitive until I walked past the coworker at her desk one day. Indeed, this person wasn’t typing normally but banging the keyboard with each keystroke. So strange.

      • I have also been accused of being a loud typist, though not recently. I agree that the type of keyboard can make a difference and that it’s a hard habit to break or change.

      • And some people bang on the keyboard so it can be heard from a distance

      • HaileUnlikely

        I am often accused of being a loud typist. Being slightly older than many here and growing up in a lower-income household, I spent several years typing on a typewriter (yes, an actual mechanical typewriter) before transitioning to an electronic word processor, and a couple of years later, an actual computer. Old habits die hard.

        • I also learned on a typewriter and used one well into high school. I never thought of that being the reason for my heavy fingers, but now it makes sense!

      • palisades

        Mechanical keyboards are notoriously loud. Maybe that’s what caused problems?

  • Rant/Rave/Not Sure: Friend is still being held inpatient. Gives us time to get our ducks in a row for a discharge plan, also means she’s stuck in the state institution a while longer. Hoping she moves to a step down facility because while she is FINALLY getting the care she needs, the type of place she is in is (in many of our opinions) not conducive to many things.
    Rave: Her brother now has all the facts and has stepped in as primary caregiver.
    Rant: Her mother and father have now essentially washed themselves of the situation. The brother is working his ass off and can barely afford his own life while his parents have money and time to support him or their daughter and DON’T.
    Rave: My mom visiting me in NYC today – early morning work hours so I can start the afternoon with her and hopefully we can relax and talk about things other than my friend’s mental state.

    • First, I want to say that you’re an truly great friend. The way you have been there for your friend is nothing short of amazing. Secondly, WTF is wrong with her parents?! Ugh, it’s really sad, but glad to hear her brother is a mature adult who is stepping up!

  • World Cup action starts for the US Men’s soccer team this weekend!

  • Any recommendations for a place that will clean up a leather purse? I’ve taken it to a couple of places that even say in their window that they do leather, but been told that they actually don’t. So direct experience in the cleaning of purses would be great.
    Bonus if they can clean and repair a jacket. The lining is shredding, but the leather, while dirty, is in decent shape. I’d pay rather handsomely to have it refurbished.

    • Blithe

      Try Parkway Cleaners on Connecticut Ave. in Chevy Chase. They will likely be pricey but worth it. They will also tell you the limits of their expertise — i.e. if they can’t get the beet juice and indelible ink out of a white leather skirt, they’ll tell you before they try.

    • I had the lining of my winter pea coat fixed at J.C. Lofton on U St. I opted for a repair, which I thought they did well, but they also said they could redo the whole lining (definitely was not going to be cheap). They are upstairs above a shoe repair shop, so maybe you can get the purse cleaned there.

      • Thanks! Did you get a sense of how much it would cost to replace the lining? Ballpark?

        • SouthwestDC

          I’m curious as well. Every year I pull out my two wool coats and spend several hours stitching up all the tears. I’m thinking next year I might just get new linings since there isn’t much left to them anymore. I don’t know why they make the linings on an otherwise well-made coat so chintzy!

  • Rave: Having a day off in the middle of the week was glorious! I finally, finally got this one closet that has been the bane of my house organized – so close to feeling like I have my ducks in a row!
    Rant: Didn’t hear the gunshots last night – I think I was just getting out of the shower when that was happening – but not super happy to hear about this shooting. Glad the cops collared some folks, but c’mon – there is so much open drug activity around the area how is more not happening?!
    Rave: tomorrow is Friday! I’m having a hard time figuring out what day it is, but knowing that tomorrow is Friday is making things better!
    Rant: had the most bizarre dreams/nightmares yesterday, I was so disoriented when I woke up it a took a while to figure out what was real and what wasn’t. I hate that.
    Rave: 2 lbs away from my “happy weight”! and 5 lbs away from my goal weight!

  • Rant: That red velvet ASOS dress looked teeerrible on me. It made me look *really* short, flat-chested, and made my hips look huge (and not in a good way).
    Rave: Free return shipping! And I bought a dress for half the price that’s really flattering. Phew.
    Rave: Going to see the bf’s hometown for the first time over Thanksgiving. I’ve met his parents but his mom moved to a different state a few years ago so I’ve never seen where he grew up.
    Rant: Have to go to his 10 year HS reunion which is the same weekend. I had SO much fun at my own reunion last year but going to someone else’s kind of fills me with dread.

    • Quotia Zelda

      It could be fun! I had a great time at Mr. Zelda’s 10th HS reunion (there was much drinking involved).

    • Oh! Booo! I’m so sorry to hear that the dress didn’t look good on you! But glad you were able to find something else pretty and flattering!

    • SouthwestDC

      How do people get notified of HS reunions? It just occurred to me that my 10-year would have been four years ago, but if there was one I didn’t know about it.

