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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • I have my administrative heading with DC water at 11:00. Any last minute advice?
    Revel/rant: got some advice from the Cleveland Park listserv that would be useful if it weren’t too late to act on.
    Rant: didn’t realize until too late that the hearing was on the 2nd day of Rosh Hashana. I’d rather be in services.
    Revel: heard the best shofar blowing of my life yesterday
    ?:I don’t consider myself to be particularly religious but I’m realizing as I get older, I’m enjoying synagogue more and more.

    • Was it DC Water that I heard about on the news a couple weeks ago that realized they were WAY overcharging a small percentage of their customers? Did that include you? I lost the thread when I went away this summer.
      Good luck!

      • I haven’t seen them on the news but I got a bill for $880 when it’s normally between $65-75/month

        • Ah, nevermind — I was wrong! I thought it was some issue that had already happened but apparently it was a new fee that they decided to reduce before it went into effect. And it wasn’t hundreds of dollars :[ I was hoping I’d have some good news for you there!

    • I feel the same way about synagogue. We took my daughter to services at Temple Micah yesterday, and I’m realizing I’d like to get more involved and have it be a part of her life too.
      Shana tovah!

      • We currently go out to Fairfax Station for services since that’s where I’ve been a member for 13 years. But we keep thinking about switching because of eventual religious school logistics. What do you think of Temple Micah? Do you like the Rabbi(s)?

      • Shana tova! I’m sure with your love for going to synagogue your daughter will be happy to have it in her life too! I remember my dad dropping me off at Hebrew school and hating it, but I think it had a lot to do with the disconnect between observance in the home and at shul.

    • I feel the same way the last few years about synagogue (and had a very positive experience as a “walk-in” to Temple Micah services a few years ago. ) I am temporarily away in a location without any organized Jewish community and though it may sound odd have started going to church from time to time instead. It’s not the same but it provides some structured experience and sense of religious community in the absence of synagogue.

  • Revel: The weather this week. I love the return of Fall, and it is simply glorious out there.

    Rant: When DC government sends you a notice that they’ll be replacing the sidewalks on your street, but will give 72 hours notice before the work begins, then you awake to the sound of a jackhammer and realize that, instead of any notice, the “No Parking” signs went up just that morning. Good thing I moved my car before any towing started.

  • Rave: Happened to stumble across a bunch of the PoPulace on Instagram last night. You were all probably like “Who’s this random person following me?” That was me. Meep.
    Rant: Ate cucumbers last night. Assuming I’m not going to die.
    Rave: Enjoying my new apartment even though it takes me almost double the amount of time to get home from school at night.
    Rant: Quarter life crisis approaching. Deadlines coming up to apply for capstone project to graduate and for PMF. Lots of decisions to be made, when really most days I want to run away back to California and just work at a brewery or something. To paraphrase No Doubt, all I want is a simple kind of life.

    • I went through this at 25 – almost quit my job and became a roadie for a show one of my friends was producing and directing. (My 6 figures of student debt stopped me.) Nearly 20 years later, I’m glad I didn’t, and it sounds like you don’t really want to either (although I don’t know what PMF is).

      • Presidential Management Fellows. I wouldn’t mind the field that I’m in, I’ve just been having doubts about working for the feds after being at a couple different offices where people work way later than I’m willing to and are on call basically 24/7. But it seems like a lot of the private sector is the same way these days.

        • It depends on the agency/office. My office is strict about overtime and you can’t even access your email at home without a pre-approved telework schedule. (And I wouldn’t have it any other way.)

          • My section is the same way. You can only work outside your preapproved hours if you have an authorized overtime agreement, and you can only work from home if you have a telework agreement. No coming in early, no staying late, no checking email at home.

          • I’m so jealous of you guys. My very first office in my current agency was like that, but they were very administrative and didn’t have much opportunity for promotion potential. Then again, the job wasn’t bad and the hours were perfect and the people were great! Maybe I should re-consider going back.

          • Quotia Zelda

            It definitely depends. In my division, we work really hard at the office, but there’s no expectation that we will work in the evenings or on weekends, barring a rare emergency (I think Emily keeps track ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). And we are always reminded that we earn comp time for hours over 40. My director, whatever his flaws as a manager, is very big on work/life balance.
            Other divisions at my agency are similar, but I know of at least one division where work bleeds much more into non-work hours. I think the world of that that division’s director, and he’s a great boss in many ways, but that kind of bleed is a huge downside to me.

