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  • YESSS!!! When are they opening?!!

    • Hi agdc! We don’t know when we’ll open. Honestly I have no clue. We’re waiting on some permits. In the meantime our offices are moving to part of the space and we have a really cool work exchange student program based there too! We’ll keep you posted and thanks for being happy about this! 🙂

  • Thankful for this!

  • That is a great location for them!

  • Didn’t think this was zoned for this. I guess it’s better than living next to a restaurant though and I love El Chucho.

  • hope this doesn’t hurt kali yoga’s business too much! love that place.

    • No worries! Abby, the founder at Kali Yoga, said she’s not concerned about us being on 11th Street. I had reached out to owners of both Kali Yoga and Yoga Heights to see how they felt about YD opening in their area and to let them know about steps YD usually takes to avoid competing with nearby studios. Side note: I didn’t even plan on opening on 11th Street–I would have loved to open in Brookland as planned, and hopefully a space will still come through there after three spaces have fallen through unfortunately, but in the meantime a friend of a friend offered the new space on 11th Street (a deal too good to pass up). I didn’t even want to make the 11th St space a Yoga District–I was collaborating with a fellow DC teacher to open a DC Dharma Yoga Center as an offering to our guru, Dharma Mittra, but that DC teacher has gone his own way.

  • Oh Great just what we needed another yoga studio. theres Kali on 14th and monroe and yoga heights on georgia and park already. i thought Jasmine, the owner, is all about bringing yoga to underserved communities, seems more like shes just interested in under cutting pre-existing studios, Bikram on Hst, flow and buddha b on 14th st, and now kali and yoga heights. classless

    • Here here the big joke is that they call themselves a non profit! It is so misleading. They are as for profit as Mc Donalds!

      • Yoga District has a nonprofit mission to keep yoga accessible. That’s why it returns proceeds to the community by, first, providing affordable yoga classes around the city in which no one is ever turned away for lack of funds and, second, is the primary source of funding for its sister organization, Yoga Activist, a 501(c)3 nonprofit devoted to facilitating yoga for trauma survivors and underserved communities throughout the country. Yoga District has posted its annual returns on its website that make clear that it does not have nonprofit tax status (nonprofit tax status would make it more difficult for it to compete for good leases around DC) but the financial transparency is unlike any other I’ve seen in a yoga studio. The very fact that Yoga District doesn’t operate like a corporation, taking money out of the organization to give to shareholders, is precisely why it has succeeded in serving numerous communities in DC while supporting a national 501(c)3 nonprofit.

        I want to be very clear, I am the founder of Yoga District, not an anonymous internet commenter. If anyone has any concerns about the way Yoga District operates, I invite a candid, honest discussion, because I stand by Yoga District and Yoga Activist and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together.

    • Thank you. 100% agreed. Plus, they pay their teachers awfully.

      • Yoga Smoga
        Yoga District has officially become the lululemon of the yoga world. Core Power + Yoga District = Yoga Smoga.

      • Yoga District pays its teachers well. Yoga District is the only studio in DC offering teachers employee status instead of contractor status. And I think we’re the only studio I’ve heard of that gives instructors paid time off (two weeks a year). In terms of benefits, Yoga District has paid thousands and thousands for our teachers’ continuing education so they can continue to grow and serve the student communities. Teachers are paid for each student customer in their class so the only time a teacher isn’t making a lot of money is when they aren’t attracting a lot of students–this means the teacher is probably newer and needs more experience before attracting more students and earning more pay.

    • Hi Rob! Yoga District offerings are different from other studios. For instance, Kali yoga specializes in Forest Yoga, Mysore and Rocket Yoga. Yoga Heights specializes in Heated Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga. The 11th Street Yoga District location will focus on Dharma Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Meditation, purposefully avoiding the types of yoga already offered in nearby areas. I encourage you to try different yoga traditions so that you can learn how not all yoga is the same and that each tradition can be quite distinct from the next– the teachings of yoga are meant to be customized for the needs and natures of attending students so that the teachings are accessible to them. I’ve devoted my life to ensuring yoga is accessible. The Yoga District community and I work hard to offer you accessible prices, accessible locations, accessible teachings and yoga styles, and our teachers enjoy access to a real livelihood with offered employee rights, paid vacation, benefits, and per student pay. I’m sorry you don’t agree with the way I’ve operated, but I feel like there might be a misunderstanding. I would love to connect with you personally and directly so I can learn more about where you are coming from.

      • Don’t forget that Lighthouse is nearby and they offer lots of meditation.

        • Yes! That’s excellent! Lighthouse offers really transformative meditations in the Kundalini tradition! I highly recommend it! We will not be featuring Kundalini meditation at the 11th Street location of Yoga District out of respect to Lighthouse and because we will be focusing on more Dharma style practices at 11th Street.

  • Welcome to the neighborhood!!! I plan to try yoga for the very first time here, once it opens. As a new mom, I’m thinking this is just what I need, and I love the convenient location!

    • I look forward to practicing with you Lisa! I’m a new mom too. My boy’s nine-month birthday is today! I hope you’re getting enough sleep–the 11th Street Yoga District will have something called Yoga Nidra aka Yogic Sleep Meditation. I totally recommend you try it–it’s really restorative and energizing, which is something I think all new moms could really use!

  • Welcome to the neighborhood Yoga District!! Cant wait until you open! Any updates on possible opening dates?

    • I wish! I heard it might just be another week for the permit to come through, then a week to finish the permitted work and then a week for final inspection… That would put us around mid/late June! I’m hopeful. If anyone has a friend at the permit office to help move things along I’d love to know!

  • Yay yoga district. Wish you’d come to Kennedy st. I hope you offer a variety of class times and styles. I don’t think this neighborhood has too much yoga. Not enough in my opinion.

    • Hi Yogaful! Tell me more about Kennedy Street! Like near 16th and Kennedy or more east or west of there? What kinds of yoga offerings are in your area?

    • Twist and Turns Fitness is right off 14th and Kennedy Street. They’re a really small, lovely studio owned by a mother and daughter. I highly recommend checking them out if you live up that way.

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