The Cool Kids Don’t Like Me Until Their Dog Runs Away

A reader spots in Bloomingdale

Or their bike is stolen. Or they heard gunshots that MPD won’t confirm. Or their friend/relative is missing. Or they need the District to do something. Or they got a new menu. Or they’re opening a new bar. Or they have an event to promote. Or so many things. But it’s OK. It’s amazing what age does to you. 10 years ago I’d probably be looking to kick some teeth in. But today I’m so happy with my life and feel truly blessed. I also have never been happier with PoPville and the community that makes it so great. It continues to grow, evolve and attract so many good, knowledgeable and supportive people. I love it.

So I look at this photo and am reminded of one of the greatest weddings I’ve ever attended. And I smile. So thank you for that. As for the cool kids, fear not, I’ll still help you find your dog when the time comes.


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  • This is just sad. What kind of person sees a local blog and decides “I don’t like the way they cover things, so I’m going to anonymously launch personal attacks against the founder”?

  • Ugh, it’s too bad they turned it black and white…even your suit is on point!!

  • Well played PoP. This post is what winning looks like.

  • What’s douchy is defacing a stop sign.

    • Agreed.
      Plus — OK, so someone thinks PoP is a douche. That’s their prerogative. But going to the effort of making signs to declare their feelings on the subject?? Come on.

      • justinbc

        Or getting upset that he moved out of your neighborhood. Or posts a lot about Chik-Fil-A. Or that the site has to have ads to pay for the bandwidth. The easiest solution for all of this is DON’T F’ING READ IT. People’s inability to turn away from that which is so easily avoidable is one of our most tragic flaws as a species.

      • Blithe

        Yup. Someone needs to get a more interesting hobby, and possibly a much more interesting life. Anonymous personal attacks — are pretty twisted.
        . My first thought though, was “Why is somebody concerned about that guy who was on that show that I never watched a long time ago?” So one more vote for: Luke Perry?

  • Bloomingdale loves you!

  • binpetworth

    And here I was studying that photo, trying to figure out what Hollywood actor that was 🙂
    Good attitude, Prince; this notoriously uncool kid still likes ya!

    • emvee

      I had the same thought! Looking good, PoP! I read the sign more as your pointing at the true douche of the city as he/she posts their flyers.

    • i thought it was luke perry. i was very confused.

    • I too was confused until I scrolled down and saw the color version. Before that, I was thinking: “Huh? Is that Kevin Costner?”

    • My first thought, was, “Sure, who DOESN’T dislike Kevin Costner?”
      I’d be flattered if someone thought enough of me to: Photoshop an old photo, crop the photo, order stickers from Amazon, order printer ink, spend the time to print the photo, reprint it because it printed on the wrong side, research the best stop sign, set the alarm for 3:00am, dress in a tactical turtle neck, go out and ninja spank the sticker on said sign.
      Seeing how you posted it anyhow, they probably could have gotten you to save them the trouble and just post it here in the first place.

    • +1! Perhaps Nasty’s Neighbor is seeking revenge for having the tables abruptly turned?

      • I thought the same thing! #ImwithNasty

        • Nasty was not so smart though. By answering the OP, she made clear that there’s a crazy coop neighbor to deal with if you buy her place – the OP. I looked up the place – there was enough info from the OP to find it – it looks nice. But buyers were forewarned by the OP. Nasty should have though about her potential sale before resounding to OP on an anonymous blog. She set the record straight, but hopefully not at cost to her. Coops are hard enough to sell in this town.

          • Wouldn’t people have been able to figure out which building it was just from the information OP provided, though? I don’t see that Nasty’s entrance into the fray made a difference on that count.
            Since the thread is no longer around, the only people who know the details were those who happened to be following it yesterday afternoon. And while the Venn diagram of “potential buyers” and “PoPville afternoon readers” might show a little bit of overlap, I suspect it’s only a little bit.

    • hammers

      haha yeah way to show them– make a sticker with the most flattering picture possible.

    • I thought it was Luke Perry and was curious about why anyone would care about him.

  • Your OK in my book. Douche or no douche, you provide a needed service.

  • DCist graffiti? Just kidding. Glad you’re in a good place. Gratitude is life-sustaining!

  • good grief this is pathetic.
    thanks for all you do Dan, we appreciate you!