          • Quotia Zelda, this helps to put some perspective on things. My office (and possibly others in my agency/bureau) are definitely on the extreme — when I arrived last year they told me they were giving me a Blackberry so I could keep up on my email on nights I had class, which I told them didn’t make sense, since I’d be in class. I also overheard some of the supervisors complaining that people in another office didn’t keep their blackberries on after 9pm -_-

          • Emmaleigh504

            3 Humanities emergencies and they only happen when family visits hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

        • I like to think these mini-crises help build character ๐Ÿ™‚
          I agree with Anonymous that it really depends on the agency and even the position within the agency. At my current agency, there are folks who have very regular 40 hr/wk schedules and others like my boss who are always working (*she said the only time she hasn’t worked after going home at night was when they were forced to not work during the last government shutdown…) Nonetheless, I think with the right group and by making your boundaries clear from the get go, you can certainly find a job where work doesn’t consume your entire life. And if all else fails, there’s always California…

        • I agree with the other comments that it really depends on the agency or office. I occasionally have periods where I stay late or work from home, but in general a big reason I’m getting more stubborn about staying in the government is because I highly value my time outside the office (and vacation time). Most people in the private sector I know work far more than I do, with far less flexibility, though again that really depends on the company or even specific office/team.
          I’d apply for the PMF program. That said, I’d also apply to any job that looks interesting and see where it goes. You can always change your mind a year (or more) down the line, but won’t even have the option if you don’t go for it. Not sure if that’s helpful, but it was useful for me when I was freaking out about my career and the future to know that there’s few decisions I could make that would be truly permanent. Took the pressure off.

    • I’m a PMF. (Presidential Management Fellows). Good luck with the application. The multiple choice portion takes a long time but is fairly common sense, and if they haven’t changed it the essays are short. The worst part is that the whole process involves a lot of waiting and opportunity for quarterlife crisis pondering in the mean time!

      • Thank you! Yes, I’m a little concerned about the potential waiting time to secure a position, even if I make it all the way through. I really need to have a job lined up right when I graduate next summer. But it may be smart to go through the application process even if I’m not fully decided yet.

    • Best of luck getting selected for PMF! The two who have come to our office in recent years have been absolute top notch. Both went on to compete successfully for permanent positions.

    • I’m a former PMF (class of ’09). While it got my foot in the fed door (which you’ve already done), it also has helped me get a handful of job interviews and indirectly led to my new job in San Francisco. And I say that as someone who does hardly any networking.

      Good luck! I don’t know what the process is like now, but back when I applied it was a no brainer since it required minimal time to apply. I thought I had no chance in hell in becoming a finalist (only the top students in my grad school seemed to become PMFs and I was far from that), but it happened!

  • Rant: Patience is a virtue I lack at times.
    Rant: When someone says I’d love to meet, you ask about availability, they read the message but don’t respond. Is that apart of that game of not wanting too eager?
    Rave: Football!
    Rave: Shorter hours means time for fun.

    • Re your second rant, everyone is different but I’d personally take that as them not knowing their availability yet.

      • That could be the case, but why not keep chatting and say you’re not sure? Maybe I’m too pragmatic and logical for online dating. LOL

        • Haha! No, I’d do the same thing. I guess I assume other people are generally semi-aloof.

        • The person might be one of those annoying people who doesn’t like to make firm plans (often because he/she is hoping that something better will turn up).

          • I keep backup plans in case things fall through. Nothing definitively planned but most nights I could find an alternative fun activity. I guess if your schedule is totally open it could work, but it just seems silly to me to grass is greener everything.

          • Those people are the bane of my existence, e.g., my ex.

          • Jen Jen, same here. For some people the grass is always greener… like, every 2-3 months. Ugh.

        • I try not to comment on your dating posts because it’s clear we have very different styles and tastes, but “I’m too pragmatic and logical for online dating” comes off extremely elitist and passive aggressive. I imagine that you thinking you have the most pragmatic and logical approach in the room (so to speak) can only turn these women off. People have different approaches that work for them; clearly yours is not working for you. Take a chill pill.
          Sometimes I read a message (especially re: scheduling) and want to think through my response, so it takes a little while. Perhaps by thinking you’re the most logical in every conversation, you’re being too aggressive and driving women (who would otherwise like to go out) away. Just my two cents.

          • In internet speak, LOL generally indicates a joke or sarcasm. Friday’s laugh immediately after should have made that more obvious. This is to say it was a JOKE!
            Now, I only wonder if you read and comprehend as poorly in your dating life.

          • Emmaleigh504

            mean, Anon Spock. You always talk about how pragmatic you are with or with out the lol. And pragmatic is not always a good thing.

          • Emmaleigh504

            to clarify: I think AJSE is spot on.

          • And you needed to respond with snippy comment? Are you this unpleasant in real life? Oh, lol

          • +1 to Emilie, AJSE and Anons.

          • Comment meant forr anonn spock, not aj

          • Since I do it all the time, why not speak up sooner? When you pick out the 1 time I’m clearly joking, it appears you missed the joke.
            I’ll work on being less logical & pragmatic though. When she says I’d love to meet I won’t inquire about her schedule; I’ll ask her favorite color instead. LOL (that’s sarcasm)

          • You guys/gals make the day go much faster. Thanks for that.

          • “Since I do it all the time, why not speak up sooner? ” Because whenever anyone challenges you, even on a minor point, you launch into full attack mode and don’t let it go until the other person lets up or says uncle. It’s really unpleasant to be part of it, much less observe it as a third party. And I fully expect you to do it again right now.

          • Lol ok Thanks Shawess

          • You asked ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Well that went from 0 to 100 real quick.

