Coming Soon Signage and Now Hiring for Momofuku and Milk Bar posted at CityCenter

11th and I St, NW by New York Ave

David Chang’s Momofuku and Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar are for real. Thanks to all who sent emails about the coming soon signage posted at CityCenter on Friday.

You can see Milk Bar’s menu here and Momofuku’s New York menu here. Coming 2015 – standby for an opening date.


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  • DC is not ready for its first milk bar, I’m afraid.

  • It’s ice cream and cookies and cakes, yes? What’s there not to be ready for?

  • I don’t get this place – cereal milk? Really? Why?

    • If you haven’t had their crack pie or corn cookies than please reserve judgement until they open. 😉

      • justinbc

        “please reserve judgement until they open”
        That’s almost the antithesis of this site.

        • I don’t know how CityCenter is still standing! No one goes there, they clearly should just knock it all down! 😉

      • The crack pie is only $44? Dangerously Delicious is going to have to lower their prices.

        • jim_ed

          Crack Pie? I’m setting the over/under on thinkpieces written about the cultural insensitivity of naming a pie after crack cocaine in Washington DC at: 6 and a half.

          • justinbc

            That’s the name they use at their NYC location. Can’t imagine they would change it upon moving to DC, although that’s never stopped anyone from wasting time on writing uninformed op-ed pieces.

  • awesome news!

  • This just made my morning. I concur.

  • THANK GOD. and for everyone who is going to say oh wow another “bakery” — you don’t even know how good this is.

  • I am quite excited for both, but a little disappointed they landed that prime spot in City Center. I guess I still dreamed that corner would be where the nice new shiny Apple store would go one day.

    • Fingers crossed for an Eataly with an Apple Store in the Wegmans.

    • justinbc

      How often would you actually use an Apple store though? Line up once a year for the new product and then what?

      • we go to georgetown way too much for genius bar issues

      • I’m sorry, have you ever been to an empty Apple store? Because I have not. I probably go and buy something in an Apple store two or three times a year. I would like to not have to go to Bethesda, Georgetown, or Pentagon City to do that.

        • justinbc

          I’ve never been inside an Apple store, that’s why I asked. The only Apple products I’ve ever purchased were an iPad and and iPod, and I bought both of them online. I’ve had zero reason to ever set foot inside the store.

          • Most Apple stores I’ve been to were packed, all of the time. Both with people waiting for the Genius bar (even though you can make reservations online) and with people just shopping.

          • They are always busy, as jumpinjack noted. Which implies many people do not just order online. For me, I like to see what I am buying before I buy it. When I purchased an iPad, I wanted to see the iPad mini and decide whether that was too small, so I went to the store. And for those who want immediate gratification, going the day a product is released is better than ordering online unless you order online immediately and do not get a delayed shipping date. They also sell a ton of accessories for their products that are just easier to grab in a store if one is nearby.

            I’m looking at buying an iMac soon and I’d much rather do that in the store than order and have it shipped, especially since I don’t ship to my house for fear of package thieves. Besides, I want to play around with it before I buy it. I probably would have bought one months ago if I weren’t always talking myself out of taking the red line out to Bethesda or yellow out to Pentagon City.

      • palisades

        Apple stores are awful places. So much tension, confusion, and anger teaming in a cramped area.
        I went to the one in Georgetown because Apple was replacing the battery in my phone for free, never want to go again.

      • I use an Apple store every time I am in NYC, about to walk the High Line, and need to use the restroom.

    • Apple already pulled out a while ago. CityCenter was working with them to create a large, prominent space tailored for them and then Apple bailed. So I would not count on seeing them there in another retail space that they didn’t help design. I couldn’t tell whether you already had this info and were just keeping your Apple dream alive, but it’s been a while so thought it might be good to share again.

      • No, I was aware they pulled out, but kept hoping they’d come back and maybe reconsider should the space not get grabbed up. I would just like to go to an Apple store without taking Metro or a Metro bus and G-town is just too far.

        • While the Georgetown store is nicer, I wager for most people east and south of Rock Creek it’s usually faster to hop on the Metro to the Pentagon City store.

        • I still don’t understand why they decided to pull out. Even for Apple, they could have made a killing there and probably really jump-started the retail piece of CityCenter but there must have been good reasons. Considering the storefront break-ins that have happened, maybe they had security concerns early on or something.

  • SO excited for this!! Went in NYC recently and the ramen was really good. I have heard good things about milk bar too. City Center is killing it with great restaurants.

    • They really are. I remember reading comments on here a year ago projecting the extended vacancy of retail here and its future fall to ruin. Just another reminder, most of the bets against the continued success of DC are just about always incorrect hyperbole.

      • Lots of things here have been predictable successes–DCUSA, H Street. This is just a failure as retail. The restaurants seem to be doing just okay and not all of them.

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