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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • justinbc

    Monthly PoP HH today at Bluejacket from 5 til flop!

    • justinbc

      By the way, I’ve been organizing these for a little over a year now and have tried to hit every major DC neighborhood that’s at a Metro stop. If you feel like your hood hasn’t gotten any love and want me to setup one there please post here and I’ll try to find a good spot for it.

        • justinbc

          Oof. I think that’s a bit out of my purview. I know there are some decent bars up there, but I also know the chances of me attending are pretty slim… I’m sure there’s a suburb subgroup of readers out there who would show up though!

        • Takoma? Republic would probably do some sort of drink specials for PoP, and has a nice outdoor space in the back. Busboys is closer to the Metro, but doesn’t have a great mingling space.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Hey Justin, the newly opened Provisions 14 sounds like it would be a great place for a happy hour and/or brunch. One specialty is drinks to share and food to share. And it is across the street from me at 14th and V.

    • hammers

      Thanks for organizing…don’t think I’m gonna make it. Feling a bit like Pablo Raw–busy stressed and tired–add cold and itchy and that’s me. have fun everyone!!

    • Hoping to make it this time.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Found out yesterday that Bub and Pops changed their hours to now close at 4PM. There goes my evening fix when I work late hours at my Farragut office.
    Rave: Wound up finding OKI, a tucked in a basement style ramen shop reminiscent of Sakuramen. This might be the best bowl of ramen west of the Capitol in DC.
    Rant: Found out last week that Fort Totten Transfer Station no longer accept dirt. Found this out after loading up an entire car full of dirt (trunk and back seats down) and taking it there, after many previous trips with no issue. Spoke to a supervisor there and he said it was a directive from the new Chief, that they don’t have the capabilities to process it. Seems like an odd change, and the guys picking up the regular weekly trash have no problems taking it when it’s in the bin. They referred me to a paid trash service for disposal, no thanks.
    Rave: Half day today, 4 day weekend, then telework all next week. Job flexibility is the best.

  • Rave: graduated from law school last Sunday!

    Rant: now have to start bar study—initially 6-8 hours a day and then ramping up to 10-12?! I was supposed to do 7 chapters on contracts yesterday, but instead I did one and called it a day. Ugh.

    • Congrats and good luck!

    • Congrats! Which bar are you taking? Which bar review course are you using?

      • NY, and Themis. Blech. I have no initiative right now—I’m still in bed, contemplating going back to sleep, instead of sitting in the library and learning about contract law. I’m the worst.

        • Haha, I definitely remember that feeling. The one thing I’ll say is that you just need to approach it like a full-time job and remember that no matter how much it sucks making the sacrifice now, it’s totally worth it if it means you don’t have to take it again in February!

    • You can pass while studying less, so don’t stress, and if it’s Maryland (or another state that’s heavy on essays) do not take barbri. If it’s Maryland, do shemer.
      Last tip, you don’t need to study or practice the mpt. Just look it over and work on time management. All the info is provided as a part of the packet, so you don’t need to learn any subject matter for it just be able to fully flesh it out in 90 mins. Good luck!

      • Thanks! I’m taking NY and Themis–Barbri is just too expensive, and I like that Themis publishes its pass rates.

        • I only did barbri because I was a rep, so it was free, then after I failed I just got the books (I like barbri books as a supplement) focused on my weak areas and studied maybe 1hr a day while working 50/week and passed with flying colors.
          I’ve heard good things about themis.

  • Rave: Beyonce’s “Halo” on repeat. That’s all I’ve got today.

  • RANT: Ear ache/ sore throat/ semi tooth ache. It is exactly as bad as it sounds
    RANT: I still came to work
    RANT: Rain
    RANT: No umbrella and I take the metro
    RAVE: Off tomorrow

  • RAVE: JR Swish with a solid performance. Still waiting for an epic LeBron monster game. Maybe he’s saving it for Curry in the finals.
    RAVE: Home to Cleveland for the weekend to see family.
    RANT: Scheduled protest for Tamir Rice and the Michael Brelo trial in the park near my child hood home on Saturday. Tired of the racial rants and flat out racist comments from people I knew growing up and now own homes in the area.
    RAVE: #OneCLE working to keep the protests peaceful

  • That One Guy

    Rant: lost wallet on bus while commuting home last night.
    Rave: found wallet at the bus station.
    Rant: canceling cards. Only need to do one more.