          • All I can do is lol because it makes no sense to me why someone would continue to comment on posts with the expectation that things will get “really unpleasant”.
            I think the lady doth protest too much, but I’m happy to keep you entertained all the way in DC.

          • Friday girl, I was due for a tongue lashing. I had too many raves lately.

          • This response are exactly what I was referring to.
            It’s much easier to “lol” than to consider not jumping on others’ critical comments. Or blame other people for having their own opinions which differ from yours, as you just did with me. It would be really nice if instead you could try to take a step back from those things and maybe live and let live a bit more. Or just let it go.
            I think the “0 to 100” response that Friday Girl noted is absolutely right, and it’s because this is pent up over many months of posts. I know I’m not even slightly alone in thinking this. The fact that three people stepped up within minutes to say the same thing is pretty telling, in my opinion.

          • I agree with AJSE.
            And I agree with Shawess.
            “All I can do is lol because it makes no sense to me why someone would continue to comment on posts with the expectation that things will get โ€œreally unpleasantโ€.”
            People comment to offer their opinions. This is a conversation. I get that you want to vent, but once people start discussing it, they will share their experiences and points of view. This comment, coming from you, doesn’t surprise me at all, because you do seem to write off other people’s opinions when all they want to do is offer them up so you can consider the other side.
            Some people do that even when it is or will be unpleasant because they feel it’s important to see multiple sides of an issue. I don’t usually comment on your posts because yeah, it can get annoying. But I feel like it this time because I’m foolishly hoping you’ll see the benefit in other people’s opinions and experiences. Right now your posts read as “why would someone do that? Oh, yeah no, I don’t think they would do it for any of these reasons, so I guess there’s no answer.”

          • So expressing confusion about your contradictory actions is “full out attack mode”? Now I’m more confused, but some things just aren’t for me to understand. No matter. I hope you can let this go soon. Best wishes.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Whoa. I go do some work and look what happened.
            Anon Spok, Jokes are hard to read on the internet, even if you say lol, so I think your answer to AJSE was unnecessarily mean.
            I don’t want to pile on either. I just think maybe look what AJSE (quit with letters ppl! It confuses me!) and see if you can better yourself or not. I maybe projecting, so feel free to ignore as I know you will.
            lastly, it’s not always an attack when someone disagrees with your or points out a flaw. Your pragmatic side (or your lawyering) make you argumentative, but not everything needs to be debated. It can be exhausting reading your threads.
            On the other hand, I hope you dating goes better!

          • I hope yours does too…after lent of course.

          • I’m a little late to this parade, but I agree with Emilie, AJSE, Jeslett, Shawess, etc, particularly with respect to the tendency towards argumentative/combative responses.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Anon Spock, Lent may last a few more years ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Emilie’s right. This type of back and forth is totally exhausting. I generally do let it go — way more than you realize because I’m just not saying anything even though I’m thinking that your comments are unnecessarily argumentative and bordering on bullying at times. Frequently, even. But sometimes these things just need to be said.

          • I agree with mprresident who agreed with AJSE etc
            Although their comments will land on deaf ears

          • “But sometimes these things just need to be said.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

          • I think the key word in my sentence was *sometimes*, Anon Spock. Not all day, every day. Deaf ears indeed, AE.

          • Blind eyes are probably more appropriate.

            I’ll continue to post & comment how I see fit, you’ll all do the same, and our lives will go on. No post here will affect the latter at least.

          • I’m late to this discussion, but I agree with AJSE, Emilie, Jeslett, fka Shawess, and mtpresident. Mtpresident articulated it well — “the tendency towards argumentative/combative responses.”

          • I suspect “No post here will affect the latter at least” = “Lalalala, I’m not listening.”

      • Either they don’t want you to mistake them for eager beaver, you’ve sent them into a state of temporary shock, or what FridayGirl said

        • Temporary shock? That’s the best explanation ever. A lot of ppl online aren’t actually looking to meet, so I’m sure someone actually trying to make it happen could be startling.
          We’ll see what comes of it this week.

          • I don’t understand this. Then why go online at all?

          • Because someone pressured them into making the profile or they want a pen pal. Maybe my experience has been particularly bad, but I’ve been contacted by people all across the country who’ve never been here and have no plans to be who are then pissed that I don’t want to chat. Sad and confusing.

          • Emmaleigh504

            or the sexting. all the men I know want to sext. no thankyou.

          • @AnonSpock: The people who write you despite living across the country (or even out of the country) are so odd. Why not contact someone they might actually have a chance of meeting?

          • @blahx3 Because they don’t want to meet just chat. Maybe it makes them feel better about it since they know meeting is impossible if I’m across the country.

          • @AnonSpock & Blahblahblah — I’ve had several men from Algeria message me, who I promptly block. I’ve taken to the DC mentality that everyone is a spy. Also, I don’t want to talk to them anyway! So it’s not just you that happens to, AnonSpock.