      • He just got an email about it as well as a Facebook invite. I got an invitation in the mail, but my high school has a way of finding everyone no matter how many times they move to ask for donations so I don’t think the snail mail invite is normal.

      • It really depends on who’s organizing the HS reunion. If the school itself is organizing the reunion, it uses whatever alumni mailing lists it might have. If it’s a volunteer effort by some motivated alumni, then it varies — my class at my first high school already had a Facebook group, so when people started talking about a reunion, the contact infrastructure was already (mostly) there.

    • Bummer the dress didn’t work out, but that’s awesome you found one that you love (and the savings doesn’t hurt!)

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m bummed about the dress, I thought it would look good on you. Glad you found one that works!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Huge haul from Norm’s yesterday. So many goodies, I wish there were a store as good in DC.
    Rant: College campuses used to be the bastion for freedom of ideas and expression in this country. It’s sad to me to see what they’ve become, the thought police seem impossible to escape with the wildfires that social media creates.

    • I’m distressed about the campus culture attacks too, but I don’t think it’s accurate to say that colleges use to be all about freedom of ideas and expression. That’s only ever been the case for one side. (and it’s different sides on different campuses.)
      A lot of conservative people have felt marginalized in that usual college environment of “tolerance,” because it’s not actually tolerance, it’s a brand of liberalism that many find dangerous and offensive. Now, I happen to find the ideals of these conservative wannabe-victims often loathsome, but there are tons of first amendment cases regarding students whose freedom of expression was infringed because it wasn’t the prevailing (liberal) opinion.

      • justinbc

        That’s a very good point, although growing up in the South, and visiting primarily those schools, I can say there are definitely parts of the country where conservative ideas weren’t in the least bit repressed. I guess my feeling is more that, as a place of last resort colleges were often the most free (with obvious exceptions) and now that seems to be the opposite as they’ve become the most critical.

      • +500. If someone is complaining about things being “overly PC” these days, I get a really good idea of their political leanings. Yes, there is a learning curve in trying to interact respectfully with people from cultures and lifestyles we aren’t familiar with. But I don’t think that’s a valid argument for going back to the bad old days where the only ones with real freedom of expression were white men.

        • Privilege is not given up easily or without a fight/incessant whining. When people have been told their entire lives that they can do no wrong, they are shocked when someone pushes back. This is a good learning experience for lots of people on the Mizzou and Yale campuses. I don’t think surrounding and yelling at the Yale house master was a good tactic, but he’s hardly having his 1st Amendment rights infringed. Words have consequences and that’s OK.

        • Isn’t lumping anyone who might be concerned about over politicization into one party being just as guilty of the stereotyping you would seem to hate? I’ve seen opponents of this trend from some of the strongest variants of both parties. If there’s any real divide here it seems to be more age based than party based.

        • justinbc

          There’s no shortage of idiots on either side of the aisle. Last I checked Chris Rock wasn’t a white guy, and he’s spoken out against the very same thing repeatedly.

          • justinbc

            (also, FWIW my comment has absolutely nothing to do with what happened in Mizzou recently, because that’s actually more of a move back towards the freedom of expression and making positive social change that colleges used to be about)

        • At MU, calling for the MU president to step down because of racist remarks and actions made by some bigots, and at Yale, a person allegedly not being allowed to attend a Greek party and the Sillman master’s spouse statement about Halloween costumes lead to this? With all of the violence, crime and inhumanity going on in the streets of U.S. cities, these incidents prompt this out-sized outrage? Troubling indeed.

          • Blithe

            The complaints at Yale that have been made public by recent events are only the tip of the ice berg. The outrage is being prompted by centuries of ingrained marginalization, and a failure of the system to respond appropriately to concerns that some — but obviously not all — students experience. If the person whose primary job is the safety and security of students abrogates that responsibility for some of the students, that’s a problem. If the people who have the job description of listening to and supporting students don’t or can’t do that, that’s a problem. If the people who are charged with serving as liaisons between students and the greater university are a problem — that’s a problem. And I’d say that’ these are problems worth protesting, and, obviously worth addressing.

          • Blithe – There is no question that this country has a racist past and that racists of all colors walk our streets. Do facts mean that university presidents and administrators should be forced to resign because of the actions of others over whom they have no control? Or because they happen to say that no one should police Halloween costumes? Totally ridiculous and a sad diversion from the real problems in society, doing more harm than good.

          • Blithe

            Racist things happen every day. Some of these are embedded in the traditions of some university environments and tolerated, if not encouraged. The burden should not be on the aggressed upon students to educate the aggressors. I believe that it is the duty of the university to openly address the concerns of the students. One point of my earlier comment is about the role of a college master at Yale — and has nothing directly to do with whether or not university presidents should be forced to resign or not. I hope you are aware that each one of us gets to weigh in on what constitutes a ‘real problem’ and what does not. Symbolism and power matter.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Looking at pictures of IDGI Sr on the local mayor’s Facebook page of him giving the Veteran’s Day address.
    Rant: I showed the pictures to a friend who agreed with me that I look nothing like my father but pointed out that I dress like him. Ouch!

