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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Finally decided on a wall color for the living room. Thanks, in part, to a suggestion by jeslett.
    Rant: Whatever cold is going around has come for me. Cough drops and Nyquil are my besties right now.
    Rant: Boss gets back today after three glorious weeks away.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: There is no salvation for me
    Rant: That moment when you find out that the pot that you’ve been using for pasta, it’s actually for fondue.
    Rant: The embarrassment.

  • Rant: Sick. Friend goes in to chemo round four today and I so wish I could be with her and help her. I need to try and set-up or drop off a delivery of goodies even if I can’t physically be with her.
    Rave: Pleasant Pops – with my sore throat yesterday, I treated myself to a strawberry ginger lemonade and oh my was it marvelous. I want to eat them all day.
    Rant: Won’t be in the country when my goddaughter or godson is born.
    Rave: I’m gonna be a godmother!! What’s the best gifts for a little one from a godparent? I’ll be in Brazil when the child is born so I’m trying to think of something awesome I can bring back…

    • For a friend’s baby’s christening, I got him a buddy Jesus onesie, but that is also because my friends and I share the same warped sense of humor. It was well-received. πŸ™‚

    • Clothes are always a good baby gift, because one can never have too many onesies with a newborn. That or something decadent for an exhausted mama. Congrats, and best of luck to your friend.

    • Thanks all! I’ve already gifted them baby gifts (my bro and I went in on the jogging stroller!) but I was thinking about a godmother gift, like something really meaningful that they’ll keep for years… Any thoughts ?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Add a pearl necklace, then you could give her a pealr every year…but you don’t know the sex yet, right? I always vote jewelry so get a pinky ring! #bringingbackthepinkyring or a niece watch or engraved baby/youth silverware set. or an engraved silver baby cup (I adore mine!) or a silver porridger.

      • If it’s a girl, the pearl thing is a nice idea. Do you live close to them? It’s not the cheapest way of doing it, but something my mom did was get me an inch of pearls each year. It was a fun outing to the jewelry store each year to pick out my pearls, do lunch downtown, etc. It was a special necklace all throughout childhood, and then when I was 18 she added a fancy clasp so I had a nice 18-inch string of pearls. In retrospect, she mentioned that it might have been cheaper/better to get all the pearls at once and then have the jeweler string an inch each year, but it allowed for lots of nice memories where I got to feel all fancy.
        My godfather got me a nice, little gold cross for my baptism, which was really traditional and nice. I think they put it on me for the ceremony and I still have it.
        I don’t know what boys like…but something engraved is nice (watch?). A book with a special message is also really nice (and not tied to gender)

      • You’re all fabulous – thank you for the awesome ideas!

    • Maybe something special from Brazil that he can keep with him as he gets older. A book you can write a message in? Or a handmade blanket? I was in Portugal when my goddaughter turned 1 year old, and on her birthday I bought her small gold necklace from an old jewelry store with a really beautiful charm. I also wrote her a message on a postcard as her birthday card. Her mom put them away for save keeping so she can have them when she gets older. I wanted to get her something special from Portugal that she could (hopefully) enjoy for years to come.

    • Peter Rabbit china set. It costs about $40!

      • saf

        I love that set.

        My grandmother was a librarian. Her memorial at the library (she died in her 50s, and was the children’s librarian until she got sick) is a case full of the Beatrix Potter figurines. (She read those books for story hour regularly.)

        My sister had that china set.

    • Blithe

      I like traditional stuff. I STILL have the baby toothbrush that my godmother gave me as an infant, along with my tiny silver juice cup. And somewhere I have an infant sized bangle bracelet. I vote for a silver juice cup — perhaps engraved. Even if they don’t actually use it, it’s a nice keepsake.

      • Blithe

        The baby toothbrush has a silver handle and my initials. She later gave me a tiny silver plated hairbrush and comb to match. I loved this as a kid, and treasure it as an adult.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I love my little silver baby cup and got my grandpa’s when he died (we have the same name, so I insisted). My grandparents also gave me a little junior set of my silver pattern. That I sometimes got to use with my peter rabbit set. I love it all still (tho the peter rabbit set is long broken).

    • Quotia Zelda

      For a godparent gift, I’d think in terms of jewelry (a small gold cross is always appropriate), some sort of book or piece of art relating to the child’s religion, an engraved sterling frame (nobody can have too many of these!), the classic sterling baby cup or spoon or porringer, etc.

      My grandparents gave me and my children little James Avery shell pendants engraved with our initials. A great aunt, who was an artist, angels for each of my children (this sounds cheesy, but they aren’t). Also, the Book of Common Prayer (I think that was also from my grandparents).