    • Emmaleigh504

      my 2 cents on suggestions to meet up: I prefer to meet in person quickly, but sometimes if someone is too much of an eager-beaver to meet it’s unnerving. But good manners dictate that one should at the very least say, “I’ll get back to you when I check my schedule” or “I’m not interested in meeting just yet.” As Jeslett would say, “Use your words!”
      Good luck in future dates!

      • Never had a woman try to sext.
        I’m happy to take it at a fast or slower pace; although I’m not likely to wait 2 weeks to meet someone who lives here. Like you said, use your words. I don’t get that impression though because it would seem continuing to talk is the easiest way to raise a comfort level if that was the issue.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Sometimes I just need a day of no contact to calm down, or whatever, but I generally give a reason.

          • Well I’ll just hope it’s not that because if we both express an interest in meeting, then I ask about your schedule generally (not can you meet tomorrow) & that overwhelms you, then you’re not going to want to date me. ๐Ÿ™‚
            I’m a type a, carpe diem kind of woman

          • Emmaleigh504

            Sometimes it’s a good overwhelming (for me)! Excitement to meet someone I like. I just need to chill a bit. There are so many reasons for a pause. But they should all be explained with a “let me check my schedule” or something. Dating is hard, that’s why I gave it up for Lent.

          • A little communication goes a long way. Until then, I’ll wait and report back once I figure out which of the many possibilities is the correct one.

    • so excited football is back!

    • There are 101 reasons I read but don’t immediately respond to messages — need to check my calendar, need to finalize the schedule for something else before fitting in things around it, I’m in the middle of doing something that makes it hard/rude to stop and type a response, a great song came on that I want to listen to, the list goes on.
      Even after a lot of annoying and deceitful online dating experiences, I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt until it is obvious and unambiguous that they’re not honest actors. In the long run it’s a lot less crazy making than trying to read the subtext of every little action or non-action (most of which have no subtext).

      • Lucky for me I don’t make myself crazy analyzing every little action or no action. I pondered on 1 issue I’ve encountered several times with each time never making it to meeting.
        I’m sorry things have been so annoying and deceitful for you.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Migraine.
    Rant: Out of Maxalt.
    No raves possible with this confluence of events.

  • Rave: Had a really fun weekend out of town. Friend going through a rough divorce said she feels a million times better after the weekend, which is what we were going for.
    Rant: We’re idiots and left the front door unlocked all weekend while we were away. We left through the back and bf thought I checked, I thought he checked.
    Rave: Nothing bad happened…
    Rave: Going up to NYC for the first time in over a year next week. It’s for work, but it’ll still be a fun time and hopefully I’ll have some time to catch up with friends.

    • I thought Rant #1 was going to be followed by a horrible Rant #2. Glad to hear that nothing happened!

      • Seconded! I was getting really really worried about what was coming next!

        • My MIL forgets to lock her door sometimes and often extolls that as evidence that her neighborhood is really safe. But I don’t think people normally go from house to house checking to see if doors are unlocked.

          • Actually I’ve heard that they do!

          • Rephrase: I mean, I’m sure this is not the first strategy for breaking in, but I’ve heard that it’s happened. (I remember someone, I think it was on here, left her front door unlocked while they were in the backyard and something happened… Unless my memory is failing me.)

  • Rant: BUS. Took a new job over the summer that isn’t very Metro accessible, but the bus runs straight from my house almost directly to work, 15 min. Had never taken the bus before but took it almost every day over the summer and it was great. I usually got a seat even. No more Metro! In the past two weeks, the bus is so packed by the time it gets to my house (not even 1/2way through the route) that it keeps flying by and just NOT picking me up. And the next one is in 40 min. So I’ve been late to work several times because the Metro route includes 2 long walks and switching lines and I would have to leave a lot earlier than the bus.

    Is this normal? ugh. Thought I finally found a reliable way to work, but I guess it was just due to summer being less busy. Also wondering what happens to the people at my bus stop in wheelchairs/walkers who don’t get picked up half the time now but can’t walk to a Metro stop 20 min away…

    • Which bus line is it? Some are more reliable than others.

        • I assume you’re getting on around h st. Where are you headed? I’ve worked near the d4 route for a while, so maybe I can suggest an alternate option to save you some time.

          • Start at my house on 10th and K st NE. Work right at Franklin Sq which is the last stop. It’s a nice straight shot, when they stop.

          • Walk over to h st. You could take the x9 to metro center & transfer to the train or walk from there. Either that or the x2 can get you to the 80 bus which stops at Franklin square. Bus to bus transfers are free for 2 hrs.
            X3 on Florida can take you to 14&u & transfer to the 50s buses going down 14.
            I think the x to 80 would be the fastest, cheapest route.

          • Yea I have ways to get to work if I miss the bus. Just sucks to go from a 15 min straight shot door-to-door to having to take multiple buses/walk in winter.

          • Just start knocking people off on the route, and you’ll be golden j/k
            The changeover hopefully wouldn’t be too bad since the stops are so close and both routes seem to be frequent during rush hr.
            I’m hoping it’s an error, so they can get more buses out there to avoid the whole thing. LOL

        • It looks from the schedule like that bus runs every 15-20 minutes during peak hours. If there are 40 min gaps between buses then you should contact WMATA as FridayGirl suggests, because something is way off. My only suggestion would be catching an earlier or later bus – sometimes that can make a big difference.