  • The only douche is the person that put this sign up. I’m with textdoc – you don’t like something, fine…you go through enough effort to do this – get a life! Glad all is well and thank you for all that you do to keep things going on this site!

  • hammers

    I like you just fine. But now I have Shake it Off in my head.

  • Oh wow, that’s terrible. Regardless of what you think of this blog, Dan’s a stand-up guy! Not to mention vandalizing a stop sign is definitely not good.

  • Ha! You should feel proud. You’re famous enough for someone to take the time to make a sticker about you.

  • Dickbag(s). Also, I thought that was a picture of Peter Sarsgaard at first.

  • Trolling ain’t as easy as it used to be. That’s all I see this as.

  • That One Guy

    This is some type of gorilla style marketing tactic, right? Brilliant.

  • justinbc

    PoP sightings are the best!
    I know I get on a lot of people’s nerves, and for a period it seemed like nothing I ever posted wasn’t met without some animosity, regardless which side I took, but PoP has always been cool to me and respected our differences of opinions on things with proper E-tiquette, even when I’m purposely flaming people who so easily invite it. When they resort to ad hominem garbage like this you know you’ve already won.

  • Good on ya for not taking it personally. From what I’ve seen elsewhere, people mostly get their knickers in a bunch over the commentariat here, not you personally, Dan. It’s still very silly for people to get upset over us commenters, especially given that compared to other parts of the internet, the folks that post here are generally good people. In any case, thanks for providing a hugely helpful community service, in all the ways you listed and then some.

    • Don’t forget – all publicity is good publicity!

    • Agreed! I will not name the site, but there’s one that I used to read A LOT and then it wasn’t as interesting to me. I started going back here and there a couple years ago and it never failed: someone (sometimes multiple people) always call out the PoPville commenters. “Oh my, I bet they’re over there losing it over this on PoPville.” Then the whole thread becomes dedicated to PoPville commenters. Okay? I learn so much from this site…from handyman recommendations, DCRA insight, events, etc.

      • I have a feeling I know which site you’re talking about. I used to read it regularly, but stopped because the comments are nothing but people trying to one up each other on witty jokes and esoteric gifs. I still get their digest and occasionally click on an interesting topic, but the comments add absolutely nothing, which on a community blog almost defeats the purpose. I like that when PoP posts something, you get some actual conversation and insight from the commentariat.

      • Well also, it’s the same five people commenting over and over and over…

  • MVT

    Thanks for all your hard work Dan!

  • I am truly curious why someone would do this or have animus towards this blog or Dan. Seriously, if you posted this, please explain. I have been a daily ready for years, and this is one of the most civil places on the Web. Whenever Dan comments on something it is always polite. I have sent in photos – my dog, pop-ups – and they are always met with kind, friendly responses. It’s nice to see that Dan can joke about this, but I don’t get it.

    • I think I know who wheat-pasted that picture, and I surmise PoP does as well (or at least has a pretty good idea).
      If it helps, I don’t think they are protesting Dan per se, more so the greater gentrifying community that uses this site as a soundboard for their various problems. Compared to the sizeable community of poor, struggling residents who by-in-large seem to be getting left behind amidst this enormous economic boom, many problems discussed here may seem relatively trivial to those without.
      I don’t agree with their delivery (as it seems clear to me that their point is lost on most), but I don’t think it’s fair to ignore their point all together.

      • With that said, these folks aren’t doing their message many favors, however noble that may be. “Everyone’s stupid and I hate the world” isn’t any more productive than the commentariat spending their time discussing yuppie minutiae instead of (whatever).

        • “With that said, these folks aren’t doing their message many favors” — Especially since many people thought the photo was of Kevin Costner or Luke Perry. 😉
          The point of a sign, bumper sticker, etc. is that it’s supposed to convey a message. If people who see this sign (sticker?) think the message being conveyed here is “Kevin Costner is a douche,” then I’d call that a FAIL.

      • If the idea is to protest gentrification, calling Dan a douche isn’t making that point. First, very few people actually know what Dan looks like unless they’ve met him or read about him. I’ve both met him and read about him and wouldn’t have been able to guess this was him at first glance. Second, I think anyone who reads PoPville on any kind of regular basis knows that it’s totally wrong to call this a pro-gentrification site. Some of the readers may be “gentifiers,” but my sense is that those of us who are aren’t exactly claiming that title proudly or wishing it to cause problems for others.

