Reader Reports Hill Country Back Yard BBQ Navy Yard Location Across the Street from Nats Park

Image via google maps

Yesterday we learned “Hill Country Backyard BBQ not coming back to the Building Museum but They’re Gonna do Something in Navy Yard”. A commenter with the scoop on the new location for Navy Yard:

“They’re setting up shop at the corner of N St. SE and South Capitol where the gas station used to be. They have string lights, picnic tables, bathrooms and a ‘Hill Country’ bar set up already.”

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  • A place to go when they kick you out of The Bullpen for wearing those pants with little whales all over them.

  • palisades

    As in, it’s ready today? Or in like 2 weeks?

  • I guess this is a better use considering the location, but damn! There goes my secret cheap ballgame parking!

  • Im going to the game tonight. Is it open for business today?

  • Isn’t it going to be really hot sitting in the middle of a concrete lot come June/July/August? Seems very uninviting.

    • Also, the amount of traffic rolling down South Cap during weekday rush hour could possibly make for the least comfortable ambiance of all time.

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