  • Revel: I never thought I’d ever be able to buy real estate in the next 10+ years, but it’s looking like that might not be the case? Granted, my options are pretty limited but it’s still fun to think about?
    Revel: School supply shopping! As much as it hurts me to be spending money in my classroom (my old school was super stingy with supplies and I expect the same from my next one), it’s still fun to be buying notebooks for 25Β’, crayons for 50Β’, and an enormous package of construction paper for $6
    Revel: Got a bunch of early chapter books from some neighbors πŸ™‚
    Revel: I believe all my roommates (except maybe one) will be out of town this weekend so I can do….I don’t even know what
    Rant: I’ll probably go crazy without anybody in the house to talk to. This is why I don’t think I could ever live alone.

    • Look into all the first time homebuyer programs in dc. Income limits are surprisingly high. There may be a program for teachers as well. Hopefully you can get a 2bd, so you won’t have to live alone or pay the mortgage alone.

      • I’m still looking at another year or two from now, but I guess that makes now the perfect time to start looking! My budget for how much I can afford is pretty low but if consolidation works out, I may be able to afford more?

        • I think now is the time to look at the programs to see what’s available. What I’ve seen for everyone is primarily down payment assistance, but there are also adu condos (income limits just like apartments). Teacher programs may offer assistance as well. Maybe rough estimate on a mortgage calculator to see what you can afford then check out what’s out there in that range. Happy you’re able to consider it.

          • I’m seeing the Good Neighbor Next Door program which offers 50% off the list price of HUD homes in revitalization areas if you live there for 3 years. I don’t love the idea of living in PG, but Hyattsville or somewhere nearby wouldn’t be too bad. It’s just all very confusing, as someone who has never done any research on home-buying because it seemed so out of reach forever.

          • DC has a # of programs. If you search first time primer on urban turf there is a blurb explaining each one from Nov 2014 with links to the different sites.
            You should expect to live further out if affordability is low, but those deductions add up at tax time. You also have dc tax abatement if your income is below about 57k (goes up a but every year); no property taxes for 5 yrs.

          • I attended a free class put on by Green Line realty. They were not pushy at all if you’re not actually looking yet, metro accessible, and I got a free t – shirt.

          • “You should expect to live further out if affordability is low”. That’s the tricky part since I love living in Woodley Park and I like having roommates!

          • You have time to figure that out just reminding you to be realistic. A friend of mine took months and months trying to find a place that hit at least 10 different requirements at a really low price point. He eventually had to give up on location to get what he wanted.
            If you had to pick, go for the 2bed+ because having roommates will save you money in the long run.

          • I am realistic as far as knowing what I can afford, but it makes it more tempting to continue renting here for a while. Maybe when I’m 33-34 and it’s less acceptable to have roommates, I’ll get my act together.

          • HaileUnlikely

            It might be worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the FannieMae HomePath program. It is a program through which foreclosures that are owned by Fannie Mae are sold preferentially to owner-occupants who are going to live in the homes rather than to investors. Some of their houses are massively f*cked up and require extensive renovation to be made habitable, but some of them are quite nice and in a reasonable state of repair. They hardly ever have anything in NW DC – the house I bought (just off Georgia Ave a couple blocks south of the border with Silver Spring) was literally the only HomePath sale I’ve ever seen in NW. However, last time I checked, they had several in SE (some were awful but others were decent) and also had a couple of nice 2 BR condos in nice buildings in downtown Silver Spring very close to the Silver Spring metro station.

          • I’ll have roommates until I cohabitate with a partner & maybe even after. The savings can’t be beat! More time= more money saved, so it’s not all bad. Maybe you’ll get a raise in the meantime too.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Donna is in surgery today. Fingers crossed that they only find extra reproductive parts and can get them all, and there’s not a larger problem.
    Rave: I love that darn cat.

  • Rave: Thanks for all the awesome ideas yesterday regarding where to live, what to do with our apartments, how to AirBnB, etc. Thank you! Lots of great options there.
    Rant: Potentially three homes to manage! Argh.
    Rant: Head spinning. Have to take it one day at a time but we’re keeping it under wraps, so can’t yet share with others and have support from others.
    Rant/Rave: Got to get my shit together. Finances, house, storage, train tickets, etc. Oh, plus work.
    Rave: Doing this crazy thing called life with an awesome SO – and we’ve done crazy before, I’m pretty sure we can do it again.

    • If you’re doing full time rental for a place, you can always get a property manager. I cannot recommend it enough.

  • Rave: The Metro driver this morning who announced “Please put ALL your body parts inside the train!”
    Rave: Coma-inducing staff meeting cancelled
    Rave: Now I can work on the project due today that I didn’t work on all weekend.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love the metro dude who calls out specific people for being asshats on metro. He does it in a way that’s not too snarky, but gives everyone else on the train satisfaction.

    • Your rave just made me bust out laughing in my office. Fantastic.

  • Rant: My apartment building has had a (hopefully temporary) increase in smokers recently. It is a non-smoking building, which means these people smoke right outside the front door (classy) and leave their cigarettes, lighters, and sometimes bottles of alcohol on the steps. I live in a pretty nice neighborhood, so this behavior is a bit out of the ordinary, and it’s getting embarrassing. Call me a classist- I don’t care, but I do care about coming home to litter-strewn front door or navigating around these people. What is it about smokers that makes them feel it is perfectly fine to pollute and litter all over the place? C’mon now.
    Rave: At least my building is technically non-smoking, so we have that working for us.