  • skj84

    Rant: former coworker who told me my barista job is “beneath me”. I like working in the coffee shop. It’s rewarding, I meet interesting people, it’s probably the most relaxed job I’ve had. Plus free food and coffee! I don’t feel ashamed about working a service job. Never have. I hate that mentality.

    Rave: Happy Hour tonight! I can’t stay out too late, I’m opening tomorrow. I’m wearing a brown hat and Union Jack scarf.

    • I feel you on that. I have two jobs, one at a great nonprofit and the second at a bar. It’s strange how often my day job coworkers feel that it’s okay to comment on my 2nd occupation. I love working at a bar, and no, it’s not okay for you to comment on what you think is “good” for me. There’s a lot to be said for free food and meeting awesome people, it’s fun!

    • About once a week, I’m tempted to quit my office job and return to my waitressing roots. You run your ass off for 6 hours instead of sitting on your ass for 9 hours, and you never have to take your work home with you.
      There are some restaurants in this city that would be a decent living for my purposes, I think. Does anyone actually know what servers take home from the big/fancy/busy places?

      • justinbc

        I don’t know about servers, but I know several bartenders who are in the 100-150 range.

        • skj84

          Same. Servers were usually around 60k.

        • Wow…maybe I should stop looking for a job and learn to bartend. Now that smoking isn’t allowed inside anymore, it is something I could actually do.

          • justinbc

            I should clarify that the ones I know in that range are either running the bar’s drinks program, or very attractive women (and sometimes both).

          • skj84

            It’s the top tier bartenders who make the most. You definitely need to hustle if you want to get to that level. Learn bar basics and try a low range place to see how you like it.

      • The place I work is decent, busy most days, mid-price range, with Thurs, Fri., Sat. nights being the busiest. Our full time servers have regular schedules, benefits, and work 5 days a week with weekend nights guaranteed. I would say that they’re taking home $900 a week on the regular, with it getting much higher during peak periods (like springtime patio seating). But this winter was really tough for us (dead slow) so you have to take the good with the bad.

      • I know quite a few people pulling down 6 figures serving or bartending. Average is probably 60-70k for full-time.

    • It’s always amazing to me how there are jobs people need to go – someone has to make your coffee, someone has to clean your office, someone has to teach your kids, ect. Not everyone can or wants a crazy hours high paying lobbying/law/investing job. There are different people and different jobs – the whole “if you want to make more money, stop working at mcdonalds” crap is so annoying – those people do a job that is (for better or worse) needed in our economy, so why tell them they don’t DESERVE more money because they don’t had advanced degrees and work in the service sector?? so ignorant.

  • Rant: Barn friend lost her horse, the love of her life, as he collapsed underneath her from a heart attack.
    Rant: Good friend in for terrifying surgery today.
    Rave: Her friends and I spent last night ( and the past few weeks in the lead-up) showering her with love and support and plan to continue through out this whole ordeal.
    Rant: Crying in my office
    Rave: At least I have a door on my office and some nice tea.

  • Rave: Pediatrician visit was actually under 45 minutes yesterday! Woot woot! Clean report on both ears.
    Rave: Mostly fun afternoon with the kiddo–shared some frozen yogurt & spent a half hour at the playground on the way home. Had a few fits in the evening, but that’s to be expected. Transitions are hard and she’s so tired.
    Rant: Wife woke up with ALL the symptoms of pink eye. She went off to urgent care while I got drop-off duty. At least antibiotic drops should clear it up quickly?
    Rave: Totally making a double batch of bagels tomorrow so I can give some to kiddo’s teachers as a thank-you treat (along with some banana bread!) and also have some for our visiting friends. YUM!
    Rave: Rain today but clear weekend with perfect weather for baseball on Saturday, and just one day of summery weather to allow for going to a splash park on Monday!

