Strip Club coming to 477 H Street, NW? (formerly home to the Blinded Veterans Association)

Image via opposition facebook page

Ed. Note: This property is formerly home to the Blinded Veterans Association.

Has anyone else heard plans about a strip club here?

A reader writes: “I just saw a flyer (opposing the strip club) about this [ 477 H St, NW] at Chinatown Coffee.”

No Strip Club in Penn Quarter_Mt Vernon Triangle, Washington, DC :

“Tell Developers we don’t want Strip Clubs in Penn Quarter or Mt. Vernon Triangle in Washington, DC. Say NO to Strip Club at 5th and H Streets, NW”

They also share this letter:


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  • Most of that church’s membership doesn’t even live in DC, and here they are complaining about bringing in people who don’t live in the District. Hypocrites.

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    • I find it interesting that all the transplants on here now want to claim exclusivity to DC and somehow people from MD are outsiders. The irony is lost…

      • People from Maryland *are* outsiders. Do you vote in DC? Do you file income taxes in DC? Do you or your landlord pay property taxes in DC? If not, then you’re an outsider. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but don’t expect your opinion to be given the same weight as a DC resident’s when discussing DC issues. The length of time that person has been a resident is immaterial.
        I don’t expect or want Bethesda or Arlington to cater to my needs. Why should we in DC cater to MD and VA residents’ needs?

        • “I don’t expect or want Bethesda or Arlington to cater to my needs”….that’s not true. If you worked in Bethesda or Arlington, I’m sure if they wanted to put *fill-in something you detest*, you would make your voice heard.
          MD, NOVA and DC are so intertwined that what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense to me. I grew up in MD, lived in NOVA and I’m now a DC resident.
          What you’re saying doesn’t make any sense to me or for that matter many other people that actually grew up in the area.

          • I may have been harsh in my reply above (I take back any negative sentiment)
            I personally see it as the DMV where people frequently move behind DC, MD and NOVA.

  • *A church is inconsistent with the uses that we seek. It diminishes our quality of life; brings in users who are not from the District and have no interest in protecting and adding value to our City.

  • Yes! Bring on them strippers!

    • How do you know how many of the church’s members don’t live in DC? Or is it just a assumption?

      • The license plates on the cars. This is the case for most churches in the city.

        • That’s a pretty unscientific way of determining that the majority of that church’s congregants aren’t from DC. How do you know that the local congregants don’t walk to church? Why would you drive to a church you live a block or two away from?

          • Or take the bus. Or car pool in with other churchgoers who live in MD but are passing your DC home on the way to your DC church.

            When people who oppose religion don’t use logic, it’s a failure for us all (jokes).

    • Yes, bring ’em on!

  • That’s absurd. Strip clubs can actually be good neighbors. Last time I checked, Glover Park hasn’t descended into Sodom and Gomorrah, and there have been strip clubs tucked in among all the other family-friendly businesses for decades.

    • Being a good neighbor and not causing a neighborhood to descend into bedlam are two different things. How are they good neighbors? What do they do, exactly, that is so neighborly?

      • I don’t know about “good neighbors” but I will say that The House on Georgia Ave is always one of the first to salt and shovel after a snow, which is a welcome reprieve from Manny & Olga’s treacherous sidewalk.

      • The House is a great neighbor. Their music is never too loud, their security guard has introduced himself to all the neighbors and offers to walk me home if I’m arriving late on a weekend, they don’t have litter around, they allowed a neighbor to review their security footage when there was an issue nearby, and they really just understand that they need to do better than the other neighbors because of junk like this.
        Between the House and the middle school on the other corner, I’d take the House any day.

    • The new JPs hasn’t really been a good neighbor. They failed to pay ~$1.5M in taxes to the district and DC revoked the liquor and strip club licenses as a result. But prior to the fire and the closure of the original JPs – you are correct that the neighborhood didn’t cease to being home to families, churches, restaurants, and general Mayberryness.

      Just think of it Reverend – all those fallen souls are being delivered to your doorstep for saving! I say strip clubs and churches make perfect neighbors – sin and salvation go together like pork and beans.

  • I’m not really thrilled by the idea of a new strip club, but the pearl clutching in this letter is a bit much. There are already a few strip clubs within a mile of that location, so I’m sure that we will survive if another one opens.

  • “…have an alternative vision for their community”

    Oh, do tell! Whips and chains? Swingers?? What “alternative” would you prefer to a strip club? This just got a lot more exciting, Pastor Edmonds!

  • ChenChen

    I don’t frequent them, but what is wrong with having a strip club on H street?

  • I’m skeptical as to whether the church’s congregants do in fact live in the immediate and adjacent neighborhoods… but if I lived around there, I wouldn’t want a new strip club coming in either.

    • I would like to see PROOF that these congregants LIVE in the this neighborhood.

      Strip clubs are not necessarily bad neighbors. They say they have issues with 5th & K… meaning the Cloakroom… and I have never heard of one problem from this establishment.

