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  • justinbc

    We noticed this during H Street Festival this year. There was a pretty cool art space inside too.

  • Shame that they painted over the MLK mural. The new look is cool, but I wish they’d found a way to incorporate the pre-existing art as well.

  • The previous MLK mural had been scratched up and was fading pretty bad. Plus there was a lot of other graffiti on that rollup gate, including on MLK himself. A few weeks after this mural was painted, some dbag sprayed graffiti tags (something about Ameri’k’a oppressing people) all over the new piece. Luckily someone came by and cleaned it up.

  • Why is this building still sitting vacant? Unless there is an Art pop-up it’s always shuttered. They are sitting on PRIME spot.

    • And why are they not paying the vacant tax rate?
      Address: 0700 H ST NE
      SSL: 0889 0012
      Tax Type: TX – Taxable
      Tax Class: 002 – Commercial

  • The building is a ground lease. I think it has less than 20 years left.

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