    • Oh and how could I forget this RANT: getting woken up at 5:30am by my cat. Argh. You’re totally getting shut in the den again tonight! I need my sleep!!!!

  • Rave: Didn’t realize that dog had bad allergies. Put him on Claritin at our vet’s recommendation and no more sneezes/runny nose. Had lots of dog snuggles this morning.
    Rave: 33 days until Croatia. Cannot wait for a vacation.

  • That One Guy


    Can you think of an animated Disney movie where a character is not killed or dies?

    I could only come up with Cars (but not sure that counts since it was a Pixar film).

  • Rave: Casa Luca responded to a passive-aggressive (I don’t like to get aggress-aggressive in restaurants) “I’m a little concerned that the entrees will get cold while we finish the previous course by remaking the entree, comping a round of wine (the most expensive they had by the glass, coincidentally) and then sending out cookies and our choice of amaro or cello for dessert. Quite a recovery — I like the place anyway and would have forgiven them for a lot less.
    Interesting: Usually at a “nice” dinner mid-week I’d be tempted to start with a martini and get a glass of white and a glass of red with app and entree (weekends it could be off to the races). And, of course, if they send out free cello, there’s that. To be honest, I’ve always found the “wine pairs so well with food” to be a bit of a rationalization. I drink because I enjoy a warm, glow-y booze buzz with my meal. Naltrexone works by attacking serotonin processors and damping the desire for that buzz and and it was damn strange to look at the waiter at the cocktail moment and order water (which I have done before — admittedly only rarely) without even a twinge of regret. The martini had become an abstract concept instead of a concrete craving. I did get a glass of cabernet/sangiovese with the entree, out of the spirit of scientific inquiry and because it pairs so well with lamb blade steaks. Never finished it, and not just because the cabernet dominated the sangiovese and I felt inauthentic drinking a French/American grape with Italian food (of course, they had Hollandaise on the asparagus). And I didn’t finish the cello, either. Drinking just to be polite is very foreign to me. Given the quantity of food versus the quantity of wine, no real insight into the effect on potential warm buzzes, but no emotional embers appeared to be glowing. We’ll have to see how the bachelor’s party next week goes.

    • Blithe

      That IS interesting. I don’t drink — it’s just never appealed to me, despite tastes of “awesome single malts”, festive champagnes, and so on. I’ve often wondered if I’m just wired in a way that just doesn’t respond to alcohol the way many people seem to. The way you describe your response to taking Naltrexone is pretty similar to the way I am all the time. I enjoy having someone else order the flaming party drink because it’s pretty, or tasting the fabulous x-tini of the month because it’s new, but I”m just not into it. So maybe it’s a serotonin thing.

  • Rant: Woke up at 5 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep.
    Rave: After giving up on going back to sleep, I got some things done around the house.
    Rave: Cooler weather. Yes, please!
    Rave: I _think_ I’ve finally finished digging up the last of the tubers from the orange daylilies I dug up last week.
    Rant: This basically meant digging 10-12 inches deep over a space about a foot wide and 12 feet long, and going through the dirt by hand. And I probably didn’t get every single last tuber, but I had to stop at some point.
    Rave: Saturday looks to be good weather for planting my summer bulbs, replanting the irises I dug up (after I divide them), replanting the crocuses I had to dig up (because they were next to the godforsaken daylilies), etc.

  • Rant: bought a house a year ago that was fully renovated in 2011. Went online to look up permits after all the recent stories on bad flips…. No permits except for siding and window replacement! Sigh, anyone know of an inspector to contact that can assess whether there are any major issues/potential code violations? Our original home inspection didn’t pick anything up.

    • Fully renovated by a developer and only has permits for those two things? I’d contact DCRA to start.

      • We had the same thing happen… fully renovated, no permits. Turns out the work done left the house unstructurally sound. If there was any work done that was major, such as taking out load bearing walls to make it open plan, I strongly suggest getting a structural engineer to assess.

  • Rant: All of the people angry and protesting Game of Thrones over a scene with one of the characters. These same people were apparently totally OK with the way he humiliated repeatedly Theon Greyjoy and even mutilated his manhood from him, but do something to the female character and suddenly it’s an outrage. Very hypocritical.

