De Vinos Closing after 9 Years in Adams Morgan – Hoping to Reopen Nearby – Sweet Scuttlebutt on Old Space

2001 18th Street, NW at U Street

From an email:

“With great sadness, we would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you, our wonderful customers and clients, for frequenting De Vinos over the past nine years.

We are extremely proud of the quality of our service and product that we have brought to Adams Morgan. However, it is our customers and clients that have truly made De Vinos a success. For this, we cannot thank you enough.

De Vinos space is slated for sale much to our dismay, we are closing. We are seeking a new location somewhere within the community to continue to purvey our selection.

De Vinos will be closing by the end of this month, or as soon we liquidate our inventory. Please, come say Hi and enjoy the great savings in our “Gotta Sell It Specials”.

We will keep you updated on our progress as to new location.!

Once again, THANK YOU all, who have patronized us through the years.

– de vinos”

Ed. Note: As for the sweet scuttlebutt – I’m hearing it may have something to do with nearby Jack Rose and though I have no idea what plans are, Jack Rose is awesome so if affiliated this will be sweet indeed (assuming of course that De Vinos finds a new spot and opens soon nearby.) Stay tuned on all fronts.

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  • This entire intersection is due for big time condo/mixed-use re-development. Between the row where DeVino’s is located, the strip of buildings with Duccini’s/deli/check cashing spot, and the other low-density strip with L’Enfant/Chinese take-out, I can imagine this area looking very different within 5 to 10 years. Also, the parking lot next to Jack Rose will probably be gone.

    • How did you find out about this redevelopment? Where can I learn more about it? Thanks

      • Some of this isn’t going to happen. For example, L’Enfant recently bought their space so I doubt very much that they’re going anywhere unless someone comes in with an offer big enough to set up the owners comfortably for life. As for the check cashing place, from The OP Anon’s lips to God’s ears, so to speak. I would miss Virginia Market, though.

      • Sorry – I don’t know of specific development plans for all these locations. The only one I know for certain is that DeVino’s building was bought by the folks from Jack Rose, which is doing major redevelopment of that corner and they are opening something else over there.
        Once that happens, I can’t see these other low density commercial strips on this corner lasting much longer.

        • Despite the fact that most of those businesses have been there through the height of the Dupont/Logan renaissance, which frankly has come and gone as things move farther east?

          Keep walking up 18th Street, which short of some infrastructure work on the road itself looks much the same as it did in the 90s. That smallish newer building behind Vinos and Jack Rose where the Mint gym is hasn’t seemed to do very well keeping retail. I’m not sure why you think anything else on that corner would make a difference.

          • The big change at this intersection will not be more business but a large increase in housing, aka expensive condos. And hell, if you add a bunch of people living on this intersection I bet the businesses in the Mint building will start doing much better.

          • You understand you can’t just build residences wherever you want right? I still say if it isn’t come to that intersection yet, I’m not sure why anyone thinks it will. Or would want it frankly. I’d much rather have L’Enfant and Duplex and El Tamarindo than ANOTHER boring bland brick/glass mixed use building with zero character. The sooner this city stops resembling Clarendon at every turn, the better.

          • +1.
            I’d like to see multi-story mixed-use buildings in many of the vacant corner lots on Georgia Avenue, but I don’t see any compelling reason why they’d need to be at this location.
            Most people with the money to buy expensive condos are NOT going to want to buy them this close to the Adams Morgan nightlife strip. Yes, Adams Morgan isn’t as crazy on Fridays or Saturdays as it used to be, but I don’t see monied condo buyers choosing to buy this close to the action.

          • Sales at The Adamo and Ontario would beg to differ.

          • Los, the Ontario is significantly removed from the 18th Street strip and the associated noise.
            The Adamo is quite a bit closer, but still slightly removed.
            What’s your source for the sales figures?

          • The Adamo is at least 60% sold even though it doesn’t deliver until May/June.

  • Well this sucks. Has been my go to beer store for the past 2.5 years.

    DeVinos, if you’re reading this, open up here:

  • They better not take Eastern Carryout away from me….

  • NOOOOO!!! I’ve been patronizing DeVino’s since they opened (replacing Juanita’s, which was a charming if odd/understocked corner store) and enjoyed watching them improve/expand. I wish them well wherever they end up, but will miss having them a block away. Hmm, time to stock up…

  • This was such a great location! Hope they reopen quickly. As for Jack Rose, its an establishment of very poor quality! They ruined my friends bachelor that we took him out for to Jack Rose (he loves the fine liquors). The management there is out of touch and does not know how to take care of customers on a thursday night, with most of their establishment empty. Will not be going there again.

