“Police Parking in handicapped space”


“Dear PoPville,

Due to a recent injury, availability of handicap parking has, unfortunately, become a special concern in my household. (Thankfully, it’s an injury that will heal in a few months.) We’ve witnessed several frustrating examples of people misusing handicap parking, but this one takes the cake: Cop car taking up the only handicap parking spot for the building. And no, this wasn’t a quick in and out – the car has been there for an extended time. There are countless other spots that this cop could park in instead, since cops don’t have to worry about parking legally – I see cops parked all the time along the wall behind our building (which is labeled “no parking”) or at the end of a block behind the legal street parking. There is just absolutely no excuse for taking up the one spot reserved for disabled parkers!! Shameful! The annoying part is that there is no one to report it to – I’m sure that a complaint to the police would fall on deaf ears.”

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  • Is there Dallas Cowboys stuff in or on that Police Car? If so…I know that guy!

  • DC1

    Chief Lanier truly lead by example…. let’s see how much mayor Bowser cares about this one…

  • No one cares.

  • I live at this building. This cop parks here everyday, this is not a random event. Had been doing it for years and no one cares. Police need to lead by example.

  • It makes me sad that no one seems to care.

    • Its not that “no one cares”, I feel that if its such a problem for the OP why not just leave a note and or report it locally vs coming to a blog as a first resort?

  • It’s possible that the officer is handicapped – based on intermittent observation, MPD appears to be getting a little lax enforcing the physical fitness requirements for patrol officers.

  • It’s possible there was a legitimate reason for the car being there. For instance, maybe the officer responded on an emergency call, but once he or she arrived, it took a long time to deal with the situation. The OP may be correct, but sometimes officers do have legitimate reasons for parking illegally, including an outright exemption from many parking rules because they are emergency vehicles and need to respond quickly. So if you see an officer eating lunch while he’s parked in a loading zone, don’t complain when it takes 5 minutes longer to respond to your burglary call because he had to park 5 blocks away.

    • If it’s an emergency, then lights and/or sirens should be on. In any event, this sort of petty law-breaking by our so-called law enforcers is far too common to make “maybe they had a good reason” a plausible explanation.

  • Similar situation in our building. The good officer parks his car in the No Parking zone, blocking the front entrance, for an hour every day at noon, so he can go up to his condo to eat and smoke. When I asked him about it, he stated, “It’s an emergency vehicle” and his lieutenant “would not care.” The building is exactly one block from his station. Stay classy, MPD!

    • His lieutenant might not care, but I bet his commander would. Report him to the commander for your district.

  • As an officer with disabled family members, it’s a truly douchebag move to park your take home cruiser in a handicap spot if he lives in the building. There’s no excuse whatsoever. But then again, the example was set by the Chief of Police who says “Who cares?”

  • This car is a take-home cruiser. Email the Chief and the 3D commander. This is unacceptable. You all remember the 1D officer who had his picture taken driving up on the curb to throw out trash? He lost his car.

    You’re right — the officials at the district don’t care, but if you make a public stink, the city will!

  • The MPD detective who lives in my building always parks his car illegally, between the end of the block and the start of street parking. He never blocks the crosswalks or the curb-cuts because there is more than enough space for a car in that margin, and I’ve never, ever seen him park in the street parking spots reserved for the handicapped or where he would block a hydrant. Me? I’m grateful for it! His is one less car to compete with for the limited street parking on our block. He does us all a favor.

    In the OP’s case, this is a really douchebag move by the officer. Report him. It does matter.

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