    • I know a lot of GoT fans and even the ones who hate Theon are not OK with what happens to him. But what happened to him and what happened to Sansa are not even remotely the same thing. I’m not sure how you are confused by that.

    • justinbc

      Theon was a bad guy. Nobody happens what happens to bad guys. It’s a TV show filled with obscene scenes (Oberyn Martell’s death, anyone?), picking any singular one to get upset about seems rather silly to me.

      • I have to agree. For scheduling reasons I had to wait a few days to watch the show, so I was very eagerly waiting to see how bad the sansa scene was. But it was about 30 seconds, and the cameras focus was on Theon most of the time, not on Sansa. The show is obscene and unnecessary in every way (I cannot count the number of nude scenes, grotesque deaths, rapes, etc), I am not sure why people are so upset about this one particular scene. Is it because it was about sansa, who people know and have seen grow up? What makes the crimes against her worse than the rapes against other (known characters and unknown characters) women in the show? I think it also says something about sansa’s strength as an amazing survivor given the horrible crimes against her, from the crazy prince/king to ramsay. Its also ironic how feminine sansa returns to winterfell, knowing what will happen to her, because she is sansa stark at the same time that “strong” aria keeps saying she is “no one”.

        • That One Guy

          Maybe by not actually showing the scene viewers’ imaginations were coaxed into thinking about it and were in turn internalizing what happened more personally than just sort of digesting things as presented them with respect to other scenes from GoT.

        • See, it bothers me that it did focus on Theon more than her. If they actually put that in there to advance his storyline and not hers, that’s absolutely effed up. You don’t throw a rape scene of a teenager in to advance a different (male) character’s storyline…that’s not ok.

    • Couldn’t you say that Ramsey “mutilated Sansa’s womanhood” much the way he did to Theon? I’m guessing you’re a man since I’ve only seen men get upset over people’s reactions to Sansa’s rape and saying it’s not as bad as what happened to Theon. Both acts were horrible. I think one huge difference is that Theon is also a bad person, and has done horrible things–much more horrible than anything Sansa has done. Why can’t we be upset about what happened to both characters, or even care more about Sansa? I don’t get why people are upset that other people found that scene so disturbing. I truly hope it has nothing to do with a feeling by men that their wives are their property once married, and therefore it’s their right ot have sex with them. I’m not accusing you of this viewpoint, but I can’t help but think that may be part of it.

      • For me part of the issue is that this change was so poorly justified. I don’t believe the book version of Baelish would have ever put her in this kind of danger. And that her book storyline (which was focused on getting her more agency and the ability to get into a better situation) was swapped out for her again being completely powerless and back to being abused by hideous people. We’ve seen this storyline already, and I for one have been sick of it for a long time.

      • “Why can’t we be upset about what happened to both characters…”
        But isn’t this precisely the point that anon is making? That people *aren’t* upset about both? That there seems to be a different standard of (un)acceptability when it comes to the rape of a woman compared with any number of other savage acts depicted in the show? Or are people actually just upset because something bad happened to a character they like?
        BTW I don’t watch the show and I’m not upset about any of it. Just following the discussion out of curiosity.

    • Isn’t the main complaint not that it’s so graphic, but that it greatly deviates from the storyline in the book?

      I have read the books, and while I haven’t gotten around to watching this season yet, I’ve heard about what happens and it is drastically different. I know, I know that the show hasn’t completely stayed true to the books (being mainly that the books are way too long/detailed to show it all and that Martin is never going to get out that sixth book before the show has caught up) but what happens is a very big change in the story. I thought that was the main gripe.

    • I feel like the level of outrage over this is hypocritical, when there was no real outrage over Dany’s wedding night. I don’t think comparing it to anything that’s been done to Theon is correct…but I think that comparing it to Dany’s wedding night is a good comparison. I think we’re just more attached to Sansa now. I have no problem that people don’t like that it was included (I agree it was unnecessary) but I’m having a hard time with the level of outrage, particularly from feminist blogs saying that they’ll no longer support the show – like, have you been paying attention up until now?