          • Yeah I’m already catching a way earlier one than I have to to get to work on time, because it’s so inconsistent and never comes at the time it’s supposed to. But I may have to just start going even earlier. But I will contact them if it keeps happening.

    • Have you tried to catch an earlier bus or metro to a bus?

    • This happens to me periodically (with all the many bus routes I take) but I don’t think it’s “normal.” I’d contact WMATA through their website and explain what’s happening. It could mean the previous bus isn’t showing up. I never hesitate to contact them, and sometimes I don’t get much of a response, but one time they said they would specifically track my route (where buses were tracking and never showing up) and the problem was fixed.
      (I will be contacting them today with my own bus issue, I get on at the beginning of a route and sometimes the bus leaves more than 10 minutes early! And then I have a similar issue with the metro where I have to run all over the place…)

  • Happy new year to everyone who celebrates it! And happy fall (and fall-like weather!) to everyone ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rave: Easing into the workweek by going through the email I missed yesterday.
    Rant: Overtired kiddo woke up early this morning after not sleeping enough the last few days.
    Rave: At least it meant that we got out of the house early this morning.
    Rave: Wife feels better about her dad’s treatment plan/doctor/etc after meeting with the oncologist yesterday.
    Rave: She comes home tomorrow night!
    Rant: LOTS going on this week to keep track of, especially with 5 days of solo-parenting.
    Rave: Decided to splurge and buy lunch this week instead of fussing with making it/bringing it in.

  • Rave: Mayor Fetterman is running for senate! I get to have a lawn sign now!
    Rant: rolled my ankle yesterday and it kills. I did it before on my OTHER leg years ago and it never got better so now I just have a swollen ankle all the time. I’ve got a brace on it and hope it gets better.
    Rave: House is really coming together – colors picked, tiles going up in bathrooms, vanity deliveries scheduled. we are also building out another closet in the office since the current closet is too small to be useful. It’s getting excited.
    Rant: Refusing to look at my credit card statement
    Rant: Paying a ton to have my condo staged so we can sell it faster in October. Not sure it’s necessary, but it helped with the condo we sold in the spring. It’s just expensive for like 4 days worth of furniture.
    Rave: BEAUTIFUL weather

  • Rant: Might have to come to work next week during the pope’s visit. Can’t decide if I’ll be able to get to capitol hill by metro on Thursday
    Rave: Bought Landmark tickets!

    • Could be dicey. They’ve added a public appearance on the west steps around 11 after his address. I have to be there later in the afternoon, hoping it’s all cleared out by 1.

  • Accountering

    Rave: The Wizards are putting up a 60 million dollar facility at St. Elizabeths for practice.
    Rant: “The practice facility could cost as much as $60 million, according to the Post, with the District putting up the land and an unspecified amount of the building cost.”
    Nice one Bowser. Before the deal is done, all we get to know is that we are on the hook for “an unspecified amount of the building cost.”

    • Aaaargh! I’m getting tired of these sweetheart deals for for-profit entities. The original hope with the St. Elizabeths east campus (the part the District owns) was to get some large corporation like Microsoft as an “anchor.” So much for that idea, I guess??

      • Accountering

        I am sure it is large enough to do both – and if well put together, I think the facility could be of great use to the community (the Capitals practice facility in Ballston is well used.) Leonsis is a great owner, and does actually like DC, so I think the project overall has merit. I just don’t trust in the least that Bowser did well, negotiated well, or got the city a good deal.

    • At least they didn’t go with the proposal to put it in Shaw.

    • jim_ed

      It looks like a big chunk of funding will come from Events DC, a smaller chunk from Leonsis, and maybe some from the city.
      I think this could actually be a pretty savvy move for the city. The St. E’s east campus needs a jumpstart, and this could be it, with the improvements to infrastructure and roads it will bring. It could also be a viable competitor to the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro for smaller events that want a more centralized location, and adding the Mystics there gives it at least 15-20 large gates a year to start with. It will all come down to execution of the programming if this is a boondoggle or huge success.

  • Rant: Didn’t sleep well last night, still feeling the onset of a cold. Or something
    Rave: Made a large batch of slow roasted tomatoes last night – thought I’d made enough to enjoy now and preserve for later but apparently they are all going to be enjoy now (today, and maybe tomorrow)
    Rave: Very excited to have found a place to get a truck load of manure for the farm garden
    Still have extra kombucha scobys to share!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I got 99 problems but free banana cupcakes at my office ain’t one
    Rant: Someone turned on 2 burners of the industrial coffee machine burning and ruining the precious liquid SMH. It must be time for me to send that passive-aggressive e-mail again…

  • Rant: I’m really bummed out by how long its taking for this apartment to start leasing. I also now appear to be a crazy person since I’m (trying) to contact the developer, the county, basically anyone who is semi involved and trying to see if someone can tell me what their target date even is. Getting to the point where I’m wondering if it’s even worth it? Just pick up my phone calls darnit. But since I do transactional/corporate stuff sometimes, I’m all too familiar with how stuff can just drag on and on..
    Rave: spending a lot of time with my mom, relatively speaking, since now I live with her.
    rant: paper cuts. so many paper cuts this week, why!