  • Rave: Finally got around to watching “Broadchurch,” which I’d checked out somewhat randomly from the D.C. Library a few weeks ago. (I think I remembered the name from a “favorite TV shows” thread here this summer or fall.) I watched Episodes 1 and 2 on Tuesday night and binge-watched the rest (Episodes 3-8) yesterday. Very compelling!
    Rave: Got a bunch of bulbs (mostly daffodils, some tulips) planted yesterday.
    Rant: Didn’t do as much bulb-planting as I wanted to because it took me so long to pick up leaves — namely, seedpods from the evil, evil golden raintree. You basically have to pick them up by hand, because any kind of raking or rough treatment dislodges the seeds. The the seeds are happy to germinate wherever they fall and sprout seedlings in the spring.
    Rave: Hoping that all of this effort picking up seedpods in the fall will save me time/effort in the spring on pulling seedlings.

    • Is the raintree in a neighbor’s yard or a street tree? Sounds like it’s a nuisance tree (much like the ailianthus)

      • It’s a street tree. It’s not quite as bad as ailanthus altissima, a.k.a. tree of heaven, but it’s definitely a nuisance. It’s classified as invasive in some states, but apparently not in D.C.
        I think I saw a young golden raintree street tree on Sherman Avenue recently — I need to doublecheck that sighting and complain to D.C.’s urban forestry department. It’s bad enough that there are existing golden raintree street trees, but no way should they be planting new ones!

  • Rave: Thanksgiving. Everything is falling into place and it looks like a couple of friends who weren’t — including one serious cook — will be attending.
    Rant: “Friendsgiving.” Don’t know why, but that term drives me right up a wall. Sounds like it was invented by someone who wants to sell something to me or coined for some vomitious holiday special.
    Rave: Freelance client who never gives any feedback was very enthusiastic about our last collaboration. Unexpected gratitude is like finding money in a pocket of a pair of dirty jeans. Plus, it means more money in my pocket.
    Rant: Kids costing me money.
    Rave: Patterned hose. Yeah, I’m a pig bit the woman on the metro who finished kind of a conservative office look with patterned (but not, like, dominatrix patterned) hose and a pair of Chelsea boots made the commute a little more fun.

  • Rave: Yesterday was just lovely, with a trip to Great Falls, Udvar Hazy, and then dinner with friends. Getting to sleep in till 7:30 instead of 5 was the icing on the cake.
    Rave: Husband has a 3-hr final interview in a few weeks – they had to coordinate the schedules of 5 staff members. A little annoyed it’s 3 weeks from now but if this is the final interview rather than dragging it out to meet with each person individually, I’m all for it.
    Rave: Exploring recipes for Friendsgiving. Every year I try to make something new and I’m looking for dessert inspiration. Last year, I made the Kitchn’s cranberry cake with brown sugar pecan topping, which was amazing.

  • Rant: 3 cyclists ran through stop signs or stop lights yesterday while I had the right of way in the crosswalk. In response to my dirty look: “I didn’t f–king hit you!” No, that’s not the standard.
    Rave: Vacation is thisclose.

  • Rave: Looking forward to a good friend’s wedding celebration this weekend (not the actual wedding, just a celebration lunch). It will be a great chance to catch up with college friends.
    Rant: Have nothing to wear to this lunch. It is being held outside, so staying warm is a factor.
    Rave: ABC Family has the entire series of Greek on demand now. The last week has consisted of awesome binge watching, and I am getting really nostalgic for college.
    Rave: Embracing my nostalgia and having an early to mid-2000s pop jam session. It’s definitely making my work go more smoothly!

  • Rave: Good evening off. Watched Empire, and had a good conversation with my roommate. And I got to use her coloring book. So soothing!

    Rant: The time to fill our 3rd room has come. Our landlord gave us a grace period, which was nice. However we need someone in the room by next month. Filling it isn’t the issue, I have someone coming to see the space today and Sunday. I’m just worried how a third person will change the balance of the house. I really want someone who won’t be around much. It’s not a huge space.

    Rant/Rave: I’ve been using the third room as a extra storage space for my stuff. I had to hastily move everything out yesterday. I now have no excuse to finish unpacking and organizing my room. Time to get creative! I just need to find the time.

    • Re: your rant
      Nothing against you personally, but I absolutely despise ppl who seem to need/want a roomie for the $$$, but they prefer the person not enjoy the home too. I’ve seen it in ads far too many times. With that in mind, and if you’re not light sleepers, you may do well to look for someone who works an opposite schedule.