    • I live in a non-smoking building too. The smokers on my floor all smoke outside but on the other floors, holy, they reek of cigarette smoke. Smoke outdoors people!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I was so happy when our new apartment manager decided to move the smokers from the front to the back of our building. I totally get the appeal of smoking out front and people watching, but it was so annoying for everyone else.

        • I’m torn on that. My apartment faces the back, so I don’t want people smoking under my windows. I’ve had to write excruciatingly polite letters to smokers, asking that they not smoke under our windows. They’ve complied! That said, I don’t want them in the front of the building either for the reasons I cited above. I guess if I ran a dictatorship, I’d force them to smoke on the street corner, far away from anyone’s abode or place of business. haha!

          • Emmaleigh504

            We have a great place for a bench that I think is far enough from everyone’s windows to keep smoke out. I might suggest it to him. We also now have a roof deck so hoping people are going up there if they want to smoke outside. The back entrance is not condusive to smoking, so I doubt people linger. And I think all the windows on that side are ac units anyway.
            Personally, I want the bench for me so I could sit out there an people watch sans cigs. Our tiny grass area is useless as it is.

      • We still have at least one guy, who is allowed to smoke indoors, due to being grandfathered in from the old policy of allowing smoking. I’ve heard we have a few “law breakers” on a floor above me, which is really annoying. It’s 2015- given what we know about second hand smoking, the days of allowing smoking in multiple unit housing should be over! Your right to engage in this optional/unhealthy behavior needs to stop when you begin to imperil the health of others.

    • I smoke and never throw the butts out. So please dont lump us all in. Also, you are a classist but it’s DC so Im sure you feel right at home. These people are smoking a legal substance and also an addictive one so instead of looking down upon them maybe you should look at your own vices. For example, I like to avoid snooty people who spend their time complaining about life in a city and fellow citizens using a legal substance. Its this privileged and sheltered DC attitude. Maybe you would be better off in MD.

      • skj84

        Aw. Well aren’t you part of an oppressed class. #smokersrightsmatter

      • So if you came home to trash all over the stoop, you’d be ok with it? I don’t care for smokers, but I believe the primary complaint was about the trash being left behind. Having an addiction doesn’t preclude someone from cleaning up after themselves. That attitude isn’t unique to dc.

      • you can simultaneously sympathize with a smoker who is addicted, while not wanting to live in a trash heap or be subjected to secondhand smoke. that’s not a “DC attitude.” You clearly haven’t lived in many large cities.

      • Accountering

        This is a ridiculous response. She is not bothered by their choosing to smoke a legal substance, it is the littering, and the standing directly outside the front door of a non-smoking building.

  • rave: bbq dinner with old college roommate tonight! Nice to still have friends working in the area
    rave: yellow plums this season from the farmers market.
    rant: inexperience and/or incompetent leasing staff, both at my current place and my hopeful future one. How hard is it to follow up on a simple question, seriously? If my target wasn’t so well located and well priced I’d be looking elsewhere…anxiety mounts
    rant: 2 floors above us had a pipe burst and it flooded our floor too
    rave: it didn’t affect the side of the office I’m on, hooray

  • Rant: When people act like it is their first time on the bus every morning. I see you every AM – yes, the move back rule applies every morning.
    Rave: Going back to fitness. Want to join Vida again but it doesn’t fit in the old budget… Have free gym at work but not great equipment; I also do not run outside.

    • there are a couple of other fitness options, depending on where you’re located. took me awhile to find one in my budge. I’d be happy to give you some suggestions based on your neighborhood!

      • Hey there – thanks! I live on 16th in Adams Morgan – there is Mint, WSC, and some on 14th. I am not stoked about the WSC in CH to say the least.

        • so, not sure how far you are/how far you’re willing to go, but I’m a member of the JCC on 16th and Q. I’ve found it to be super adequate. There’s also a Y on W and 14th. I don’t blame you about the WSC. I also don’t know what Mint’s pricing is like… JCC prorated is about 70 a month.

          Hope that helps!

  • Rant: Between doctors who won’t return your call and doctor’s offices that won’t schedule an appointment for you, I’m feeling very frustrated with it all.
    Rave: Spinach and chipotle gouda quiche for breakfast. Yum.
    Rant: I really thought today was Thursday. Dang, Monday was such a long day.

  • Rave: Tenants renewed for a longer term, and they know they can move and swap out if needed.
    Rave: Pleasantly surprised roomies weeknight guest was pretty quiet & no bumping heads for the bathroom.
    Rave: Date picked a really nice place that I’ve wanted to try.
    Rant: Refi= mountains of paperwork

    • I’m considering refinancing, but it seems like it’s so overwhelming!!