    • I packed my home office this weekend for the upcoming move…the paper cuts are endless. Using hand sanitizer the past two days has been nothing short of torturous!

  • Popville – Any tips for informational interviews? I have one coming up this week and not really sure what I’m going to say.
    Rave – My wedding cake topper arrived in the mail yesterday! I had it custom made based on photos of my dog. Is it weird that I’m more excited about this cake topper than any other wedding related purchase? It’s adorable.
    Rant – Lots of wedding bills are the due this week. Feels like I’m just emptying my whole bank account.

  • Rave: I slept so well last night.
    Rave: This weather!
    Rant: Very little motivation to do work today. Meh.

  • Rave: Really enjoying this lovely weather
    Rave: I have wonderful family members. They make me laugh and cheer me up more frequently than they frustrate or enrage or depress me, and I count myself very lucky for that.
    Rant: Wishing it was easier to get together with those same family members more often.
    Rant-ish: super busy at work, and even though I love it, it’s stressful and making me doubt myself.

    • Love your second rave. I feel the same way about not being able to see family enough. I’m trying to make more of an effort to build in regular visits and plan them in advance so other stuff doesn’t get in the way. Hopefully it helps!

  • Revel: Haven’t been on PoP in quite some time! Glad to see my old faves are still here…whether you know me or not (and chances are NOT).

    Rant: My mom decided LAST WEEK that she wants to visit NEXT WEEK when the Pope is here. Now, I love my mom…but I just can’t get myself excited for this visit.

    Rave: Now that I’ve moved to an (awesome) apartment with an extra bedroom, I no longer have to sleep on the floor when she comes.

    Rave: My fantastic boyfriend. After dating the last guy for sooooooo long and really having it be a dead end, it’s so awesome to be with someone I (we!) see a future with!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I usually donโ€™t sleep during the day over the weekend but it felt so good to be relieved of some stress that I slept most of the time.
    Rant: Somehow I showed up to work without a credit or debit card! Thereโ€™s no one in the fishbowl today I know well enough to grovel and borrow some money from. It may be a long walk home!

  • Rave: I waved to MPinDC from my car last night. Your dog looks adorable!
    Rave: I went to D’Vines and got some Saucony Creek Maple Mistress for my pity party.
    Rant: it was an even more pathetic pity party because the beer is not as good as I remember it being last year.
    Rave: saw a good friend last night, got a nice hug, had a good chat, she gave me a bunch of empty beer bottles.
    Rant: my dog woke up me up with a sneezing fit at 3:30 this morning. I was exhausted when my alarm went off at 6, but got up, put some clothes on, got him harnessed up, then he refused to leave. He was happy to go out an hour later, but it’s strange that he wasn’t bugging me to get dressed faster and get him outside as soon as I was up.
    Rant: I can’t really tell if my dog likes me very much.

    • Pity party with Maple Mistress! It’s at least an awesome sounding beer and pity parties are always better when you’re in the company of a good beer. I’m sure D.O.G. loves you!

    • Pablo Raw

      I’m available for Pity Parties at El Sol or similar approved.

    • I love seeing PoPvillagers around town! And my pup was wondering why Otis didn’t wave back ๐Ÿ™‚
      Your dog loves you – he just may have a hard time showing it right away. After five years, my dog STILL runs into the kitchen when I come home. Progress is that she will then come to greet me. An older dog may take longer to adjust to a new home (that’s my hypothesis anyway).

    • Emmaleigh504

      Otis is still getting to know you. He knows you are that nice lady who gives him etc, but you also have a house full of hot lava, so he’s not quite sure. Give him time. Now, if he’s doing his business on your bed (Donna!) then he may not like you much.

    • Otis is still adjusting to his new home and your scary lava floors! He’s an older dog who’s had a lot of confusing things happen to him – I’m assuming he had a family who couldn’t keep him anymore, then a stay at the shelter, then a stay at a foster home, and now your home. He doesn’t know he’s in his forever yet. Give it time, he’ll adjust. It took my dog (she’s about 2-3 years old) months to feel comfortable in my house. For the first few months she was still very nervous, she jumped and at every noise or sudden movement, she always seemed worried about what will happen next. Now she’s totally at home! But it does take a while. Having a consistent routine (walks, feeding, play time all happen at the same time every day) really helped us. Otis will warm up to you in his own way! One day you won’t be able to imagine life without him ๐Ÿ™‚

    • palisades

      I got your email! I promise I’ll respond soon

    • That One Guy

      No lie, if Otis farts near you and doesn’t walk away you’ve officially made his family.
      Searched the Wegmans across the street from me but they only had some hop suplex. Let me know if you want some of that.

      • Emmaleigh504

        This is not true! My parents had a dog who’s “wind” was so foul she’d leave the room to avoid the smell, leaving my parents to “enjoy” it. And she loved my parents!

