Shooting around 15th and T Street, NW

A reader reports around 1am:

“A shooting occurred by an alley on 15th between Swann and T streets NW at approximately 1:45am. The shooter was firing a handgun from about 10 feet away at a man trying to run away toward the alley. There was no audible argument between the two prior. There were 5 shots. Afterward, the shooter jogged up 15th toward U as the victim bled making his way through the alley toward 14th. The police found the victim in the alley bleeding about 10 minutes later.

Some good citizens that originally thought it was fireworks called it in as witnesses did not have charged phones. Thankfully, some people are willing to stand up, get involved and say something. How do we end the constant violence here in the District?”

@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“MPD is on the scene of a confirmed shooting in the 1700 block of T STREET NW”

Update from MPD:

“On today’s date, early this morning, officers were in the east alley of the 1800 Block of 14th Street NW. At approximately 0215 hours, a black male walked from the alley behind the members and fell onto the ground. Officers immediately called for an ambulance. The victim suffered from a gunshot wound and was transported to a local area hospital for a non life threatening injury. Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to contact the Third District Detective’s office on 202-673-6918”

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  • Tsar of Truxton

    1700 block of T is not 15th and T. I assume this was just a typo by MPD?

    • The alley between Swann and T on the 1400 block has blood everywhere. That’s the second shooting incident in that alley in 4 months.

  • This is across the street from my house. @Adam the last shooting was a bit more than four months ago (February, I watched it out my front window) but yeah, second one this year. What the hell.

    • Just went to check it out, there’s a ~50-foot trail of blood starting near 15th and going back into the alley. Not such a huge quantity, though. Hopefully the victim was okay.

  • Might be an abandoned house on that block people are using for drug deals?

    As for the way to get rid of the endless cycle of violent crime in DC and the USA in general? Good luck. We celebrate violence in this country. We embrace it. Look at military & incarceration spending vs education spending, look at the number of people killed in TV, movies and music, look how easy it is get a gun vs the rest of the world…But when dummies with no common decency do horrible things to each other and random strangers we get upset. That’s a recipe for endless hypocracy.

    • I don’t think *we* celebrate violence. I don’t. Rather, too many people creating / distributing movies, TV series, and popular music are cashing in by appealing to universal LCD base instincts, propagating a culture of violence and coarseness etc (exception: Pixar!).

      “Look at military & incarceration spending vs education spending,”

      Yes, but DC is definitely on the high end nationally of per pupil spending, and the results aren’t great (to put it mildly). I actually think that what this shooter needs — deserves — *is* prison, not more education money thrown at an unwilling person.

      • I think it’s become a little to chic to say ‘american education over-spends and doesn’t get results’ – so much progress is ignored – yeah, we have huge problems but we also have huge gains – high school graduation rates are up and violence is down – and I have kids in DCPS: the central office has issues but the teachers and parents (and of course kids) are great and FAR exceed their rep. Just my 2 cents!

        • That graduation rates are up and violence down shouldn’t be surprising given the changing demographics of the city.

      • other countries have the same violent movies and video games that we have – and none of the gun violence. what they don’t have is easy access to millions of guns.

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