      • If you can find a reputable mortgage broker, they do most of the legwork for you (though there is a lot of paper to collect). I just refied and cut my mortgage to 15 years and got 3% fixed, well worth the hassle.
        I remember way back in the 80s when my first mortgage was at something like 14%

        • Not getting that good, but payment is lower and no pmi which leaves me fha as a purchase option. Overall very happy with my process so far if I can choose by early September, I’ll be very pleased.

        • Accountering

          Nice on the 3% fixed! I picked the very best day of 2014 to lock in my rate, and lucked into a 2.5% fixed 15-year. 3% is awesome though!
          My parents first mortgage was 16.5% with negative amortization. They were paying more in interest on a crappy house in Brooklyn Park, MN in the 1980s than I am paying on a beautifully renovated 3br 2.5 bath house in one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. So weird.

        • saf

          We bought in 1990, and the mortgage was 10 and change.

          So glad when we could refinance!

      • The most annoying part was widdling down lenders. My situation is somewhat unique, so I had to explain it over and over to weed ppl out.
        Once I picked someone most of it is done online except for lots of printing and scanning. For the savings, it’s worth it. If the difference was negligible, I’d probably say screw it.

      • Have you considered a HELOC? I got one through TD bank at 2.75%.

        • In lieu of a refinance? I’m confused.

          • I actually just looked up all those options, and heloc would have worked well if I wasn’t trying to lower my payment & kick pmi as well. Something to consider if I want to do some mods down the road.

          • HELOC is a good option if you have lots of equity. You pay off the existing mortgage with the heloc loan at the lower interest rate.

        • I have total HELOC envy! I didn’t get any quotes even close to that.
          On the other hand, the HELOC charges a lot less than Amex and I’m still pretty amused that some strangers in New York put a great deal of money at my disposal for very little effort on my part. PAR-TAY!

  • Rave: Tico last night was fantastic. We had almost the whole menu and loved pretty much all of it. I will be going to happy hour to just sit there alone, eating cabbage salad and drinking cava.
    Rant/Rave: sometimes working on yourself is like cleaning your house, it gets worse before it gets better, but you keep doing it because the results will be great eventually.
    Rave: Boss sent me my review and it’s awesome. I’m getting more cool opportunities because he and others have noticed my awesomeness.
    Update: my bff’s baby is supposed to go home today, but she’s not trying to get too attached to that idea in case it gets pushed back. Hopefully I’ll know more tonight and I will definitely meet the little guy this weekend!

    • hey, that’s great about the review! mine’s next week, and I know I don’t have anything to worry about but I can’t help it.

      • edit: I don’t think I have anything to worry about. argh!

        • I hear you on not having anything to worry about, but still worrying.
          It’s taken me years under this boss giving my self review numbers, seeing his much higher numbers, then me doing my self review, going back and bumping it all up 10-15% in anticipation of his number, then his numbers still being higher, coupled with getting a lot more responsibility lately, to see that I’m doing well and am really valued.
          tl;dr imposter syndrome is real, my boss is great, I’m sort of overcoming it

          • Imposter syndrome indeed. Been there, fighting to stay where I am now after some solid excellent feedback.

    • Did you do the Group tasting menus? If yes, what did you select… I’m going with a group of six on Thursday. Thoughts on portions and were you hungry afterward?

      • We didn’t do the group menu. We have a rule at non small plate restaurants that everyone gets an app and entree and none can be the same as someone else, so there’s negotiating. Then we pass everything.
        Because this was small plates we each threw out a couple we liked, made sure everyone was game (not hard at this place or with us generally), and ordered it all, which was I think 3.5 dishes/person. Then we split 2 desserts between the four of us.
        I was uncomfortably full. But it was all really great.
        Def get the cabbage salad, watermelon salad, and duck tacos. The bittersweet chocolate tart is worth saving room for.

    • Isn’t that cabbage salad amazing at Tico?! I have to admit I didn’t go to Tico for a while, I just didn’t think it was going to be as good as it was. Great drinks and great options and substitutions for a vegetarian like me. But honestly I could just sit at that bar with some bubbly and the cabbage salad and be quiet happy too!

  • Rave: Husband has a (hopefully final) job interview today at 2 pm.
    Rave: First appointment of the day at the Dr. means in and out in no time – love it.
    Rave: SYTYCD last night – some amazing routines.
    Rant: Jason Derulo and Paula Abdul as judges. Nigel mentioned Mary Murphy last night and I had a pang. I miss her and the truly great celebrity judges they brought in. Jason just thinks every routine is either good or really good.

    • Oh man, I miss Mary Murphy so much! And some of the celebrity judges really were awesome too. I hope they bring her back next season.

    • I surprisingly don’t hate Paula. They’re both ok judges and have exceeded my low expectations. I do wish they would bring back the celebrity judges though. There were some gems. That said, I hate the new format. I don’t get the whole street v. stage gimmick. They’re dancing together, so they’re not really competing against each other. I also miss the consistent pairs for the first few episodes. You’d get some really great chemistry and get attached to certain pairs. Seems like a missed opportunity.

