Number of Prostitution Arrests, ‘Johns’, Now Up to 63 since Tuesday, July 14

Photo by PoPville flickr user Kristine Marsh

From MPD:

“Members of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Narcotics and Special Investigation Division Human Trafficking Unit announced 6 additional arrests have been made in a prostitution enforcement operation.

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Human Trafficking Unit began conducting prostitution enforcement. The 6 arrests between the overnight hours of Friday, July 24 and Saturday July 25, 2015 bring the total arrested in this operation to 63 since Tuesday, July 14, 2015. These incidents occurred in and around the Trinidad neighborhood, in Northeast. All arrested were adult males charged with Solicitation of Prostitution.

The Metropolitan Police Department continues to respond to complaints about crime and encourages the public to contact Metropolitan Police Department with concerns about crime.

The operation is ongoing.”

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  • Neighbors living in North Columbia Heights have noticed a major uptick in prostituon along 13th and 14th St between Spring Rd and Randolph St. They’ve been operating in the alley between Quincy and Randolph between 13th & 14th St as well as out of a few vacant houses. What council member is leading this charge? Who can we contact? It’s bad.

  • brookland_rez

    Well times have changed quite a bit from the DC I remember from 10 years ago. When I lived on Parker St, the tranny prostitutes used to line up under the K St bridge and business went on unabated. We used to call the police and they wouldn’t even come out.

    • Two years ago I lived in Senate Square and on multiple occasions when coming home late in a cab, I would pass prostitutes lined up on K Street under the train-tracks.

    • I don’t think it was meant to be mean, but the term “tranny” is not the best choice of words anymore.

      • I’m with you, but also kind of accept that when a story is being told by an old of a bygone time, the parlance of the time is part of the story. The other day, a customer told me about his (white) grandfather getting lynched for helping out a “negro family” in segregated North Carolina. I didn’t consider it racist, given the context.
        Doesn’t hurt hurt to use quotes, though, like I just did.

  • Can someone explain to me why the pimps themselves are apparently untouchable? Those are the guys (and ladies) who should be doing hard time for the culture of abuse and disease they perpetuate.

    • “Can someone explain to me why the pimps themselves are apparently untouchable?”
      Circumstantial evidence makes it hard to stick a charge on them.

    • This isn’t the 70s or the set of “Superfly”. It’s also not the world of people who raise money off of lurid tales of trafficking and usually don’t do much about anything that sex workers really care about “Pimps” play much less of a role than you would imagine and the entire sex business is heavily tied to cellphones and the internet.

      • While you’re correct in your assertion that cellphones and the Internet are seriously disrupting pimping of old, you seem to discount the role of pimps in all of the underage prostitution that takes places. One of the major networks produced a very interesting segment about underage prostitution in DC – check it out.

    • It’s because actual “police work” and “investigations” are no longer of interest to MPD, who now understand that strong-arming victims to not report crimes works so much better.

    • The way to get rid of the pimps is to make sex work legal.

  • Why don’t any of the articles about these arrests list the names of the people arrested? They often post names and mug shots for perps of other crimes- why not this? In the post article this morning, they mentioned the background of two perps but didn’t name names. Why? The MPD seems to be making a big deal about shaming the johns by taking their cars, but wouldn’t naming them publicly be more effective than that?

    • Unlike many other jurisdictions, it is not legal to publicize mugshots in DC, and the release of basic arrest information is strictly regulated. MPD only publishes photos of suspects either to ask the public for assistance in identifying or locating the suspect, or to warn the public about a dangerous individual.

  • MVT

    The picture accompanying this article creeps me out

  • Think of the children! And every other human. Sex is an essential human need. Sex workers fill that need. Make it legal. Control for abuse – it isn’t that difficult.

    • I agree, it should be legalized and regulated. However, right now, it’s not exactly a victimless crime.

  • Yes, major problem on Spring, but in the alley on the south side of the road as well, and in my parking spot specifically. These folks hang out on 14th just south of Spring… They’ve got to go. I’ve called the police a shitload and they haven’t run increased patrols through the alley as promised. I’ve also offered to point out to the police exactly who these people are and they claim to already know. So, why not do something about it vice? Between the biohazard in my parking spot, including the surprise pile of shit every now and then, and the petty theft and other garbage, including some troll-fucker living under my deck (literally had someone stashing their belongings under the stairs of my deck), I’ve had enough and would appreciate some cleanup…

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