      I’d rather have a well-run strip club than a Church. That’s just me – and i recognize others may find value in a church.

      • Sorry – that wasn’t meant as a reply to you textdoc.

      • I’m going to have to agree with you. Cloakroom is hands down the nicest strip club I’ve ever been to. If this new strip club is anything like that, I say bring it on 😀

        • I Dont Get It

          Do you know one thing you never see outside the Cloakroom? Cars double-parke!

          • Limos double park outside Camelot (on M) and Hummers double park outside The House (Georgia Ave.). 2-3 weeks ago a melee occurred outside the next strip club north of the House on Georgia that shut the street down.

          • I Dont Get It

            ??? I was talking about the Cloakroom.

  • Now I have Helen Lovejoy screeching in my head, “Won’t someone please think of the children?!”

  • jim_ed

    I’m pro stripclub, but there’s a cruel irony in the Blinded Veterans Association being replaced by a strip club in a city with no touching laws on the books.

  • I Dont Get It

    How come I don’t see this guy on the staff listings for the Mt Lebanon website?

  • I’m not a big fan of strip clubs, and I know that they can bring unpleasant elements to the neighborhoods they are in, so personally, I wouldn’t be jumping up and down supporting this idea. However, I also don’t think that (most) churches should weigh in on public policy issues affecting the larger community, most of whom are not members of the congregation. Remember the M Street church bike lane tantrum?
    Now, there are some churches in the city that actually do have a really strong local connection – the congregation mostly lives nearby, they do lots of community service activities, etc. And I think they are valuable to the communities they serve. Even if this is one of those, however, it should be the local residents, not the church, who take up this fight.

    • Hmm I don’t know. I think any resident or business affected by development should have a right to be heard. It might make sense to give them LESS of a say than residents, and I don’t think a church’s complaint that some aspect of a business is contra their religious sensibilities should be give ANY weight. But the people making decisions about zoning and permitting should have access to all stakeholder opinions even if the stake in question is small.

  • I vote for a vegan bakery instead.

    Throw those ones in a tip jar, gentlemen.

  • I think this is the exact location of the existing strip club whose building collapsed. So (just guessing here) the permits at issue probably deal with putting up a new building, not the establishment’s license. Wouldn’t that make any action taken by the ANC on the basis of the strip club’s presence be kind of beside the point?

    • No, these are new strippers at a new address. The building collapse was on K Street two blocks north. It was that beautiful townhouse in white with the black trim on the south corner across from the Busboys that’s in the Safeway building there on the north side. I think the corner house was saved, but the interior house (which was part of the same strip club) was a total loss – facade and all, if I am remembering it right.

  • It’s good to see PoP staying abreast of this issue. I was afraid he might be getting a little behind, and something like this would fall between the cracks. Ultimately, the reality is that it’s one thing to erect a strip club, but will the customers come?

  • Oppose it all you want. But, when a Baptist minister writes in, someone ought to tell him his viewpoint is irrelevant. A property owner who has a vested interest in the value of his/her property has a legitimate interest. But, a church that pays NO property taxes is not one to argue when the entirety of their property is excluded from the tax rolls. And, if the church is morally opposed to the strip club, look at it as God’s way of sending you those that need your savior. Now you don’t need to go far looking for souls to proselytize to–the Lord brought them to you.

    • So only people who pay taxes can have a say with the community? ummmmm, I think I’ve heard this argument before……..I think it goes something like, people who receive government assistance shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Tea Party Rhetoric recycled

      • justinbc

        Yeah, I disagree with this premise as well. I’m about as anti-religion as they come, but they’re just following the tax laws as written.

      • Right to voice their opinion? Sure. But, in my opinion, as between a nearby resident, a nearby business, or a nearby church, the church’s opinion should be given the least amount of weight. They don’t live there’ in’s not a place of business, it literally has no impact – at all – on the operation of the church.
        And Joel isn’t channeling the Tea Party, he’s channeling the late, great George Carlin, “If holy people are so concerned with politics, government and public policy, let them pay the price of admission like everyone else.”

        • What about all the Non-profits, NGOs and other that are tax-exempt? At least you openly stated your bias.

          • First, a typical non-profit pays property tax if they own a building, so that’s a particularly inapt comparison. Second, you see a lot of other non-profits and NGOs get involved with local land use issues, do you? And using it as a cover to push their social agendas?
            That said, point one out for me, and I’ll rail against it. I’m an equal opportunity attacker of hypocrisy and free-loading.

  • glad to see they just aren’t opposing male strip clubs.

  • How do strip clubs bring in ‘bad elements’? It’s expensive to go in there!

    PS Give up all parking for the church, since the congregation lives there. Maybe meters…?

  • At least a strip club pays taxes, a church doesn’t. I can care less what some preacher of iron age mythology has an opinion about. While I agree for better business can be there, a strip club is far more preferable in my mind than a church. Strip clubs and churches are both terrible for women, but at least strippers are paid well.