      • Loved loved loved Christina Applegate, Jenna Elfman and Adam Shankman. I actually don’t mind the Stage vs. Street idea, but I agree that they’re not really competing against each other which sort of defeats the purpose. Still, anything that gets more Twitch and Travis Wall on my TV is fine by me.

    • I am really enjoying the street/stage organization so far, it gives both styles a chance to shine. But when they get down to five on each side, probably that will change.

  • Rave: Pleased to see a very positive review of Arena’s “Dear Evan Hansen” in the Post today. Though I’m not much inclined to like musicals and the show begins by piling the cliches on thick and fast (nerd boy in therapy, noble overworked single mom, dysfunctional rich family…) and some of the songs were pretty forgettable, the story is great and the acting was exceptional. And, when it gets to Broadway (no guarantees yet), I’ll be able to say, “I saw it way back when….”

    • I love that musical soooo much!! It needs to win all the Tonys when it gets to Broadway.

      • I’m generally opposed to heartwarming fare — give me some Brecht — but this did warm my heart.

    • I really enjoyed that show and thought the acting was great, too. However, I was troubled by what I think is an unintended message that vulnerable people like the brother might take from it.

      • Why?

        • I think that some people like the brother are seeking to feel loved and valued and important; by doing what he did, he got all that and he fixed his dysfunctional family, perhaps making it seem like a viable means of proving that you’re lovable, valuable, and important and of fixing things. Unfortunately, vulnerable people, particularly adolescents, may not fully understand the reality of this solution.

  • Rant: This heat.
    Rave: Lunch with a friend this afternoon.
    Rant: I really want to go back to bed and sleep for five more hours.

  • skj84

    Rant: I lost the book I was currently reading. I’m pretty sure I dropped it somewhere on Friday. I’m actually really upset about this, I have attachments to books. I was only a quarter way through. And it wasn’t my copy.

    Rant: Gotta make a decision about the job today. I know what the right decision is, but still. I wish I could take the fun one.

    • Apologies if I missed previous discussions about this – what are the differences between the fun one and the right one?

      • skj84

        Fun is temp. It’s aligned with what I want to do, but will only last at max three months. The other is perm, but I’m not in love with the position.

        • Do you need to take the perm job, even if you don’t love it?
          I would be inclined to take the job that is more in line with your interests, even if it is temp

          • skj84

            Yes, and No? I am in a position where I really can’t say no. And I figured if I take the temp I would ramp up the search so I could have something lined up after. I do think the temp position could lead to something else, and it would offer better references. It’s a risk, but could be worth it.

    • take the one that you’ll want to go to every day! Honestly as someone who has been stuck in a job it eats away at much else in your life. Even if the temp is temp it gives you time to look for a job while getting a paycheck and gets something on the resume. I know all the reasons to take the perm one but honestly hating your job/life doesn’t make things much better.

  • Rave: Had a “me” night last night instead of going to trivia. I didn’t even do the chores I was intending to do, just relaxed and hung out with my cat and went to bed early, for a good night’s sleep. Best choice!

    Rant: I think I might have screwed up my light switch in the dining room with the blinking lightbulb situation yesterday. When I get the new lightbulbs from Amazon (tomorrow) I will see if that’s true, and if yes, I have to get maintenance involved, which: yay money!

    Rave: Having lunch with a friend today. He’s really great.

    Rant: It is impossible to be at both my therapy appointment and condo board meeting at the same time.

  • Rave: Tried the Rent the Runway thing and had an appointment last night that went great. Finally have a dress that I did not have to buy for a wedding next weekend.
    Rant: Huge event coming up for my job that is a once in a lifetime opportunity and my boss won’t let both me and my project manager go to assist our organization with setting up the event. Which is silly because everyone is going to be at that event (so being in the office, where no work will be taking place, is unnecessary). We can’t even each go for a day. I’m frustrated that I’ve been put in this position and that I have to make that choice.

    • Is the event local? I was in that position once, it sucked, and if I was in it again, I’d just leave the office and show up at the event.

  • Rave: Shrub (beverage) with tomato, basil, basil vinegar, sugar is excellent. With a little vodka, it would be a great brunch beverage
    Rant: Still have large welts from a few of the yellow-jacket stings, at least now they’re mildly itchy instead of painful

  • topscallop

    Rave: cautiously excited about my date tonight. I think I have about 2-3 more first dates in me before I get too exhausted with it and take a break.
    Rant: the dress I’m wearing went through the wash with gum in the pocket. At least it didn’t make a huge mess, but my pocket is a bit sticky/minty today.
    Rant: still haven’t done real grocery shopping since getting back from my work trip, so I’m spending money I shouldn’t on food trucks and takeout.
    Rave: I slept an hour later today than yesterday. I will beat you, jet lag!

  • Rave: My brother sent me a video yesterday of my nephew crawling! Holy crap he’s growing too soon! But so so cute!
    Rant: My one kitty is getting fat. Not sure how to put her on a diet while at the same time making sure my older cat is getting enough calories, since the young one is a food junkie and super-speedy and pushes the older one away from her food if she feels she hasn’t had enough.
    Rave: Coffee. It is a sacred and wonderful morning necessity.

