About that Helicopter in Bloomingdale/Eckington Last Night

copter spot light

A few folks tweeted us about a helicopter circling Bloomingdale and Eckington around mindnight last night – word on the street is that there was a police chase involving a stolen car with suspects believed to be involved in a number of robberies. They bailed out of the car on Rhode Island Ave and the copter was aiding in the search. I do not know if anyone was caught.

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  • thanks for the update!

  • At around 2230-2300 there were several cop cars that had blocked the intersection of T and northbound North Capitol (across the bridge from St. Martin’s Catholic church). No sirens, but lots of lights.

  • Probably just a bunch of youths protesting against gentrification the only way they know how.
    Even if they are caught I’m sure there won’t be any consequences.

  • The police set up camp in front of my house on Seaton Place NE. One officer told me that there were 8 teens in the car that was abandoned, and that they’d captured 5, with 3 running off into the neighborhood (prompting the k-9 units and helicopter). I read on another site that one more was found in an empty home on T Street.

  • The SUV slammed into a car on my street (U st ne). Could’ve sworn I heard a gunshot much coming over by Lincoln. The neighborhood was littered with cops.

  • I saw several cops run down T street (from Lincoln ave in direction of North Capitol). They caught up with two guys and cuffed them at the north Capitol/ T street intersection on the bridge.

    The guys were still sitting on the curb cuffed around 1am when I went to bed.

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