    • What do you mean they “ruined” it? I’ve taken a number of folks there and they’ve always been very accommodating — even took us on a tour of their speakeasy when the waitress discovered one of the group was super into their whole schtick.

    • Just curious, how did they ruin your friend’s bachelor party?

    • I’ve always had a great experience at Jack Rose. Although “bachelor party” conjures images of bad customer behavior, I’m sure you and your pals were perfect gentlemen. Perhaps you can provide more details?

      • Actual LOL: “Although ‘bachelor party’ conjures images of bad customer behavior, I’m sure you and your pals were perfect gentlemen.”

        • Hi all…so because one of the guys made an actually reservation, and the party was about 10 guys, the Jack Rose staff insisted that every single individual order a minimum of $30 of food in addition to any drink orders, etc. The group was planning to order apps and drinks however that was not sufficient for Jack Rose management only because an actual reservation was made. If we had just walked in this would have been ok. Outside of our group, only 2 other tables were occupied. After a long conversation with general manager, and lack of solution we left, went to Bourbon up the street, had a great time, spent over $1000 and called it a night. The staff was fantastic and very hospitable. So thats the story and its unfortunate that Jack Rose’s management is so poor.

          • Doesn’t sound like you made a “reservation” in the traditional sense. They don’t have a per-person food minimum for regular table reservations. It sounds more like you reserved a space for your party (maybe the balcony room just off the roof deck?), which in many places comes with a per-person minimum — Jack Rose isn’t alone in that. So if you wanted to change the rules at the last minute, you can’t exactly blame them for being inflexible. In fact, you’re lucky you didn’t lose a deposit.
            Also, you do realize that Bourbon is owned by the same principal owner, right?

          • To stick up for the bachelor party guy, I’ve experienced Jack Rose not be awesome with a party. A few years back we had maybe the same number of people in the bar area for a birthday party. People were spending a lot of money on very top flight liquors. One person brought birthday cupcakes and management immediately said we either needed to put them away or pay a plating fee of something like $5/cupcake. I can understand not wanting you to bring food in, but they don’t sell any cake (or at least they didn’t at the time) and we were spending a serious amount of money there. They could have handled it better.

          • Really? It’s a restaurant that has dessert on its menu. So someone in your party brought outside food into a restaurant but apparently didn’t think to call ahead to see what the restaurant’s policy was? And your “put them away” comment indicates that you guys started passing them around without even checking first. Yet it was Jack Rose that wasn’t “awesome.” SMH. Learn better restaurant manners and you’ll be treated better.
            I don’t think that complaint would even fly in the Tom Sietsema WaPo chat.

    • Agreed with the other 2. They have never been anything but warm and welcoming. As an example, one day my friend and I were at the small back bar drinking some Scotch talking to their Scotch guy when a distributor brought in a case of whiskey. A manager came over to open and it and verify then asked us if we wanted to sample it with him.

      • If you allow bad service or “out of touch management” to ruin a bachelor party, I submit that you are not doing your job as a best man/friend to ensure the bachelor has a fun time.

    • Blithe

      “Out of touch” makes me very curious to know what you think the management is out of touch with. pawel?

  • The wife and I live one block down and every Friday night, we make our weekly beer load up at De Vinos. We walked in last week and I saw the sudden limited supply of beer and immediately guessed they were moving or closing, I was floored. Over the years, we have gotten to know the guys there pretty well. We asked and it’s definitely Jack Rose taking over. They believe it will be a whole new building on the spot including Dahlak’s spot as well. Additionally they’ve heard as well, that it probably won’t even be a year before it’s announced the strip across the street (The pizza place, Virginia Market) is going to developed/demolished. However, the good news is, it is Jack Rose, my experience with them has been awesome and they are up to something new. And the guys at De Vinos said they are looking up 18th around Columbia for a spot but thats all in good hopes. Fingers crossed they stay within a good walking distance.

  • It’s not next door or anything, but these guys also own D’Vines in Columbia Heights which is a short walk away. Although in this weather, nothing is a short walk.

    • I wouldn’t say it’s a short walk. It’s about a mile and a half.

