“My house was shot last night”


“Dear PoPville,

My fiance and I live (with our dog, Logan) at 5th and Longfellow St NW. Last night, there were two rounds of shots fired. One shot at 10pm. The next set of 5-10 shots fired at around 1045p.

We heard something hit the back of our house (which happens to be our master bathroom which is attached to our bedroom). We were in the bedroom.

We called the police (as did many of our neighbors) who came out to look at the house and search for suspects. Supposedly, they caught a guy the next block up.

With closer inspection this morning, we saw that a rogue bullet that hit the space in between our two upper level back windows.

Any idea what to do now? Should we call the police to retrieve the bullet? Home owners insurance for repair the siding?”

Ed. Note: The police have been called and notified about the bullet/damage.

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  • Always call the police if you find bullet damage. Depending on the circumstances, they may want to come out and process the scene to see if they can find the slug.

  • SusanRH

    I would not report this to your homeowners insurance company.

  • HaileUnlikely

    Absolutely call the police and report that your house was shot.
    I would not report this to my insurance company – cost to repair is unlikely to be greater than your deductible, and even if it is, it surely won’t be by enough to warrant risking having your premium increase due to a claim. (Honestly, if it were me, unless I was getting ready to try to sell the house, I’d do the best DIY repair I could do and call it good enough.)

    • Accountering

      I agree with this. Caulk it and be done with it. A home owners claim that someone “shot your house” is not going to be a good thing to have on your insurance record.

  • same thing happened to my rooftop (live in petworth), only I figured it out when, after a snowstorm (snow accumulated on roof and melted due to blocked downspout), the bullet hole led to a leak in my son’s bedroom. I had a roofer on top where the leak started and we were still trying to discover what caused the leak and he looked at me and said “I usually only see this in NE DC” [yada yada yada] “this is a bullet hole.”

    don’t call the insurance company, just fix it as previous posters have said.

  • First of all you have my deepest sympathies. As a homeowner who has also had nearby shootings I can honestly say I relate to the frustrating and terrifying experience.
    I agree with others. Definitely do not contact your homeowner’s insurance. Just get it fixed. You can probably do it yourself. There’s a lot of google advice about how to repair bullet holes.
    Also, I hope the person who commented on an earlier post all their friends are moving to Brightwood because Petworth is too violent is reading this.

  • As the two previous posts state – call MPD and do NOT call your insurance company.

  • Yikes! I’m glad that everyone in your house is okay, and hopefully your neighbors. I hope the MPD keep you informed.

  • OMG I am so depressed to be living in a city where residents casually post comments about fixing bullet holes in their homes from recent random shootings. What is this, the wild northwest around here!? Kids and people live in these homes, dogs too. We should go back to the days of solving disputes through duels! At least that way we could have sanctioned protected areas for duels so our houses wouldn’t be riddled with bullet holes!

  • Someone (a recent ex con) stole a gun from my mom’s house. The police never followed up even though we know exactly who stole it and when, but said if they ever found that the gun was used in a crime, they would. A couple years prior I had unloaded a round from that gun into the ground for fun, (mind you, this was in rural Texas). Wonder if the police dug up that old slug, would they be able to get the ballistics from it to test for match to any subsequent crimes?? Would the markings last that long? And would the police care or even bother.

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