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  • Am I correct in thinking the entrance for this is in the back alley?
    How far from the cross street is this and how well lit is the alleyway?

    • I believe the alley is next to the building on the right if you are looking at the staircase.

    • Looking at google, it seems there are a few other businesses in the alley as well – the Shakespeare Theater Company and an art gallery.

  • justinbc

    This doesn’t seem secluded at all, nor do they explain how it’s unique…

  • Something in me likes the words “Gin program” though.

    • Me too. When they say strong gin program. Is the gin strong or is the program strong?

      • I was wondering the same thing. Maybe they’re using the Navy-strength Plymouth for their tonics?

      • This is where hyphens come in handy. A strong gin program is a strong program offering gin. A strong-gin program is a program that offers strong gin. … I’ll see myself out.

      • Come on… I think the meaning here is pretty obvious. If they wanted to remove all doubt, they could reword it as “a strong program of gin-based cocktails” or something like that.
        If there’s any problem with the writing here, it’s the second part. Right now it sounds like the _program_ is accompanied by various tonics and garnishes, but I imagine they meant that the _gin_ is accompanied by various tonics and garnishes.
        I see lots of bad writing in press releases, but this one doesn’t strike me as much of an offender.

    • Emmaleigh504

      We should have a Gin and Gardening meeting here, so we can explore the program.

  • nouns with hyphens modify

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