      • Yeah, it’s about a 25 minute walk, uphill too. If you want to walk 25 minutes to get to a wine shop, maybe you should just live in Bethesda or whatever.

        • Well I guess it depends where you live. If it you lived on top of DeVino’s I guess so. If you lived at the top of Adams Morgan near 16th / Columbia, not as bad. I was just noting for people that really loved this shop and did not want to lose it, that they have another option that is not across town that they can walk, bike, bus too. It has the same selection and I’ve seen the same helpful staff there. If you can’t deal with a 1.2 mile walk, maybe YOU should live in Bethesda.

          • Oh. I heard ya mudda could walk it in snow boots.

          • 16th and Columbia is the eastern edge of Adams Morgan (and very close to the northern edge too) — it’s at the Adams Morgan-Mount Pleasant-Columbia Heights border.
            Most places in Adams Morgan are NOT particularly close to D’Vines in Columbia Heights.

          • Jesus, people love to argue semantics here. Maybe we can organize to rent a party bus and all take off a day of work to make the trek from Adam’s Morgan to Columbia Heights and go there.

          • Sign me up!!!

  • Sad to see them go. We go often and loved their selections. The staff was really helpful. Happy to see our neighborhood building new developments, but sad to see a small business like this pushed out. Maybe they can move up the block to another location on 18th. We really need to keep quality wine store in AdMo. The one at Champlaign and Columbia (which is basically a luggage and jewelry shop) is awful!!

    • Don’t forget AB! They have a surprisingly good selection, and the prices seem a bit lower than D’Vines on average.

  • What does Jack Rose plan on doing with it? I live on California St and am tired of seeing good stuff close in favor of generic crap. Not that I’m expecting JR to do something generic, I just want Adams Morgan to get good quality offerings.

    • The bartender told me it would be a larger version of the basement speakeasy (so it will be high-end) and include food. I can’t imagine any new developments in Adams Morgan going “generic” – the real estate is way too expensive.

      • And yet among the new businesses along 18th St – UPS store, ANOTHER nail salon, a psychic, Chinese Massage Parlor … so yes, generic things are coming in all the time.

  • west_egg

    So what about El Tamarindo — are they going as well, then? Sad.

    • El Tamarindo leaving would be the biggest travesty of all and actually make me never want to step foot in whatever replaces that corner.

    • Oh shoot – I read the whole chain of comments and never thought of El Tamarindo getting axed too. Although I’ve been to Devinos several times and liked it, the loss of El Tamarindo is what I will really feel. Dang.

    • Oh my goodness NO! That place has been there forever……. so yeah, I can see it being closed for another uppity 22$ a cocktail bar. Stupid boomtown.

    • El Tam isn’t going anywhere. Just DeVino’s, Dhalak and that tiny space between the Blagaurd and DeVino’s (there’s an ATM there).

  • That block hasn’t been the same since The Commonshare closed down.

  • There’s no reason to believe that because De Vinos is leaving the whole block is leaving and being redeveloped. The most logical answer is that the landlord was asking for more than they wanted to pay and Jack Rose agreed to pay.

    Sad to see De Vinos go, though. The folks at Virginia Market are great, but I’ve also always appreciated the help I get at De Vinos.

    Also, there is a big condo going up at the site of the parking garage/planet pet.

    • west_egg

      There are two reasons to believe that the whole block is being redeveloped, from the comments above:
      “I don’t know of specific development plans for all these locations. The only one I know for certain is that DeVino’s building was bought by the folks from Jack Rose, which is doing major redevelopment of that corner and they are opening something else over there.”
      “Over the years, we have gotten to know the guys there pretty well. We asked and it’s definitely Jack Rose taking over. They believe it will be a whole new building on the spot including Dahlak’s spot as well.”
      From there, it’s not unreasonable to wonder if El Tam + their parking lot would be included to allow for a much larger development on that site. I wouldn’t say that “the most logical” answer is that the landlord was asking too much–it sounds like the landlord got bought out!

  • Folks – The whole block is not getting redeveloped. The only buildings purchased are DeVinos and the ATM to the north just south of the Blaguard. It will only be a restaurant concept from the owners of Jack Rose and Bourbon. No new residential development on that corner.
    Yes the former Planet Pet and Colonial Parking garage at Florida and Champlain Streets are being developed into apartments NOT condos by Kettler.

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