Check Out Homestead coming to Petworth next to Qualia Coffee

3911 Georgia Ave, NW

I’ve been getting a lot of emails/tweets asking about the building next go Qualia coffee on Georgia Ave. This is Homestead from the owners of the Blaguard. Updates will continue as we get closer to an opening date.


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  • I’m surprised how far that place as come. I walk by everyday and see that dude laying bricks in the front at a rate of about 0.5/hr.

    • Agreed. This place has moved at such a slow pace. I’m very excited for it to open someday, though!

    • Thanks for the laugh with the 0.5/hr
      Agree this couldn’t move more slowly. I remember last year the Qualia staff talking about their “swimming pool” next door – the huge dig out in the back that remained untouched for several months and flooded.

    • Went by here today and somebody somewhere has clearly flipped a switch. The dude laying brick at a snails pace is gone and there are about 30 people furiously working on all floors.
      On a related note, what’s the deal with the place at 4009 Georgia? The facade has looked recently redone for a while but there’s nothing there. Now all the sudden there’s a hideous cinder block build out on both party walls of about 8 feet. What’s going in? It looks horrifying.

  • It looks good!

  • This is really so so promising. Will be great to get more activity on Georgia.

  • This was supposed to open two years ago I think. I talked to the guy who designed it probably a year ago and the city basically told them they couldn’t do what they’d been approved to do in the first place so they had to sort of start over. At any rate if what he told me about it is true this place is going to be HUGE! I mean in a sq. ft. way but hopefully in a social way too. I think it’s going to be three floors and have a huge open air deck out back. Very excited to see this finish though I do agree it could not be moving more slowly.

  • It appears as if all of the decking extends far beyond the facades of the neighboring buildings. Is it so in real life?

    • No, not really. I was at Qualia the other day and I don’t think the second floor balcony goes even to the edge of Qualia’s porch.
      Also, there’s a storefront to the right where the ground floor comes right up to the sidewalk. So it definitely doesn’t feel out of place.

  • I believe this place was originally going to be a beer garden. Is that still the plan?

  • Not keen on the railings for the balconies — seems like they could’ve chosen something more attractive — but I hope this place opens before 2020. At the rate it’s going, the streetcar might actually be up and running first.

    • Yeah, I’m hoping that maybe the wood plank railings are temporary? because otherwise it really obscures the view of the building, which is quite charming. (or will be, someday!)

      • I like the vertical railings. I think they update the building without being too inconsistent with it. I also think they look better from more than 5 feet away.

      • Given the amount of thought that presumably went into the placement (notice the wide, narrow, wide pattern), I highly doubt this was intended to be temporary. I personally don’t mind it as is.

    • Agree – stainless cable railings would have worked well here.

  • Should have waited for this update until tomorrow, because then it would have been exactly three years from the first time this restaurant was mentioned. Seriously, it was originally going to be in construction Spring 2013 and open in Fall of 2013. How do entrepreneurs handle this kind of delay without going under?

    • Basically you assume the delays will be that long, because in a city like DC that’s what happens if you’re a good person trying to open a popular business. Getting permits is only easy if you own a hideous funeral home or want to avoid paying extra taxes on your blighted property.

    • The permitting process in this city is incredibly onerous. It is almost as though the city has decided that it does not want small businesses to open. Starbucks, Chipotle, and 7-11 can, of course, afford to sit on their leases for the year or two that it often takes for businesses to get their permits in order. But the small business owner gets crushed by these delays.

  • Dear Mr Blaguard owner: PLEASE bring your wings, wing specials, and drink prices with you to the Homestead! The place is looking great

  • Suh-weeeeeet! Glad to see someone putting in the time and effort to bring a nice addition to the neighborhood. I think the building looks fantastic. So many potential buildings like this along Georgia Ave Ina prime location that would make cool retail space. Check out Eats Place too. They did an excellent job as well.

  • I spent Monday morning at Qualia and the sawdust from the construction was blowing everywhere in the coffee shop. The building folks seriously need to use a shop vac when sawing along with some common courtesy to keep the dust down.

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