      • It’s not that I don’t want them to enjoy the home. I just want to make sure we can all coexist in a small space. And honestly as the person who will be doing the bulk of the sharing(bathroom and floor) I don’t think it’s selfish at all that I want to be particular about who is there. I wish I was in a position where I could live alone. I totally would. But the reality is that’s not going to be the case for a while, and I hope I can find a good balance where everyone is happy.

        • In my experiences with Craigslist roommates, I’ve found that people with SOs are NEVER around. Just be sure to ask when you meet them how often their SO would stay over – otherwise your house might be the hangout spot!

  • Rant: Horrific dreams last night of re-enacting that Bachmann/King story “The Long Walk” but in real life with people I know. Really puts a damper on my day.
    Rave: After being asked by my wife’s boss for what feels like the hundredth time whether or not we have a baby registry yet, I’m going to sit down and make the list.
    Random Question for those with kids/expecting kids/who have made purchases for kids: What items should we definitely have on the baby registry list and what should stay off?

    • That story stayed with me to the point that when I notice I’m moseying, I pick up speed and try to maintain 4 miles per hour. I read it when I was about 15.

    • I think that’s the only one of the Bachman stories I read, but it is brilliantly creepy and — to second wdc’s observation — sticks with you.

    • When do people start to register? I am 20 weeks and have been emailing myself stuff I want to eventually add to my registry.

      • It seems most people make their registry around 20 weeks. I’m at 19 weeks but I’ve been getting the question about the registry from pretty much everyone at this point.

      • I’m 20 weeks as well. I put my registry together over the course of a few weeks, but didn’t make it public until a couple weeks ago (after we had informed all our friends and family about the pregnancy).

    • Sorry for the bad dreams but oh that story is so good. That whole series of stories from the Bachmann Books stayed with me a long time. If memory serves, I read them in high school as well.
      Just finished his Bazaar of Bad Dreams. Some are stories that have already been in print, and some aren’t so great, but overall they remind you what a great writer he can be.

    • I put all the big ticket items that we weren’t getting as hand me downs or loaners on the registry (stroller, car seat, etc.). Then I added all the “essential” things we’ll need but don’t currently own (changing pad, mattress pad, sheets for the crib mattress, baby bottles, some breast feeding items–hands-free pumping bra and storage containers for breast milk–, diaper bag, etc). I added a few non-essentials that felt more indulgent (an adorable mobile that I love, but don’t need). I didn’t put a lot of clothes on the registry (because I have a feeling this child won’t be in newborn clothing long, I have a lot of friends who will give me hand me downs, and I knew people would buy cute outfits anyway). I also tried to include a range of price points on the list.

    • I’ve said this for others on here, but RockNPlay for the registry. Most used item we had (besides diapers and such) for the first 7 months. I sing the praises of that thing to anyone who asks. Things you don’t need: there are a number of lists out there with this info, but one in particular is the wipes warmer.

      • Question about the rock n play, did you have trouble transitioning to a crib mattress? We’re trying to decide if we should try using the rock n play but are a little concerned about the transition.

    • I love my ergo and would recommend a carrier of some kind. We don’t use a diaper bag but use one of two different backpacks depending on how much we’re carrying since those are more versatile. If you are planning on breastfeeding, a nursing cover, breast pads, and soothies are good to have. Oh and a breast friend nursing cushion. I’ll chime back in if I think of other stuff.

    • I don’t have much to add on the registry ideas since I haven’t tested out any items myself and have a lot of twin-specific requests on mine. But I can tell you the items i’m most excited about on the registry. The first one is a mini-fridge I’ plan to stock with water, lactation cookies and other goodies right next to the seat where I plan to feed the girls. The other is a Girasol woven wrap for baby wearing, which I can use before the babies are big enough for regular wear in an Ergo. (Ok, I may have actually bought the Girasol wrap already because I’m just THAT excited about it).

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Got some much-needed yardwork done yesterday. Suck it, Duke!
    Rave: Office Princess is away for a few days.
    Rant: She sent one last bitchy email before she left.
    Rave: One of my grantees recently published a book based on his grant project, and he sent me a copy with a very nice inscription.

  • Popville ?: If you like your mental health care provider, but they don’t take insurance, and you’re going to try out someone who is sliding scale and is slated to take your insurance, how do you tell the provider you like? I like mine, but the cost is staggering and makes me feel even worse about going.
    Rant: Kiddo left school sick yesterday
    Rave: I came to pick him up yesterday and he was snuggling closely with his teacher, whom he loves. It was very sweet.
    Rave: He feels fine today
    Rave: Being near parents now who pick up the slack when we need it. It’s such a relief.
    Rant: Stbx lemon pound cake. It’s the devil.

