Urban Wildlife Vol. 76 – Duck Grabbing a Coffee at Peet’s


Lately we’ve been focusing on birds of prey so it’s not to get one of the friendly variety too. Thanks to the folks from the Golden Triangle BID for sending from the new Peet’s coffee at 17th and L St, NW.

Ed. Note: Yes indeed it is a slow news day 🙂

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  • Her name is Miss Cleo and she’s one of the resident ducks here at National Geographic!

  • A large number of them live in McPherson Square park; the homeless are fed there every day around 4 and they generously share with the ducks and pigeons

  • I made a trip to the big national parks (Grand Canyon, Zion, etc.) and the thing that struck me was that the “wildlife” was mostly what one can see in DC! Deer (well, elk which are bigger and greyer), rabbits, beaver, etc. It’s easy to forget that we have eagle’s nests and oddities like these, not to mention the occasional bear. If we ever get bobcats and coyotes, then we’ll have parity with Yosemite.

  • We at Peets named them Mr. & Mrs. Duckworth. I suppose we could share the name and allow NatGeo the rights to the first names. So, Mrs. Cleo Duckworth it is.

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