    • I’m angry and protesting because Game of Thrones has descended into a morass of tedium. Too many characters wandering around too many countries and getting nowhere.

  • RANT: A bunch of teenagers paraded down my block last night playing “put em in a coffin.” For the uneducated, they film themselves body slamming and denting your car hood. My car appears unharmed, but there are dents in half a dozen cars on my block, some pretty bad.
    RANT: So far, it appears they got away with it. The police responded quickly but couldn’t find the d!ckbags who did it.

  • Rant: Woke up in a funk from weird dreams.
    Rant: Green line this morning. Late, packed, and haphazardly not servicing stops.
    Rave: Looking forward to happy hour.
    Rave: Bought gear for my first camping trip. I’ve been pretty resistant to try it but there will be a beach, ponies, and close friends so this is probably the best case scenario for me to give it a shot.

  • emvee

    Rant: Dog woke up at 4:30 and paced around until I took him out. All he wanted to do was sniff things.
    Rave: At least I was up. Went for a 5 mile run before the rain hit!
    Rave: Since it’s rainy, I’ll spend tonight cooking and being lazy with zero guilt because of the above rave.

  • Rant: the only thing I want to do in this life is get a PhD in the humanities and land a TT professor job. I finished my MA 2 years ago and I know realistically it would be a foolish, foolish decision, financially and otherwise, since those jobs are nearly nonexistent. I’m too tired from my current job, where I’m not able to capitalize on my natural talents, to do anything but collapse when I get home, and I feel intellectually atrophied and depressed.
    Rave: there was a bag of candy on my desk today from coworkers. That’s nice.
    Rave: going to Bermuda this weekend with SO’s family. Any off the beaten trail recommendations?

    • I’m sorry. That’s a frustrating career dream. Many of my friends are professors, many tenured, and it’s not what any of them had hoped for. Universities are cutting costs in all the wrong places, administration is bloating, students are formally recognized as “customers”… Sure, the actual teaching and mentoring is still satisfying to many, but academe is a diminished and increasingly negative environment.
      That said, PhDs are usually free. So if you’ve got someone to support you while you’re making a candidate’s stipend, why not?

      • “That said, PhDs are usually free. So if you’ve got someone to support you while you’re making a candidate’s stipend, why not?” My PhD years were free, but there was an opportunity cost. It was five years of life not spent pursuing something else, and that’s no small thing.

      • “That said, PhDs are usually free.” Yeah, but there’s still the opportunity cost of the time you could be spending doing something else, and the $, seniority, etc. that you could be earning.
        I got out with an MA and don’t regret it a bit. I keep having weird dreams in which I’ve decided to resume the PhD program… and those dreams are basically nightmares.
        Anon for This — Is there anything you can do in your current job to give you more intellectual exercise? Or could you change to a job that might be more stimulating?

        • justinbc

          Can you explain this PhDs are free thing? I’ve never looked into it, but that sounds rather intriguing. I’ll be retiring in 10-15 years and definitely wouldn’t mind pursuing it then since I’ve already got my masters.

          • Usually when participating in a PhD program (and some MA programs), you do an assistantship. So, if a grad student is teaching and/or performing research in furtherance of the school’s academic standing/mission, they receive a stipend, health insurance, and don’t pay tuition. Although most students still need to get grants to help fund their dissertation/thesis research.

          • Most students accepted into humanities PhD programs are funded through a combination of a stipend and teaching responsibilities. I wouldn’t exactly call it “free” because you really are working to pay your way through and it sometimes felt like working two full-time jobs at once. In my case, this meant teaching three sections of survey classes and grading 75 students’ papers per semester while taking 2-3 classes per semester and trying to pass various exams and publish papers. Also, in my own program, there weren’t any young retirees looking for a degree — it was all very professionally-minded people looking to pursue a career in academia. I think that was sort of an unwritten requirement for admission.