  • Rant: I want to puke from nervousness.

  • Rave: Had an awesome few hours of high energy yesterday afternoon, which included getting impromptu lunch with my husband and doing some light shopping for the twinnies. I’m thinking the energy burst had something to do with the copious amounts of steak I have been eating. The chocolate-vanilla swirl soft serve I had wasn’t bad either.
    Rant: Energy burst was short lived. Really hoping I get more guidance from the docs later this week.
    FYI: For Amtrak lovers out there (or those of you would like to use Amtrak more), there’s a new Amtrak rewards credit card that has really great terms. For example, after spending $1000 on the card, you get 5 free one-ways trips in the northwest corridor. Highly recommended for those of you who go to New York a lot.

    • Related question: Does DC have any good soft serve places? I’ve spent the last six months dreaming about the cones I would get as a kid — chocolate vanilla swirl with chocolate dip and/or rainbow sprinkles — and had a hard time scratching that itch in DC. I think a high quality, old-timey, family-oriented ice cream place like that would do super well in DC.

      • I know it’s not what you have in mind, but the chocolate dipped at McDonald’s is pretty good.

      • There used to be a Carvel in Columbia Heights, but that closed years ago. I guess it’s all about fro-yo now.
        Now I’m reminiscing about the days we would go get Carvel as kids and take the dog to lick the containers.

        • That’s what I’m talking about — nostalgia ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually really like McDonalds’ chocolate dipped cones, but I’m thinking about the kinds of cones that transport you back to childhood. My cone made my husband think of going to Friendly’s with his grandpa. It made me think of a local custard shop we’d visit every summer.

          • If it’s custard you’re after, how about Rita’s?

          • Ooh! You can check out Willow Glen Creamery in the Bay Area for really good frozen custard. That’s where we used to go

          • The soft serve of my dreams could be custard or ice cream, but I’d want the ingredients to be really good, like on the level of Dolcezza or Pitango gelato. Ideally you could also get food like burgers and fries at the same place and going there could be a simple family outing. This is the place I went to yesterday and it was close, but probably a step or two too high end to get me really excited. gottsroadside.com I’m thinking of something about as nice as maybe Shake Shack, but more of a destination. Does Thomas Sweet have soft serve? That’s sort of in the ballpark.

        • emmafor, YES. Thanks!!

        • I *really* wish there was a DQ somewhere nearby. Supposedly there’s one near my parents’ new place, but I haven’t discovered it yet. Perhaps a good thing? But man I love blizzards.

      • Oh man, this is totally not a suggestion since it’s not in DC but your question reminded me of the stop we made at Moo Thru a couple weekends ago while driving back from Charlottesville. BEST (and biggest) soft serve I’ve had probably ever. And now I’m seriously craving some more. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Emmaleigh504

        Man, now I wan some Chelsea’s frozen custard…either nectar or brownie batter… Too bad they were in New Orleans and closed in about 1995 (the owners retired). That was some good custard. One time QZ and I decided to get some and decided (why?) that our cat Georg needed to join us. She peed on my lap in fear. The custard was worth it.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Oh! Or the LSU dairy… that is some good ice cream. Must remember to tell older niece where it is when she goes to LSU.

  • Rave: The much discussed Vermont St covered car from last week appears to be gone. Any news?

  • Rant: Too much work travel means too little PoPville
    Rant: Why does work always push these updates to our computers and force us to restart when I have a zillion windows and tabs open on my computer. ARGH! Frantically saving and closing now..
    Rave: The security guys downstairs are the happiest people I’ve ever seen and always holler “good morning sunshine!” when you walk in the door. Makes the morning so much better!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    rave: Sunday
    rave: New play at Arena Destiny and Desire. Based on the format of Spanish telenovella. I am not too familiar with telenovella but this was a riot! If you’re in need of a mood lift, check it out.
    rave: Happy hour every day of the week at Masala Art across from Waterfront Metro. $5 appetizers, $4 draft beer. Great selection of appetizers, I ordered a third one to go. Would be a great place for a HH as there is a very nice bar section with tables.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Donna’s fake heat that lass FOREVER! She’s peed on the bed twice. A bed she sleeps in!
    Rave: At night she sleeps in her carrier and looks so cute, I almost forget that she’s a yowling, peeing, horny cat.
    Rave: got to rat on AO b/c she sucks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So the peeing is related to her being in (pseudo-)heat and she wouldn’t be doing it otherwise?

      • Emmaleigh504

        correct. and she’s only done it twice per fake heat. I’m so over it. I may send her on vacation to the country house (QZ’s house).

        • What if you spread puppy pads on your bed? Would that help, at least on the clean-up?

          • Emmaleigh504

            That’s a good idea! So far she’s only done it on the comforter, so it’s easy to wash and didn’t seep into the mattress. I was less happy when she did on my nightgown that was on top of the comforter. But still easy to wash and not getting on the mattress.

          • Oh good–glad the cleanup hasn’t been too bad. So gross though!