    • So renters shouldn’t have a say in their community because they don’t pay property taxes??? ummmmm, interesting and illogical at the same time!

      • Accountering

        No, renters pay plenty in taxes. Churches are tax exempt, and are full of people who drive the SUVs in from the suburbs to illegally park, and then drive back to the suburbs, where they pay taxes.

        • I clearly said “property taxes” but if you want to say taxes all-together what about the million Non-Profit Orgs in DC that are tax exempt also??? So they shouldn’t have a say?

          • Please. Renters pay property taxes, indirectly through the rent they pay for the property. Non-profits pay property taxes, too. Religious organizations pay none, yet are among the most vocal when telling the government what it can and cannot do. To add insult to injury, the smart money says that much of the congregation (of this church) lives outside the city, or at a minimum outside the neighborhood.

  • I once met a stripper (don’t ask me how, where, or when) who told that she has two DC based pastors who are her regular clients for private viewings (not in the strip club). I am not kidding.

  • I do not like strip clubs, but I support the right to put one in wherever it is legal to do so. I strongly encourage not bowing to the desires of members of a religious group when deciding what kind of business to open in a commercial area of a major city.

    There are already plenty of “users who have no interest in protecting and adding value to our city” in that area of town. See: suburban attendees at Verizon, loiterers around the metro, conventioneers, and tourists staying at suburban hotels and mostly spending money outside of the city.

    I also second the above comment that The House is a responsible neighbor.

  • Strip clubs, casinos, legalized pot. What kind of world are we making for ourselves?
    There’s nothing wrong with a pastor speaking out against vice.
    Vice is alluring but always leads to bad things in the end. That’s why you should be careful of it.
    Everyone knows this at some level.

    • He’s not speaking out against vice. He’s speaking out on zoning issues, trying to influence government policy and decisions. Big difference.

      • He says he doesn’t want a strip club in the neighborhood. Do you want a strip club in your block? Maybe you can persuade them to move to the house next to you. Nothing to worry about! How about a liquor store or two, and a horse track? Think of the money, the tax revenue!

        • Yeah, these are some of the same people that would be shouting at their ANC if a pop-up was built next door. They’re obviously bias against organized religion and are willing to make any argument to support their bias.

          • What you view as bias, I (and others) view as irritation at the outsized and unwarranted influence religious organizations have traditionally exercised over local governance issues.

        • “Dogs and cats living together…”
          Hi. This actually is my block. Do you live here too? I doubt it, because if you did you’d know there’s already a bar across the intersection and several restaurants that serve liquor within 100 yards, not to mention multiple liquor stores within two blocks. (Not really space for a horse track, though, which is good because it would probably stink in the summer.)
          Oh, and two churches within a block (though not the reverend’s, which is half a mile away), plus a hotel, a shelter, and easily at least a couple thousand residents… In other words, a pretty mixed-use neighborhood in which a well-run strip club wouldn’t really be that much of an outlier.

        • That’s precisely my point. That’s not speaking out against vice – railing against the immorality of stripping. He’s concerned about land use – the city shouldn’t allow a strip club in this particular location. That’s local politics.

  • Wow, I had no idea the BVA had even moved out. I live on this block (which is almost entirely residential with ground-floor retail) and walk past this building every day. That most certainly qualifies me as a member of the community for which Rev. Edmonds claims to speak, yet I’ve heard and seen absolutely nothing about this project until now.

    I’m torn about this idea, more out of concern it would bring additional late-night noise to the block than for any other reason. Can’t say I’m thrilled about the idea of walking past a strip club daily, but I already get unwelcome attention and comments more frequetly than I’d prefer from the people who hang out on that corner regularly now. If the club indeed proves to be a good neighbor, who knows – they may help make that stretch of H St NW more pleasant than it is today!

    Thanks to PoP for helping to spread the word that this project is under consideration. I’ll certainly do my part to make sure actual members of my community have opportunities to weigh in!

  • no to strip club as a close by (same block) resident. They will call it all sorts of things, but a lounge is always a club and burlesque is a always a strip club . Have you ever been to a strip club in DC, they are usually where the night ends, never really a good place. This isn’t Vegas, and we don’t need it . Not against fun things that are in this capacitity, more against the idiots running around the area after they leave

  • I think the irony is lost on this pastor. While I do not think a strip club contributes anything positive to the city, churches are also a drain on this city. They bring in Marylanders in droves who park in the drive lanes and take up precious limited parking, they do NOT pay property taxes and the majority of them don’t maintain their properties. It’s funny that a pastor is complaining about bringing in unwanted traffic to the area. I say we start making churches pay property taxes then they can have a say in our communities. Just because your family used to live in DC doesn’t make you a DC resident–where you live and pay taxes makes you a resident. All these people from outside of the city don’t pay taxes, they don’t pay to fix our HORRIBLE roads and they take up all of the parking.

  • Wow.. the religious hatred on Popville.

  • I’d have no problem with a strip club there.

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