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  • binpetworth

    In watching this go up, I’m alarmed at how it seems to be slapped together with the cheapest materials. Hard to know what it’ll look like when it’s done. Given the nature of that block, too, I’d say units starting at half a million are overpriced.

    • If they’re doing it with cheap materials, then they’re doing it right. That’s how you make money.

  • It will look a lot better once it is finished. It’s not solid brick but timber frame structures up to five stories can be just as structurally sound.

  • More please! We need 100 more of these in upper Columbia Heights. Easy walk to two metro stations, Rock Creek Park, restaurants, schools, and major bus routes. More please!

  • Anyone know if there are plans to occupy the old Rib Pit Lounge space a block north? I know Little Coco’s is set to occupy the old Rib Pit space, but not sure about the adjacent (and larger) lounge. That whole corner could use some more activity.

  • This is really an eyesore – and it looks really cheap. The other developments on this part of 14th (like across the street). Didn’t push it up the extra level. Doesn’t fit the block. Looks out of place and obnoxious, the roof deck is super obnoxious – can’t be seen in these photos. It upsets me when these developers don’t consider the aesthetics of the block the are developing on. I was surprised fhey pushed it up so high on this small lot. Looks like crap

    • This whole stretch of 14th St. is C-2-A zoned, which permits matter-of-right development of up to 50 feet. Don’t be mad at the developers working within the rules, be mad at the zoning codes if you feel it doesn’t work for your tastes.

      Personally I’m in favor of building up along this and similar retail corridors. It’s the popping up in R-4 zones–on totally residential streets–that stink. And what about this development “doesn’t fit the block”? There are all kinds of different developments on this stretch of 14th St. Looking at the immediately adjacent houses doesn’t tell the whole story.

      And I think it’s too early to tell that it looks “cheap.” This is textbook stick-frame construction. Say what you will about it, but half the structures out there (homes, low rise mixed use, etc) started off looking this way. Let’s give it a chance.

  • Anonynon

    yeah this seems a bit large for that corner lot, and i don’t see much value in those balconies…you are literally sitting overtop the sidewalk…

  • I for one will take any development on this street. Not only is it kinda scrubby, but it’s also not safe. The more people that move in, the better it will become. I hope. There is a ton of retail potential here, but the current retail doesn’t meet the needs of the neighborhood.

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