    • “how do you tell the provider you like?”
      You say something like, “Unfortunately the expense is too much so I’m going to try someone more affordable who accepts my insurance.” It’s not personal, and as a medical professional they should get that.

      • …I was planning on waiting until I was sure the less expensive option was a good fit, so I should tell her once I’m sure, right? Not “I’m shopping around”…..? I wouldn’t think saying anything now makes sense unless someone else things it does.

        • I hadn’t really thought about the timing, but I guess it doesn’t make sense to say it until you’ve actually decided not to go any more. Whether that’s because you just can’t afford it anymore or because you’ve found someone different is up to you.

    • Blithe

      I think you should tell your MHCP just what you wrote here: That you’ve really appreciated and benefited from your work with her/him, but that for financial reasons, including the sliding scale and insurance, you need to make a change. This is a realistic concern that your therapist will understand, and if they don’t take insurance, you will definitely not be the first person bringing this up as an issue.

      • I”m shocked at how few take insurance. I have a generous mental health benefit but out of network it’s an 11k a year deductible. I can’t afford that nor do I need that much therapy!

        • Yeah. We’ve had a few $1,000 months out of pocket. But the good ones don’t take insurance. And the ones who do are just running people through every 15 minutes and I don’t feel like that works for mental healthcare.

    • I would just be honest. Say you really like the provider, but since they don’t take your insurance you have to go elsewhere. You never know, the provider may offer a lower private pay rate in order to keep you as a patient.

  • Rave: I am still getting compliments on my zany work presentation 2 days later. I’m so happy.
    Rave: spicy, roasted butternut squash seeds.
    Rant: I dropped my watch super hard on a tile floor, it was losing time, now the second hand isn’t even moving. Does anyone have a watch repair recommendation? I love this thing.
    Rave: I love my dinkya$$ little car so much. I’m so happy to have it back, especially with a new bumper.

    • Blithe

      The only local place that I’ve used for repairs is the shop in the basement of Rodman’s. They’ve done excellent work — but I haven’t had any complicated repairs.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Actually, the best thing about them is they will tell you if it’s not worth fixing. I’ve mostly had them change batteries for me. When Savannah Jane ate the wristbands on my watches they sold me new ones at a discount and of course put them on for me.

  • Blithe

    Rave: My college experience was wonderful in many ways. It also included almost daily experiences of prejudice. It angers and saddens me to see that in many ways, things have gotten worse — rather than better — with time. I’m heartened to see that, in part because of widespread publicity, some very entrenched institutional and social problems might, now, get addressed in positive ways.
    Rant: It blows my mind when people who experience and expect safe, supportive environments for themselves don’t view this as a priority for everyone. My next reunion is probably going to be, um, interesting.
    Rave: My egg nog panna cotta experiment worked! Yum!
    Rave: My steamed tortellini experiment worked as well.
    Rave: Reading yesterdays comments in the PoPville Veteran’s Day post.

    • Agree on your first rave and rant. Why is it so hard for people to be empathetic? It’s infuriating.

      • Blithe

        I think that many people believe that their own experiences are universal. I think that people who benefit from our society’s status quo are often blind — willfully or not — to the realities of those who don’t share those benefits. I also think that, as a culture, we’ve valued competition — winner-takes-all — attitudes and policies over empathy — with win-win policies. Definitely infuriating.

        • “I think that many people believe that their own experiences are universal.”

          Yes! SO frustrating. I was butting heads with two friends this weekend who cannot for the life of them see past their own experiences and POVs, yet want to act like they know how things are for other people. So aggravating.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I know some really good, kind, loving people who seem to have an almost pathological inability to see things from perspectives other than their own.

      • Given the variety of incidents being publicized lately, the argument gets pretty complex. There is a significant difference between, say, a death threat on Yik Yak or even someone yelling offensive slogans and, say, someone wearing a Caitlin Jenner costume on Halloween or — as one academic did — writing an essay critical of trends in Title IX/sexual harassment suits (who was, in turn, sued for publishing the essay). One can see justice in the resignation of the Mizzou President and be appalled by the attacks on the administrators at Yale.

  • Rave: Ordered a bunch of blushes from Sephora last week, per wonderful PoPvillian suggestions and I’m enjoying trying them all. So far loving Nars and I think I like Posietint.
    Rave: Fiance arrives tonight! Can’t wait to spend a few days with him and for him to spend more time hanging out with my friends.
    Interesting: I’ve never had a close group of girl friends until I came here. I’ve always had a handful of really close friends but independently. I think I got lucky with this group.
    Rant: Weird dreams and waking up 3-4 times per night every night this week.
    Eggs – I do use the Frye brand leather conditioner for the boots.