  • That One Guy

    If there’s ever a PoPville treasure hunt remember to add this to the list of places/things to find. It’d be funny if there were a bunch of these littering the city to actually make it into a game of sorts.

  • If I want to read the news of the city, I check PoPville. It covers stories of local life that you don’t see anywhere else. To learn what’s happening in your neighborhood, you check PoPville. That’s why it’s become an intrinsic part of DC life – and the subject of some jealous hatin’.

    • And with other friends and neighbors doing the same thing, it kinda starts to build a little “community.” Agreed: PoPVille is the best blog by or about DC, along with Greater Greater Washington. Both are required reading for Washingtonians. (And no pages and pages of ads for plastic surgery!)

  • And here I am still unforgiving — sold out and moved away from Petworth. Come on man, what’s with that? I guess Bloomingdale is mad too that you moved west of the Park? Traitor! 😉

  • I think I saw one of these on a lightpole at the G8 stop on the north side of First and Rhode Island. I don’t think it ever would have occurred to me that it’s a picture of you.

    Either way, you have to be some very special kind of asshole to get these stickers made and posted around the neighborhood. I suspect the culprit is the sort of person one intentionally excludes.

  • Before reading the story, I thought someone was just having fun with the picture and name (as in, I didn’t see it as malicious). This is the best blog in the city, so f*ck ’em if they don’t like you…but my gut reaction was this was actually just a sweet super-sarcastic homage to Dan, not meant as an insult.

  • I love how you are OWNING this. Precisely why you are cool. Also the Duke of Douche is so very catchy…. someone really thought hard about that one.

  • Egad

    Way to stay classy, Dan.
    You can take the Prince out of Petworth, but you can’t take the Petworth out of the Prince.

  • Emmaleigh504

    The cook kids have too much time on their hands.

  • Throwing another log into the bonfire of support for Dan. You’re still a Prince!

  • Aglets

    It’s easier to hate then be kind.

    Ok, not really. But it seems like it doesn’t it?

    Also, I feel the same way… no longer a cool kid unless someone needs to know who to talk to/where to find/how to organize….

    It just means you’re doing something right, Dan.

  • I had no idea the prince was a hottie. Another reason to keep reading.

  • Wow… But in more important news, who knew PoP was so cute?!

  • the duke of douche is the person vandalizing my neighborhood with these stickers. Keep at it Dan and ignore this fool.

  • Thanks for what you do and for covering everything interesting happening in DC, before anyone else ever does.

  • I’m 90% sure those stickers are made by the band Jack on Fire, who recently dropped a PoP diss track called “Gotta Get That Silver, Man”

      • Yeah, and now that I think about it, there’s a sticker on a trash can at the G8 stop outside Showtime (above, I mentioned seeing a Duke of Douche sticker on a nearby streelight) that says “Mommy, what’s a slam piece?”, which I assume is tied with their song “Slam Piece.”

    • Well, that was 2 minutes and 31 seconds I will never get back. That song managed to be ill-informed, seemingly anti-semitic, and totally boring. Shame on me for even listening. And +1 to all of the people who backed Dan up here. Dan is clearly WAY cooler than the people behind this.

      • I’d say it’s a lot more than seemingly anti-semitic. There are some really f’d up lyrics in that song. I wonder if they understand the nazi reference to “new order.”

  • PoPville has been a huge help to me trying to get the hang of living down here (from Boston originally)!! Without your posts I’d have been pretty pretty out of the loop and I sure I’m not alone on that one.

  • Congratulations! You’re officially famous.

  • I’ve always had the biggest crush on Dan.

  • Those are awesome because you are the exact opposite of a douche.

    The douche(s) putting those up apparently don’t realize that they just made everyone like you more.

    • I guess i’m used to different internet circles because i would have thought a reactionary ringleader like Silverman would be happy to have this type of attention (a la Limbaugh) but i guess plenty of people with the toxic worldview this blog promotes think of themselves as normal.

  • I have read this site for years and have never commented, but feel compelled to do so now. This site has been the easiest source of information – from police activity in my neighborhood to a new restaurant opening a few blocks away. I have no idea where I would have found so many helpful insights in one place (from the postings AND the comments) without it. Your site has definitely made my transition to a new neighborhood much easier. Thank you!

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