Major Progress at Homestead coming to Petworth next to Qualia Coffee – Major Progress Still to Come

3911 Georgia Ave, NW

Speaking of places still coming – well it’s been a couple years but the Homestead from the owners of the Blaguard is still coming too. There’s been some serious progress – it’s like a total reconstruction. I’m not sure if I’m dreaming it but I’m feeling like a rood deck could be in the works too – stay tuned.

Update from the owners – no roof deck but plenty of outdoor space coming:

“We do not plan to open Homestead with a high roof deck. We have outdoor seating at the original porch level and we are adding a new front balcony off the second floor. In addition we built a terrace in the back that’s over 1,000 sq/ft. Total outdoor is over 1,500 sq/ft.”



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  • I’ve been tracking the progress. Amazing the work they have done and I appreciate their investment in the neighborhood. They are going to do so well! Between Homestead, Slim’s Diner, Timber Pizza and Twisted Horn; Petworth is blowing up. Plus two new condo developments on the block will also have retail. Good to see!
    It’s worth mentioning there are tons of similar houses along Georgia Ave in the heart of Petworth that would make killer restaurants or retail. Something like Maketto or Colony Club would be amazing. Not all the properties need this much work, but I’m guessing they got a good deal so could more. This area also is eligible for Great Street Grants ($85,000 for interior and exterior renovations) for new or existing businesses. Upper 14th St and Upshur also elligible.

  • A buddy of mine lives behind this building and the roof deck looks amazing.

  • All I have seen over the past few months is people out front piling, sorting, then re-piling and re-sorting bricks. Good to hear there is some other movement going on. Its over a year past their original opening date and it still doesn’t look close.

  • About time! I feel like they have been working on this forever.

  • Great to see!

  • Good to know. I live across the street and see this place every day. It seems like there is never any movement.

  • Love the owners! Great guys and am happy there is finally some progress!

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