    • Can you put the young one away when you feed the older one? I know some people do the grazing thing with cats, but getting them on schedules would be good if you’re not doing it already.

      • They are on a schedule, but the old cat is a committed grazer – almost never eats everything at one go. see my response to Textdoc below.

    • On your rant… maybe something like this? https://www.sureflap.com/en-us/pet-feeder/microchip-pet-feeder
      It’s pricey, though.
      Could you feed them in separate rooms — like, feed the older cat in the bathroom with the door closed, so that the younger cat couldn’t push her away from her food?

      • I’ve tried feeding them separately, and the older cat just nibbles, walks away, and then is annoyed she can’t go anywhere else. She never finished her food in one sitting, so I have to pick it up and put it down multiple times to get her to come close to eating it all – and if I turn my back for a second, the younger one is in there gobbling it all up. If there is any food to be had, the young one will try to get it!

        • Would a diet change help? Higher-calorie wet food, perhaps? Something that would take less time for the older cat to eat–or perhaps make it more enticing by adding something to the food that she’ll be more interested in gobbling down?

          • hmm, I’ll have to ponder that, see if there’s something I could add to her food to make her want to wolf it down. Any suggestions? (I’ve tried Bonito flakes and that’ll get her to eat the top portion of her wet food fast, but the she walks away, cleans herself, and might come back to the rest in a hour or so. I think she’s very focused on remaining svelte!)

          • Mix in a bit of canned tuna? (or the juices/water it sits in?) Has she ever gone after any of your food? For one of my cats, I’d probably add small bits of cheese (or tuna) because that’s what she most reliably goes after–including licking the cheese grater after I’ve used it if I don’t wash it quickly enough. The other cat will eat anything so it would be straight to the vet if he ever stopped eating! I wonder if mixing in rather than sprinkling would help since that would affect more than the top layer.

          • She loves ice cream! but I’m not sure how that would affect her digestion – I don’t mind her licking out an empty bowl of ice cream from time to time, but I’m not sure how good it would be to mix in with her wet food, or let her eat a whole bunch! But I’ll try experimenting more with some other things and with mixing it in to the food.

      • I have the same issue. although it is my older cat that houses the food and the younger cat that would prefer to graze all day if she could. We couldn’t keep the automatic feeder (mainly because the older cat always found a way to break in). We feed them at the same time at night, if the older and hungry cat eats all of his and some of the youngers too, I even it out in the morning with treats. For some reason the younger one, who would prefer to graze, really likes the morning treats so she’ll eat more of those and I give less to the older hungry guy. The older hungry one loves broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach but not cat treats! it’s the weirdest thing, my husband says he’s taking after me by being vegetarian (note: we do not feed them a vegetarian diet).

    • Pablo Raw

      I appreciate coffee because it keeps me alive, and because as the grandson and greatgrandson of coffee farmers, I had to do most of the duties related to it. Yes, you can call it child labor.

  • Back stateside.

    Or District Side, as it may be.

    Kinda wish I wasn’t though! Croatia and Macedonia were truly amazing! Still not sold on Albania though.

  • justinbc

    Random: I wonder what happened to the “girl got too drunk in Georgetown and was literally lifeless” post from yesterday? Too much OP scrutiny? Person-of-interest self-identified?

    • I was wondering the same thing…..

    • Me too. My bet was one of three things. 1) it wasn’t an uber, but a friend who went to get the car and the bounced carried her to the car, or 2) they called someone to pick her up, or 3) it was an uber, with a friend already in the car to get her home.

    • was wondering the same…
      No need to go into much detail, but just curios what was the reason.

    • Good lord, I hope it’s not related to the report of a sexual assault by a supposed Uber driver Saturday night/Sunday morning in Arlington. The victim was picked up in Georgetown.

      • The article mentioned the person being unable to pay their fare which sounds very not uber.

        • Not sure what you mean. The article said she didn’t have cash to pay, and couldn’t pay through the Uber app because the car she got into was not the car she had ordered (which she apparently cancelled at some point.)

        • Oh wait, I know what you mean. Yeah it’s not clear that the guy was in fact an Uber driver.

  • Rant: sore/tight back after sleeping. Does anyone have a chiropractor recommendation? Bonus points if they accept Kaiser
    Rave: My policy covers the chiropractor
    Rave: Friends visiting this weekend, brought on by the best friend’s second interview. Fingers crossed for her!
    Rave: Glass table top being delivered Friday. It was so nice to deal with a company that gave a price, did what they said they were going to, and now are delivering on the day that they initially projected. (Modern Glass Designs Inc if anyone needs glass cut, they did our shower glass too.)
    Another question: Any recommendations for a place to clean a rug? It’s a 5×7 that we got off of craigslist, and then our contractor promptly left it in the back yard and it got rained on. Obviously it wasn’t a huge expense, but I still really like it and would like to use it. I’m guessing rug cleaning might cost as much or more than the rug!