  • HaileUnlikely

    Question: anybody here use Google Fi? If so, do you like it? Are you satisfied with it? Any major problems?
    I am completely satisfied with my service with Consumer Cellular, but am intrigued by the concept, and am strongly considering replacing my old iPhone 4s (which has been malfunctioning frequently and seems to be on the verge of complete breakdown) with an Android rather than another iPhone for unrelated and largely-irrelevant reasons, which seems to make this a good time to explore that as an option.

    • I have exactly one friend who has Google Fi and he loves it. However, it’s really important that you decide if the data options make sense for you – Mr. Eggs and I looked at it and realized we use way too much data for it to be cost effective for us at all. Mr. Eggs also has that phone (the Nexus 6) and has been sort of ambivalent about it – doesn’t love it, doesn’t hate it. He’s had a few issues with it but nothing too far out of left field when it comes to cell phone issues. It is HUGE though. It broke our phone holder for in the car.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Thanks for the reply, this is helpful. I currently pay for 1 GB of data per month and hardly ever use it up, so I’m very confident that I’d save at least a little bit of money and at worst break even. I do not particularly want a huge phone. I’d prefer something the size of my existing iPhone 4s (slightly smaller than 5, much smaller than 6), not bigger, but I realize I probably will not find that in a modern smartphone.

        • Fi is compatible with the Nexus 5X which is not as big as the Nexus 6. I think it cost 349.00 online. I actually have a project Fi chip sitting at my desk. Trying to find an unlocked android phone to activate it so I can use it on my unlocked iPhone (can’t stand Android). Read online of some people getting it to work on an iPhone.
          The Fi pricing deal seems almost too good to be true – especially the free international data… Let’s hope Google doesn’t abandon it.

    • I know nothing about Google Fi but I stand firmly behind Android being an awesome operating system.

  • Revel: conferred like a BOSS yesterday.
    Revel: every parent I spoke with was so nice! There was one I worried would be upset that I’m not challenging his daughter enough but he was super appreciative of my attempts.
    Rant: my new daily routine of coming home at 6 watching one rerun of Rachel maddow on demand, going to bed at 7/8, waking up at 5 and doing it all over again. This is unsustainable.

  • Does anyone know what happened to the poor dog running around Logan Circle last night around 7 p.m? I think he had been hit a car. A lot of people were trying to catch him. Sadly, it looked like he had escaped from Wagtime as there was a Wagtime employee running around looking for him.

  • Rave/rant: working from home today, which is great, but the VPN is slow and since I’m used to two monitors, being down to one I’m slow.
    Rant: one of my co-workers has an issue with me. I don’t think it’s me personally, more that I was hired at a higher position than she is currently. I have about twice as much experience as her, so whatever. But yesterday I found that she has been stalking my linked in page (as in she has viewed several times, her connections have viewed me). I have no clue why or even if I should care. But, really?! It just irritates me. I got where I’m at because I’ve worked my ass off in the industry for over 10 years now. I’m higher than her because of the experience I offer (which is strong and varied, not just in our own little specialized field). Not to mention I have more education. Does it suck to have the new person come in higher? Sure. But welcome to the business world.

    • “I have no clue why or even if I should care.”
      You should not. I hope you’re not assuming she has an issue with you based solely on that. And you might consider that fact that she’s looking at your LinkedIn page to find out what kind of work experience will get her to the level that you have achieved.

      • When I first started, she gave me the third degree about my qualifications, and there have been a few other times since then that she has asked random, odd questions as if she thought I was lying about my experience. I have answered all of her questions calmly, honestly and without hesitation. We get along otherwise, so I don’t think there’s any other issue she has (although of course I could be wrong). I know I shouldn’t let it bug me – it’s a public profile after all. But it just seems odd.

    • Or perhaps she has been applying for other jobs and is checking your LinkedIn page to see if you have any connections to people at those organizations.

      • This is a possibility. She has mentioned a few times that she is not happy at our company and in general not happy in the highly specialized field we are in. I hadn’t thought of that.

    • When I first started my current job, my (much younger) colleague asked me how I got hired on at a much higher position than her. We have two totally different jobs and I have about 8 – 10 more years of experience, but she hasn’t liked me since. Long hair don’t care.

  • I’m finally going to start a weight lifting routine- anyone have any helpful resources to recommend to a newbie? I’m not looking for anything crazy, just a basic beginner guide (I’ll be using an apartment gym, not a gym-gym).

  • Rant: Left office at 5:15, didn’t get home until 7 Tuesday night because the bus didn’t show up and then I didn’t have the heart to get off and walk when it finally came and got stuck in traffic because I knew as soon as I got off it would probably blow right past me. I am walking home from now on. My office schedule not shifting my hours 15-30 minutes earlier to mitigate losing an extra 1+ hour every night is BS, in my humble opinion.
    Rave: At least I had the day off yesterday?
    Rant: I really really want to feel less grumpy and I just don’t! I want to be cheery and festive and bright instead of worrying about whether I’ll be able to finish my finals along with working, and money, and other random stuff that preoccupies my brainspace.

