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  • Is adjective + animal the new trend in hipster nomenclature, or is it just one that I missed? Fainting Goat, Handsome “Cock”, Dirty Goose…

  • Urban Dictionary “dirty goose”. Maybe it is what they are going for. Maybe not….

  • Another gay bar for straight girls to invade and takeover and complain about how they’re not getting served first or why people are getting upset with them when they shove their way through a crowd of people!

  • Ashy Oldlady

    Yikes. They’re trying way too hard. It’s like they want to be the Bennigan’s of gay bars.

    • How are they trying too hard? There’s hardly any information at all. I think a new gay bar could be great–shake up the Nellie’s-to-Town Saturday night pipeline for this neighborhood.

  • Yes! Glad there’s a new gay bar moving into the area.

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