Black and Orange (fomerly Rogue States Burgers) closes in Dupont, 24 hour Surfside opening around the corner in January

1300 Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Looks like Black and Orange is officially no more. I’ll definitely miss this place.

On the plus side, the new Surfside around the corner is opening in January. On Saturday I talked to the owner who was checking out the building. He said that all of the fixtures are done and they’ll be opening “soon in the new year.”

1800 N Street, NW just west of Connecticut Ave

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  • That place was kind of a mess when I visited a few months ago. They didn’t have most of their burgers on the menu, and it was kind of in shambles. It was my first and last visit, but I’m sure it was better in its heyday.

  • That’s a shame. The place had some of the best burgers in the area. On the plus side, pumped for surfside. They have some of the freshest tastiest california/mexican food I’ve ever had. Never had a bad meal there.

  • Any takers on how long until Surfside stops 24 hr service? I’m guessing they know a 24-hr business isn’t sustainable in that area and this is just a marketing ploy. In 3 months or so, they will switch to 11 pm on weeknights and 3 am Fri and Sat.

    Oddly enough, the Black and Orange on U Street did the same thing.

  • I’m sorry to hear this. That location seemed to have trouble from the start, but they also had the best burgers at Dupont.

    So, in a couple of months, Dupont has lost Five Guys, Smashburger, and now Black and Orange. Guess the Great Burger War is over, and BGR wins.

    • Shake shack is also still around. I think they are the real winners here.

    • justinbc

      Black and Orange was definitely the best of the bunch, and this location was far superior to the service you get at the U Street one. This is unfortunate to hear, I guess people like the boring burgers at Shake Shack more…maybe that shouldn’t be surprising.

  • The Dupont burger boom and bust (B&O, Five Guys and Smashburger) seems like a dark omen for the current personal pizza boom (both are things that are yummy but I just can’t eat too often). I hope Shake Shack is doing OK for when I get that rare itch.

  • As far as I’m concerned, they deserved it for having a portabello mushroom for a veggie burger. Gross.

  • Surfside vs. Well-Dressed Burrito. I love Well-Dressed, just never around during lunch.

  • Please. I need late night shrimp tacos NOW. Hurry.

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