          • Emmaleigh504

            so gross. she is a bad, bad weebus.

    • Emmaleigh504 – I live in a studio and have cats who like to barf on my bed (ugh) so I started covering it with a plastic tablecloth whenever I’m out of the house. It keeps anything from soaking through and is super easy to clean up! I think I even have extras somewhere if you want one ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Emmaleigh504

        She really isn’t that bad. I think some wee pads will work until she quits with the pseudo heat already. I so want to lock her out when i’m sleeping b/c she rubs her nose on my face when she’s in pseudo heat, but I”m also in a studio.

  • Rant: too much time spent indoors this weekend cooking, I bit off too much thinking I would cook most of the food for a holiday dinner gathering of 12. Holiday also coincided with G&G so had to miss that.

    Rave: successful dinner sunday night with great friends. Also some outdoor time in rock creek park yesterday afternoon. Happy new year to the MOTs out there!

  • Rave: had a good session with therapist on Friday. I now realize that my actions don’t necessarily cause other folks to act crazy. They make that choice.
    Rave: get to stay home and telework during Pope’s visit per my boss’ instructions.
    Rant: I need to move from my apartment and I don’t feel like it.
    Rave: director came by my office this morning and told me how much he liked the last report I wrote. Made me feel great.
    Rant: I need to sell some raffle tickets but don’t have the nerve to ask my coworkers since I never buy anything they’re selling.

  • SouthwestDC

    Rave: I bought some reusable Keurig cups and they’re working pretty well. No waste and it’s easier to save the grounds for composting.
    Rant: Now I’ll have to buy my own coffee.

  • Rant: Bad date with an odd dude last night. I lost count of how many times he corrected me during our 60 minute conversation.
    Rave: Finally made it to Red Derbyโ€”cool joint with a great roof top.
    Rave: Fall weather

    • Omg on your first rant. I try to sit through even bad dates and just cut them a little short, but if someone was actively interrupting/correcting something I was saying, I think I would get up and walk out.

    • You lasted an hour???
      I don’t know how ppl do it. I’m out of there if things are clearly going to hell in a handbasket.

    • Wow, that is rude. And if he is that condescending on a first date, he would be a nightmare to actually have a relationship with.

    • Sorry about your bad date. An hour of bad conversation sounds like a nightmare.

  • Question: If you’re at a restaurant with someone and you both have to use the restroom at the same time, how do you prevent the staff from assuming you left? This has happened to me and my girlfriend a few times recently.

    • Emmaleigh504

      One persons waits. At bars I’ve seen the chair tip.

    • Is this a serious question? Assuming both of you are adults not at that moment suffering from incontinence (or similar malady) then one of you waits while the other one goes.

      • I just think it makes the dining experience a little less enjoyable if you’re sitting there waiting alone. I also think it’s kind of silly that the staff assumes you left if you haven’t paid yet and you’ve left personal belongings at the table.

        • Actually just the opposite for me- I think going to the bathroom at the same time as the person I’m having dinner with would make my dining experience less enjoyable.

        • It has literally never occurred to me in several decades of life that a few minutes alone to use the restroom makes dining less enjoyable (assuming all systems are normal, of course). You are a lucky person indeed to be in a relationship where the two of you don’t want to lose a single moment together, even to take a wizz.
          As for the second item, unless (and perhaps even if) you left a wallet or cellphone at the table then the presence of “personal items” doesn’t mean anything. I’m guessing that restaurant staff could tell you some stories that might surprise you.

      • I have to admit that after the Fig & Olive news today, I laughed at this question. Apparently no connection, but still.

    • Tell your server you’re going to the bathroom. They should be able to see you walking in that direction. You don’t need to wait.

    • If this is a common occurrence, why not just go before you are seated by the host/hostess? That way you’re not missing out on dining time and don’t have to worry about the waiter. Unless you’re sitting there for hours and hours, a pre-emptive restroom stop would solve this problem, not that I’d consider it an actual problem.

    • That One Guy

      Wait, are we talking about actually using the bathroom or making use of the bathroom as a rendezvous? I ask because I thought making out in public restrooms was a “thing.”

  • That One Guy

    Rant: too many work tasks getting thrown on my plate.
    Rant: need to go to lululemon to find a specific type of pants for aunts. The universe is cruel and comedic at my expense.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: New person is very high maintenance. NO! You don’t have access to that software b/c like I told you a million times, it is not a quick process. ugh I suspect if I had interviewed her high maintenance ass I would have said no to hiring her.

  • Question: anyone been to Thip Khao on a weeknight recently? Thinking of going tomorrow and hope I can either get a reservation that day or walk in. Is this a pipe dream?

  • That One Guy

    This thought crossed my mind today: I wish I was a pirate. I have no idea where it came from or why it surfaced. haha.

  • I’ve probably missed a few posts on this but metro needs to fix the seemingly smell of grinding metal or burning electrical at the metro stations. I’ve seen a couple posts that it’s some organic brake pad but I don’t think it’s the same thing. The smell is highly toxic. I’m surprised I haven’t found more people raising this health concern.

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