          • Ditto to “Also, in my own program, there weren’t any young retirees looking for a degree — it was all very professionally-minded people looking to pursue a career in academia. I think that was sort of an unwritten requirement for admission.”
            My funding package was a combination of fellowship (stipend with no teaching duties) and TAship (stipend with teaching duties). “TA” was a misnomer, at least in my program; the “TA” was the sole instructor, not an assistant to anyone else.
            Juggling the classes I was teaching and the classes I was taking was extremely difficult. I think just about everyone I knew racked up one or more incompletes while teaching.
            About 75% of my “stipend” went toward rent at (supposedly subsidized) grad student housing. Going out for Taco Bell felt like a treat.

      • Also Anon for This, you and I are apparently great minds thinking alike. 😉

      • Oh, completely agreed on the opportunity cost. Having the degree will somewhat compensate for it, but rarely completely.
        But for someone who’s pining for a deeper engagement with a narrow subject, and will be miserable doing anything else, potentially worth it. (Although I would argue that it’s very rarely ok to pay for a PhD.)

    • I’ve been down that road — did five years of a (top) humanities PhD program and left when I realized a tenure track position was nearly impossible unless I wanted to live someplace terrible. I agree it’s not the best decision to pursue a humanities PhD now. Is there anything you can do to make your job now more palatable? Maybe take or teach night classes or volunteer? Do you have any prospects for switching to a different job that is less depressing?

  • Rant: Cold, rainy weather. Makes me so sleepy and not much fun for the Margarita Wars event tonight!
    Rave: Margaritas! And will hopefully try to stop by the PoPville happy hour after!

  • Rave: Getting solar panels installed on my roof!
    Rant: This week is going by so slowly. It was struggle city to get out of bed this morning.
    Rave: 3 day weekend, and I am hoping to get in some kayaking.
    Rant: My backyard is like a jungle. This might be a stupid question but other than pesticides is there anyway to get weed vines and honeysuckle under control? We keep cutting and removing and its almost as if it replaces itself overnight.

    • I don’t know much (well, anything) about honeysuckle, but for these weed vines… are you digging them up at the source or just cutting them above the surface?

      • We’ve been digging them up when possible, but they keep coming back!

        • MAR — Not sure if you’ll see this, but maybe dig it up as deep as you can and then spray Roundup or Brush-Be-Gone on whatever you can’t dig up?

    • That One Guy

      Regarding the solar panels, curious to know how big both in physical size and capacity and the cost of installation. Do tax credit make things more feasible?

      • Absolutely! I was shocked how much the panels have fallen in price. So I have a normal row house with a flat roof, and I am getting 18 panels installed which will provide approx. 120% of my electricity use. So I think depending on how many panels you want…the quotes that I got most companies ranged from 13k-20k. Which don’t get me wrong is a TON of money, if you do it before the Federal Tax credit expires (Dec 31 2016) the credit is 30% of your installation cost. You can also choose to sell back your SRECs which is approx. another 30% of the price. I found that the actual cost I was left with at the end my panels would pay for themselves in 5 years. After that it will be free electricity for the 20-25 year life of the system.
        Additionally DC has a low income installation program where I think its basically free. Most companies also offer leasing options where you pay nothing to get them installed and then pay the company a low monthly fee for your electricity.
        If you want to talk further I’m sure PoP can give you my email.

  • Rant: I’m exhausted all day, but then I can’t fall asleep when I get in bed.
    Rave: I think I’ll take a sick day tomorrow.
    Rant: because I still feel like a whale that ate another whale. And aforementioned exhaustion.
    Rave: maybe I’ll shuffle over to El Sol and get tacos when I finally drag myself out of bed.
    Rant: but it’ll take a while because my normal ‘uptight New Englander’ pace has slowed to ‘lollygagging Southerner’ pace.

  • Rant: worst day ever yesterday. Got home from work and found a letter in my mailbox (postmarked 5/18, dated 5/15) saying my position has been cut but not to worry, I can attend a talent match…. Scheduled for last night at 5. In Upper Marlboro. If I didn’t attend I’d have no say in where I’m placed next year. I met with some principals. No luck. So now I’m hearing I’ll likely be working in District Heights next year. I’ll resign if that happens. Arghhhh

  • I Dont Get It

    Try 20% vinegar as a herbicide.