  • Rave: Beautiful day and cooking gumbo for dinner.
    Rant: Think I missed a good friend’s birthday by a day. And we texted on what I think was her birthday…I feel bad.
    Rant/Rave: No cable. Anyone know of a bar in the Petworth, Columbia Heights (maybe U St.) areas that will be showing the GOP debate on Thurs. with sound? We want to watch with some friends.

    • skj84

      Network for Progress is having a Republican Debate/John Stewart’s Last Show watch party at the Cambria Suites Rooftop on Thursday. I think there is a $5 donation required.

    • So DC/wonkish I love it! “Turn off that damn baseball game, we wanna watch the debates.” (I say this fondly, as someone who once during the Reagan Administration made them turn the TV over the bar to the State of the Union)

      • skj84

        Lol. It is isn’t it! Only in DC will you find SOTU watch parties complete with drinking games. I love my nerdy city.

        • Accountering

          After O got crushed by Romney in debate 1 in 2012, I left the bar feeling like the Caps had just lost game 5 after being up 3-1 with a chance to clinch. Not good.

        • Haha, thanks for the suggestion. I know, it’s so DC-nerdy to want to watch political debates at a bar. That this is a possibility is one of the things I love about DC.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I have no desire to watch anything political in a bar, but I love that people here do and that bars cater to it.

      • palisades

        to be fair, the Nats game will be over before the debate starts πŸ™‚ It’s an early game!

    • Lous in CH will be showing it!! It’s my friends birthday so we’re having a combined bday party for him and a 10 man comedy hour on TV at the same time!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: I am channeling my Inner Victorian today and wearing waaaaay too much jewelry. My only sorrow is that I don’t own a diamond stomacher.
    Rave: Much of said jewelry came from Aunt Alice, who had excellent taste and never threw anything out. Oh, and never married, so no heirs of her own to inherit it. Thank you, Aunt Alice!
    Rave? Rant? Some big changes coming at work. I”m both excited and unsettled.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hope your kids and grandkids and great grandkids etc enjoy their inheritance of Mignon Faget πŸ™‚

    • Quotia Zelda

      Additional Rant: I dreamt last night that Mr. Zelda and I bought an awesome, amazing old house. Huge dining room! Gorgeous staircase! 12 foot ceilings! Amazing woodwork! Perfect condition! Room for all of my mother’s massive antebellum furniture!
      I am now sad because I don’t own this awesome, amazing old house.

    • My mother, an owner of a fair amount of fine jewelry, firmly believes if you’ve got it, wear it. What good does having nice things do if you never see them? Related – a fair amount of that nice stuff will be mine some day (in the way distant future, hopefully) and I intend on honoring her.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Your mother is a very wise woman. This is why I started using silver every day, working up china every day. It also helps that I can replace my silverware, but not my pilfered LSU FOOD SVCS flatware.

        • I love this. I stand to inherit two lovely sets of fine dishware – Spode and some gorgeous yellow Depression glass – along with a full set of Stieff silver, including iced tea spoons(!). I will use them all – not just for special occasions. Because why not?

          • Emmaleigh504

            I got a set of my grandmother’s dishes when my aunt got tired of them and her kids didn’t want them. They are very pretty and not expensive to replace, I really should use them more than I do. But I really like my every day stuff. (Donna will get treats on the “fancy” china while convalescing .)

          • Donna is living the Fancy Feast life.

        • Family uses the nice Lenox china regularly – because every meal is a special occasion, right?

  • Rant: still bummed about low match. I prepped myself for this disappointment but it still really sucks. he did me a favor in the end and he’s going to be gone for a few weeks which he said should make it easier for us to deal with ending it. he said he would like to still spend time together (not dating) and I said I’d think about it. hmph. I have a few weeks to decide that.
    Neither: “former friend crush” such a great guy and attractive. friends are nudging us together and I can tell he’s trying but I still can’t get my mind off of low match. it’s really not fair.
    Rant: as you may remember, I am in a meetup group. lately been receiving random direct messages from guys I’ve never met in my meetup group trying to start a convo oddly reminiscent of my online dating experience. THIS IS NOT OKCUPID! This my friends only sanctuary! Is nothing sacred?!
    Rant: my personal life is in a shambles. I want to lie in bed all day and watch Gilmore Girls and snuggle with my dog.

    • I’m still confused about you being Bummed about low match.. I swore since day one- you were not interested in him, you mocked that he doesn’t know how to “just” date- and that he was looking for a relationship and you wanted NO parts of a relationship. Am I wrong?

      • maybe “low match” reads this blog connected the dots…

      • Oh hi, you’re back. You got it backwards. He said he didn’t want one. I did. But we were casual. So there, happy, jerk.

        • looks like “low match” dodge a bullet. good for him!

        • A quick google search confirms that anonymous is correct.

