Guerrilla Street Art in Brookland


I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I love these. Thanks to a reader for sending – anyone know “Who is the mystery collage artist?”



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  • Hi…thanks for the second post on this topic and for the support. These are made by me and placed throughout the Brookland area through a small arts grant I received last summer from the city. Most of the pieces contain art that is specific to DC, national history, or Ward 5. Some of the pieces were vandalized, or aren’t holding up to the elements very well. I will replace some of them, but the natural changes that occur due to weathering is a part of the work. I’m really sad about the bottom picture piece getting vandalized. It was my favorite piece in my favorite spot. It’s a random metal post sticking up out from the trunk of a tree on 12th street. The tree is completely wrapped around the post. These works are getting vandalized by what looks like someone trying to rip the collage off of the post and thereby breaking the resin surface and exposing the paper underneath to the elements. I will continue to work on my form.

    By the way, most of my work is abstract painting. You can find my art on Etsy:

    I have sold work in DC and I create art on commission as well.

    Thanks again!


    • Alexis, thank you for responding. I took these photos and submitted them. I love these! So great to know who made them, though I must admit, the mystery was enjoyable as well.

      • I thought the mystery might of been more interesting as well. That’s why I didn’t reply to the first post on the topic…to see what would happen. Nothing happened!

  • PS: The top picture contains a cut out of Ward 5 and what was a picture of Murry & Paul’s Restaurant (love that place). The second collage’s base picture is the walkway installation between the two wings of the National Gallery of Art.

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