  • Rant: someone blocked me for the first time on twitter. it was bound to happen.
    Rave: it was that guy I tried to be friends with after we went on one date until he got all creepy and weird with the “naked friends” talk. Only found out today (we stalked talking months ago) because I stumbled upon an article he wrote (and took photos for, y’all gonna figure out who this is soon) which piqued my curiosity to figure out what the creep is up to (is he creeping on another young lady…beware hip female music lovers in DC!). And boom, blocked. LOL, really? Good.
    Rant: weather…had to walk the dog in the rain. not easy walking a hyper dog while fumbling with an umbrella.
    Rant: friends rescheduled dinner.

    • I meant “stopped talking” but who knows he was probably stalking my social media accounts.

      • But you were stalking his social media accounts, right? Isn’t that how you found out you were blocked?

        • Just after I read the article. I didn’t know I was blocked until I looked him up today. Not sure when it happened could have been months ago, I found it funny because he was the weird one.

    • I don’t understand… you didn’t actually contact him, but he knew you’d read his article and blocked you?

      • I don’t know when he blocked me, but I learned I was today because I looked him up after seeing this article he wrote for a well-known DC blog. It was weird since when we first stopped talking I wasnt blocked but months later I check again and I’m blocked. okay.

        • Blocking means what — that you can’t view his Twitter postings? I thought Twitter was public. (Or maybe he blocked you elsewhere?)

          • justinbc

            You can block specific users on Twitter. It’s easy to get around though since it only requires logging out and then viewing the page.

          • Yup. You go to the person’s twitter account and you have the option to “block” them. Justinbc is right though. If the tweets are public, you can just log out of my account and view the tweets. I think blocking just makes sure someone cannot respond to your tweets. I managed to read his tweets. Nothing interesting. Back to ignoring.

        • You can still read his tweets by searching his name instead of going to his page.

        • Emmaleigh504

          You can still read his tweets by searching his name instead of going to his page.

    • of course my phone internet isn’t working because I work in an ancient government building with terrible 3G service & my work computer doesn’t do twitter, facebook, or pretty much any of the good stalking websites. however, I really want to solve the mystery of who this man is (although it might have to wait until I get home). my first guess is someone from BYT.

      • I won’t tell you what blog but if you know me you could deduce which blog based on my interests. he’s actually known in certain circles here in DC too ie artistic there that’s all

        • sometimes I wonder if I do know you! although all my friends who go to a lot of shows are on the show buddies email list not in a meet up group.

          • I’m new to meetup but I go to a lot of shows sometimes not with my meetup group but with friends. We’ve probably run into each other.. What if you’re best friends with said Twitter guy!? And only Pablo Raw knows who I am IRL.

          • lol! I don’t think I am but curiosity is getting the best of me today. that’s what happens on a rainy Thursday afternoon before a four day weekend. also I loooove a good “omg DC is so small!” story. that reminds me, anyone going to sweetlife next weekend?

  • Rave: Surreal. Looking at houses, looking for a job….picking which childcare option is best.
    Rant: I am absolutely heartbroken to breakup the childcare situation we have now. Our nanny is pretty much the best human being in the world and my son and the other little boy adore her. I adore her. She loves the boys, they love her. And the boys love each other – they hug, and play, and my son laughs whenever he sees a picture on my phone of the other little boy. I’m sad to have to end it, but happy to know that another family will have the blessing that is our nanny.
    Rave: We’ve truly been fortunate with childcare, even though it was a rough start – I wish that everyone could have the type of stable, loving, and happy environment for their kids if they work outside of the home.

  • laduvet

    Rant: starting to go through the check list to get my cat (penny) ready for the UK… micro chip and a pet visa… pet visa sounds funny, but it’s better than quarantine. Anyone done a pet visa before in DC?