        • Didn’t tell yall everything that happened between us but what I posted is true. Older posts are not as accurate due to changing circumstances and my reluctance to share the actual truth. But hey you internet people can invalidate feelings all you want.

          • what I posted about what you’ve posted was true also. Funny how things only changed when the “friend crush” wasn’t interested in you. Then all of a sudden low match because lucky charm. ha!

          • Older posts aren’t accurate because of your reluctance to share the truth? I’m not sure there’s a reason to get bent out of shape when people base their opinions on, and ask questions regarding, your own prior posts.
            I think part of the confusion here is that, at least to my recollection, you never let on that you were excited about/really into low match. I may be wrong, but that’s what I remember.

      • And I never mocked him. I said he’s never dated before. GEEZ! You always get it wrong!

        • But didn’t he date someone between bad ex & you? Maybe you mean he’s not very experienced.

        • Yup! We are all wrong for following your posts on here about “low match” from the beginning. Remember when popville wager that you guys would end up together? That was because you made it clear that he was interested- and you were not. You swore off that you guys ending up in something more would NEVER happen. But hey- act like none of that didn’t happened.

  • Rave/rant: Job interview today. I’m not even sure I want the job, but I’m nervous nonetheless.

  • Rant – Had to be at work at the crack of dawn today. And tomorrow and Thursday
    Rave – Sunrises are pretty!
    Rave – Had an amazing time at my friend’s wedding in Philly over the weekend. It was so fun to see my old friends from high school and the weather was beautiful. My friend her husband looked so happy and in love! πŸ™‚
    Rant – I’m still tired from all that partying.

  • Bear

    Garden raves: This week I’ve made (and eaten) cucumber gazpacho, 4 jars of pickles, basque biscayne sauce made with choricero peppers, stuffed tomatoes, and pesto. Still have more cucumbers, collards, kale, zucchini, chard, and thai eggplant that need to be used. Love it!

  • Rant: got catcalled en route to the gym
    Revel: getting my butt to the gym for the first time in about 3 weeks
    Revel: treating myself to Little Red Fox afterward

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: pet videos. “He’s whizzzzzzing!” I can’t stop laughing!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Day 2 of being MOBILE! This is the day my group agreed to come into the office and like a good MOBILE worker, I attempted to connect through wireless and finally gave up, went to my old cubicle and plugged in. I’m sure the desk police coming for me soon!

    Rave: My former cubicle is so clean I can’t stand it.

    Rant: Exhausted and its only Tuesday.

    • I Dont Get It

      I just realized today would have been my mother’s 84th birthday! Weird, I feel guilty that I almost forgot about it. She’s been gone at least 16 years.

      • Blithe

        Not weird at all! I buy flowers on my Mom’s birthday to commemorate. As the song goes: “I’ll Always Love My Momma”. That’s still true, and for me, acknowledging her birthday is a good time to pause for a bit and appreciate that.

        • Blithe

          Just re-read my post. IDGI I didn’t mean to imply that you should feel guilty at all — just that I don’t see anything weird about remembering your mother’s birthday or deciding to do something to acknowledge the day in a way that makes it feel special.

      • Emmaleigh504

        You should have some birthday cake in her honor! I may have to get a cupcake in her honor as well.

  • Rave: Old Hickory BBQ in Owensboro, KY. Sweet Jesus, that’s good.
    Rant: Have to check a bag to get the sauce that I bought home to DC.
    Rave: Hopefully get to see good friends who moved to Nashville tonight.

    • I Dont Get It

      What were you doing in Owensboro? Most of my mother’s family was born there but few remain. I grew up in Evansville.

      • I am there now, on a business trip! Driving to Nashville late this afternoon (or, if I’m unlucky, this evening). Pretty country, and just delicious BBQ. And, banana pudding! I LOVE banana pudding. I had 2 desserts last night.

  • I Dont Get It

    Did you try any burgoo?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Vet tech called and Donna is doing well. They found some remnants of ovaries and took them out.
    Rave: the tech asked if I named her after Donna Martin from 90210. Of course I did. She won lunch from the other tech πŸ™‚

  • Rant:
    *Pop, pop, pop, pop…pop”
    “Was that gunfire?”
    “Yeah, pretty much. Sounded semi-automatic.”
    “Should we call the police?”
    “No, it was a couple blocks away so we wouldn’t be all too helpful with info. Someone else will call.”
    *Dog barks wildly
    *Man wearing tanktop, holding a shirt, jumps neighbor’s fence, sees dog, and proceeds to walk briskly, kind of sideways, down the alley. Meets up with other man at end of alley.
    “9-1-1 What’s your emergency?”
    “Well, there were just gunshots a couple blocks north, and I’m fairly certain someone involved just jumped my neighbor’s fence and is heading south now.”
    Ahhhh, summer’s in the city.

  • Rant: Random truck parked in my spot. I’d have it towed away, but if it belongs to the landlord or one of his guys, I’d rather not.

  • Rant: the video ads on this site that cause the page to spontaneously scroll back up to the top are back.

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