Washington, DC


Lots of folks have been asking for updates on the new restaurant Homestead, from the owners of the Blaguard, coming to 3911 Georgia Ave, NW.

Here’s an update from the owners:

“Things are moving along nicely. We are under construction at the Homestead. Demo and all construction drawings are complete. At this point we are just waiting for an approval from the city to start building the addition to the back yard. The most complex parts of this project involve converting the residential building to commercial code and the rear addition, both of which require extensive review from the city. We are finalizing the permits on that part of the building at this time. The build should start in no more than 30 days. The space, the menu, and the finishing touches should be complete over the winter and we will launch in the Spring when the roof deck will be enjoyable. We can’t wait to open our doors.”



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