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  • MVT

    Interesting location…..

    • Did you want them to open in Shaw? West End makes perfect sense.

      • I actually would have expected this at City Center. West End makes sense, though this area in particular always seemed oddly quiet to me.

      • This is somewhat ironic because of how trendy 14th is, but what I like about the area is that it is NOT in a business district and you can go to every restaurant dressed casual. I can wear shorts to every restaurant in Logan Circle/Shaw – and nobody will look twice. And that’s nice given that I don’t enjoy wearing long sleeve shirts, pants and shoes when it’s 90 degrees and humid like some morons do in DC.

    • Right, I’m expecting it to have a stuffy steakhouse vibe given the neighborhood.

  • Yes! Despite pretty amazing global expansion, I’m still a fan. Well worth a splurge. More options in West End for pre- or post-Kennedy Center events are welcome, too.

  • justinbc

    Fantastic news and yes this location makes perfect sense. $10M build out, wow!

  • I wonder if they will serve endangered fish species at this location, as they do in their other restaurants.

    • What makes you think West End is any more special than any of their other locations?

      • The OP was making a snarky comment apparently accusing this restaurant of serving endangered species. Not sure they would do that in the regulatory capital of the western world.

  • “Holy mackerel”…I see what you did there, PoP.

  • Could not be more excited!!! Great news! Nobu is amazing!

  • I’m sure the location is fine, but I will never go there because of where it is. The idea of going to West End makes me fall asl…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • Agreed. Maybe if it were more vibrant and stabby?

    • I know its just a passing comment and not a big deal, but the reverse (as compared to 15 years ago) location elitism is becomming too much to handle. People refuse to recognize that good things can open up west of the park and that those neighborhoods do have redeeming qualities.

      • +500 How dare anything good open up that is not in Shaw, Petworth or H Street?

      • I wouldn’t take offense to it. People get excited about new stuff in those areas because they are gentrifying neighborhoods. Cleveland Park, for example, has had good, established restaurants for years. I live in Logan Circle/Shaw and don’t care about half the stuff that opens and often would prefer something else than what is opening. But it’s still positive to see development for the area. It’s also a very different neighborhood than a place like a Cleveland Park, so you can’t compare the two too much.
        I will say the West End a is a fairly “dead zone” for people who actually live in DC though. I’ve been in DC well before Shaw became hip and the West End wasn’t exactly popular then either.

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