    • I think it’s actually a pet passport. I don’t remember for sure, but I think you have to start the process 6 months out so that the pet can be tested and have the vaccine antibodies show up.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: The Voice, should be called: The most popular.
    Rant: busy, stressed and tired; no HH for me 🙁
    Rant: messy first use of the toaster oven, practice makes perfect
    Rant: I got some bagels at Giant and I’m not sure those are what I want
    Rave-ish: cooler weather

  • Hive: i need a couple of good pasta salad recipes for a party I’m hosting – perhaps one vegetarian and one not? We’re getting catering from Lebanese Taverna, but I think a pasta salad or two will stretch our catering a bit. Anyone have an excellent one? I USUALLY either do pesto, peas, sundried tomatoes and fresh mozz or italian dressing and cut up veggies….maybe you have a better one to share! (Or maybe a bean salad?)

  • Rave: Helped reunite lost dog Ziggy with her owner. Made my day.

  • Rave: booked my vacation! Now I just have to make it to July…
    Rant: researching flights drove up the price by $200.
    Rave: saw main squeeze last night, things are apparently okay. And he totally caved to watching a movie that was mildly entertaining and uplifting.
    Long weekend!

  • Rant: Still haven’t been able to find a place I want to buy
    Rant: The friends I see most often in a house setting just signed a lease on a place in 16th St heights – which is somewhat difficult to get to from all of the neighborhoods I’m looking to buy in
    Rant: My department is planning responsibilities for the new fiscal year and I still haven’t told them I’m leaving…definitely going to throw a huge wrench in things
    Rant: Seriously though, these dreams I’m having are crazy weird – last night the city I was in was hit by a nuclear bomb
    Rant: Was supposed to go to a BBQ tonight
    Rave: So many rants, still managing to keep an okay mood going…

  • Rant: Wiccan Dog Sitter was fired but then
    Rave: Re-hired the same day.
    Rant: Not entirely sure what happened. I had set the “Hot Topics” kitchen timer to three minutes since I had had a bad day at work a day and wasn’t in the mood for one of his weed-induced Tolstoyian epic stories–something about he and his boss both being Venezuelan.

  • Rave: Great night celebrating friends bday yesterday
    Rant: Have a work trip right after I get back from vacation…inbox is going to explode!
    Rant: May also miss BFs trip to DC while I’m on the road for work.
    Rave: Booking tickets to see him a few weeks later for his bday.

    • Sounds fun where is vacation? and an exploding inbox sounds fun too.

      • Exploding inboxes are no fun – I’ve got three team on travel and lots of meetings to my inbox is going to be a disaster when I come home.
        Off to Ptown for lots of fun and early summer shows and parties with friends!!

  • Rant: Wife’s work cellphone went off again in the early hours of the morning. Third time in the past week. So tired. So very, very tired.
    Rave: Homemade banana bread
    Rave: Half day tomorrow followed by a four day weekend.
    Rant: I may lose it if my wife’s work cellphone goes off again during our long weekend. I just need one undisturbed night of sleep.

  • phl2dc

    I’m just here to see if HTML is accepted here.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Stand with Rand….no matter your party or political affiliation what he is doing is special. Someone who actually stands up to the ‘status quo’ (sorry but Obama has not done that, or i haven’t felt it at least). From illegal drone strikes to NSA Data Collection, this guy has the vision we need going forward. Where is the rest of the Republican Party? or Democrats for that matter?
    Rant: I am sure someone will comment here saying he’s crazy…with little to no justification.

    • He’s crazy.

    • He wants government out of everyone’s business, but more firmly entrenched in women’s uteruses. Fuckin hypocrite. Pass, thanks.
      Bernie Sanders, though. I wish he had a snowball’s chance.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Amen! Until he truly wants to keep government out of everyone’s business, that means keeping the gov out of women’s healthcare decisions, he can kiss my grits! He’s a whack job who only stands up for things to score points from the whack jobs who like him. Fuck Rand.

    • Interesting. My reply to this got modded. I wonder if the mod has politics, or if I was because I used a naughty word?
      I’ll try again, upping my language game:
      Rand Paul says he wants government out of citizen’s affairs, but wants to give government greater control over my uterus, thus taking control of my uterus away from me. I find this hypocritical. And I will not countenance the election of a man who finds it reasonable to reduce my freedom in this fashion.

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