Lost Little White Dog spotted at 14th and Parkwood Pl, NW

OP writes: “I didnt get a picture of him before he took off but this is kind of what he/she looked like”

“Dear PoPville,

This morning at about 8:35 i was walking to the bus stop and saw a little white dog eating some garbage in my block, and I didnt recognize him as any of my neighbors dogs so I assume he is lost. “He” (couldve been a she) had a collar on but I couldnt tell if it had tags. I tried to coax him over but he spooked and ran away. I saw him on the 1400 block of Parkwood place running towards 14th street (by the Exxon station). He was small to medium, white, shaggy, about 20 pounds I’d guess. Looked like his collar was blue or purple. Very timid- took off running when i took one step towards him.”

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  • OP here – I also called Washington Humane Society to report the dog and they said they would send someone to canvass the area and try to pick him/her up. So if anyone recognizes this dog, please also let the Humane Society know!

  • Was he yapping a lot? If so, he’s not lost. Poor little guy lives in that area and routinely either gets let out or escapes and then he runs around yapping at anyone who tries to approach. I know of him well. He’s kind of a legend — a little white, yapping, got-loose legend.

  • This dog lives at the corner of Parkwood and Holmead. Her name is Chiquita and she gets loose constantly.

    • She is a little spitfire! I’m glad to know her name.

    • Can you tell me her address or call Wash Humane Society and let them know? I want to let them know because the dog ran in front of two cars on Parkwood while I was trying to get her to come over to me (thankfully they were going slowly and were able to stop), but I was so afraid she’d run into traffic on 14th St and get hit.

      • Argh – makes me so angry. I live in Arlington now, and not too long ago I witnessed a loose dog that looked very much like this one get run over by an SUV. (this was in Ballston, so I highly doubt it’s the same dog).

        Amazingly enough, the dog survived with just cuts and a broken leg. But my suspicion based on the circumstances (no leash, owner took about 5 minutes to show) was that the owner was allowing the dog to run loose around an urban high traffic area.

  • I found a dog on 14th in spring last year that somewhat matches your description (http://www.popville.com/2013/06/dog-found-at-13th-and-spring-road-nw/) I took him in and while out with him looking for his home his owners came by on a bicycle. I am not sure how helpful that is but I do recall them saying they lived at 14 and Spring. Hopefully they will be out looking again and can find their dog.

  • They keep her in a crappy little fenced in area behind the house – she manages to open the gate, then runs up and down Holmead, Parkwood, 14th, etc. I, along with several people on the block, have talked to the kids repeatedly about taking better care of their dog, but to no avail. At this point, I’m hoping that someone else will take her in and give her a good home!

  • epric002

    please report each incident to the WHS at 202-576-6664. if this is a chronic problem/neglect they need to know so that animal control can get involved.

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