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  • So many questions… is that a freed parakeet? Is it a pet? If so, does it belong to the person on that bike? How did that person get his pet parakeet to the Starbucks on their bike? Why didn’t they bring in their pet parakeet to the Starbucks?

  • the bike and bird are often parked by the laundromat on Upshur and 2nd in Petworth.

  • That’s a yellow-naped Amazon. I am a generally kind and honest person (a little snappish sometimes, and kind of cynical, but not *bad*) and I would be sorely tempted to steal that bird if I encountered it unattended. I wouldn’t DO it… but…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Do we have any companies of parrots in DC? Does it get too cold? I miss the parrots that live in New Orleans,.

  • There are signs all over Dupont for a lost bird. I’ll have to check them when I get home from work…hope this is him!

  • the owner/manager? of the laundromat on Upshur b/w 2nd and 3rd has 2 birds Taco and Sandy. If I remember correctly, the green one is Sandy and Taco is a cockatoo

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