    • I’m sorry for your commuting woes. Yesterday was one of those odd holidays where Metro runs on a holiday schedule but a lot of us have to work, so there are fewer buses and they get packed and still have to deal with traffic. How far is the walk from work?

      • Thanks, anonamom. If it was yesterday I would have minded yet but it was Tuesday evening, and it happened last Tuesday and Thursday, too. I can’t figure out if it’s actually traffic or if a bus driver is sitting eating his dinner somewhere in the middle of rush hour (I’m suspecting the latter, given that it seems a whole bus just never shows… there’s a different driver on Friday and she’s always on time). The walk is a little over 2 miles. So not bad, but won’t be particularly pleasant on days like today.

        • Scratch that. 2.5 miles. Maybe I’ll just walk the mile to where there are more bus options.

          • I used to walk 2.5 miles to and from work at my old job. It’s actually a really great way to clear your mind so along with taking care of your commuting stresses it could help with your mood in other ways too!

          • This is a great option, walking part way to get to a more convenient/ reliable location to catch public transportation.
            But I quite like my 3 mile walk. It only takes 15-20 minutes longer than metro (due to the need to transfer at Chinatown.) And like SKT said, it clears the mind and stabilizes the mood.

          • 2-3 miles is a nice size walk, I wish mine were that short! Or that I had a bus I could take.

          • I do feel kind of guilty complaining, because I’m actually looking forward to getting some exercise and getting some air. At the same time, when I left just a few minutes earlier at my old job, it would only take me half an hour to get home. Whether busing or walking now, it’s destroyed the majority of my homework time on weekday evenings. (Then again, it was my fault for going back to school when I knew I’d have to work full-time, so I guess I made my bed and I’m lying in it.)

          • I walk over 3 miles round trip to and from work and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even on the snowy/rainy days, I think it’s the best and a huge reason I live in the city!

          • I agree with the walkers… I used to walk a lot more when I worked in the city and I really do miss it. Try sometime – I always found it a great opportunity to clear my head and a mood lifter. 2.5 miles for someone who is healthy can be done in 45 minute, so probably shorter than your bus commute and a whole lot less stressful. Even just walking to a different bus line like you said would be good.

  • Rave: Late season garden haul – picked 22 peppers (hot, mild and sweet) plus a fair number of tomatoes in various degrees of ripeness.
    Rave: Made horseradish – hot, hot, hot (just the way I like it!)
    Rant: Still coughing – it’s been over two weeks and I’m ready for happy lungs again

  • Rave: My therapist did not try to talk me out of where I currently am, emotions wise last night when I told her that I’m just done trying to date….it’s not that I am closing myself off, I’m just done. And now I begin, slowly, to figure out a path in which I can be happy without that. She didn’t spout off platitudes like many (most of) my well-meaning family and friends do, and acknowledged and met me where I was at, emotionally. It was nice. It was needed. She is amazing and I was grateful that I didn’t need to explain or justify my choices about myself at all to her.

    Rave: Nose is 98% better! Yay!

    Rave: One of my amazing friends is going with me to see a movie next week that he already saw (and found a theatre that is still showing it at a decent, not-late hour). Must be super good if he’s willing to go again!

    Rave: Looking forward to a weekend of birthday fun with friends (their birthdays, not mine) and an attempt at finding a dress for my friend’s wedding next weekend and the first of many pre-Thanksgivings.

  • Rave: Finally taking the initiative to contact tattoo shops about getting part of my side tattoo covered up while keeping the rest. Very excited to possibly have something pretty there instead of large block letters soon!
    Rant: It may be impossible to do without covering the entire thing…which is an option but it’s already quite large (covers my entire side) and I don’t know how I feel about having something even LARGER there.
    Rave: Two of the three shops I’ve contacted have been so wonderful, professional, honest, and friendly. Meeting with them both in a couple weeks.
    Rant: One shop obviously doesn’t want my money or business, based on their rude email responses and refusal to let me schedule a consultation to discuss options without knowing EXACTLY what I want first. I don’t know what will even work, I could come in with 50 ideas and none would work. Sure I’d love a watercolor tattoo coverup! Obviously that won’t work over thick black ink.

  • Rave: I saw an awesome day care facility.
    Rant: Said facility is at the top of the range of what we’d like to spend and the waiting list is a mile long. Why does securing day care in this facility feel more challenging that getting your kid into an Ivy League School?
    Rant/Rave: Busy, busy at work.

    • I am not sure where you are looking but my top day care center told me that the more interest you show the faster they move you up the list. I have put a reminder in my calendar to check in with the day care every 1-2 months until my due date.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: insurance mazes
    Rave: I can afford treatment even if insurance doesn’t cover it

    • Ugh, I’m having insurance woes today too and I *can’t* afford the medication if insurance doesn’t cover it (which is not looking good). It’s $500+ a month and I’ve been on the phone with my insurance company and doctor’s office all morning. Sigh.

      • Emmaleigh504

        It’s looking like insurance doesn’t cover it 🙁 At least it’s a one time payment. I hope your insurance covers yours!

  • Rant: I was assaulted during/after Bike Party last night. The band was playing, some people had formed a dance party in front of them, and then one energetic fellow came towards me, and I knew exactly what he had in mind. He grabbed my hand and started to try and drag me towards the impromptu dance floor. (Why do people think that’s OK?) I resisted, because I don’t dance, but he just kept pulling on my arm. I went limp and went down to the ground, so then he grabbed me around the chest from behind and kept pulling, quite fiercely. I stood up, he grabbed my hand again, so I reached over with my other hand and yanked myself free. Then I fled.

    That really pissed me off.

    • “Why do people think that’s ok?” Because it’s worked for them before. Because women are often too socialized to not give offense, to not be rude, to act happy and fun no matter what. And even when a woman resists initially, the pressure to be nice is so engrained that she gives in eventually. And so the message sent is, keep trying, she really wants it, she’s just playing hard to get. (And it doesn’t help that most of our mothers instructed us to play hard to get. Or not play, as the case may be. But to definitely not let ourselves be thought of as “easy.”)
      Kudos to you for sticking to your message. I hope he was humiliated, but I don’t blame you one bit for not sticking around to see.

  • Rave: Gary is in doggie day care today for the whole work day, something we haven’t done in as long as I can remember. I love that little guy to pieces, but the peace and quiet I have right now is a really nice change. If the weather here warms up a bit, I might even work from the rooftop, where no dogs are allowed.
    Rant: A friend of mine has a second unsuccessful IVF embryo transfer and my heart is breaking for her. She’s 36 and healthy and there’s no explanation for her fertility issues. I was there myself less than a year ago and her story is a tough but important reminder of that.
    For some people, myself included, luck can turn around very quickly. I’m saying a lot of prayers for others’ luck to turn around just as dramatically and quickly as mine did.

    • That’s sad. Do you think she’ll keep trying? I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m worried I will have trouble getting pregnant and not sure I would be able to go through tons of IVF.

      • I think she’ll probably try for another embryo transfer with frozen embryos, but it’s still a very hard and expensive road. And I hope you’re wrong about your own situation. Some of my friends who were sure they would had trouble conceiving got pregnant almost immediately and some who thought it would be easy had a tough time. The whole thing seems like a bit of a crapshoot to me, honestly.

        • Yeah, it took my sister almost a year and one of her friends well over a year. However, they both had to go off birth control and I haven’t been on birth control in almost 10 years. I seem to know a lot of people who have had trouble, multiple miscarriages and lots of attempts. Then again yeah I do know some who got pregnant right away.

  • Rave: We received our stuff yesterday and so far it’s all in good shape. So relieved that we only had to live without our stuff (mostly bed haha) for 3 days! I heard so many horror stories about long distance moves and was extra worried since ours involved customs.
    Rant: I think I’m sick.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: I make the best damn chicken soup in the world. 🙂

    • Do you have a method you would be willing to share? I’ve been making a LOT of chicken soup over the last few months. I’ve been happy with the results but could always stand to mix things up or find a new way to do things.

      • Emmaleigh504

        This last batch I started with a blonde roux (too lazy for a darker roux). Then I sweat carrots, bell pepper, celery and garlic. Dump in some broth or water and simmer with a couple of bay leaves. Simmer for a while. Add some leftover veg (I had peas, corn, and green beans), cooked (baked) chicken (usually thighs), and clam juice. simmer a bit longer and enjoy!
        This last batch was pretty tame. Usually I add some herbs (herbs de provance or whatever mix I feel like) & cayenne pepper. And sometimes I add canned red beans for health. And sometimes I add crushed tomatoes for color and flavor. This recipe can also be used with other meats. I do basically the same thing with beef and add cabbage to it. Give me a pot and some ingredients and I will make something yummy!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I don’t always use a roux, but I always start by sweating carrots, bell pepper, celery, and garlic.

        • Ooh, it sounds like you make a -creamy- chicken soup! That never would have occurred to me to do at home. And I want soup at your house 🙂

        • Also, you’re making me want to make another batch of chicken soup. You’re making me want to try all kinds of new add-ins, but especially a roux. Creamy chicken soup!

        • I would honestly never have thought to make a chicken soup base with a roux! Although that’s how I start my pot pie base when I make turkey or chicken pot pie. I’m going to have to try that!

  • Revel: Think I’m falling in love.
    Rant: I don’t want to do or think about anything else. Get it together bizzinger.

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