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  • Aglets

    oh, this makes me kind of sad…..

  • brookland_rez

    Never went in there. To those that have how was it? A wheelchair at a sporting goods store seems a bit odd.

    • jim_ed

      Well, it was the only sporting goods store I had to be buzzed into like it was a high-end jewelry store. Like nearly every store in DC that you wonder how it stays in business, it had a mish-mash of things often barely related to sporting goods, lots of which were covered in a thick layer of dust. A lot of old school DC-centric merchandise that you haven’t seen in two decades, like the sweaters that said “It’s a DC Thang!” I never bought anything there, but I’ll kinda miss it.

      • brookland_rez

        I wonder if you can get old Bullets merchandise. That would be cool to have.

        • I wish that place were that cool. I went in once looking for Wiz/Bullets gear and was surprised that they didn’t seem to have any. I think i also went in there for shin guards once and no dice.

    • I think that’s the kind of place this is- odd. This place has kind of stuck out like a sore thumb as Barracks Row has gotten better and better each year. Every time I’ve walked past it, I’ve wondered how they managed to stay around this long. Their offerings no longer match the tastes of potential customers now walking down 8th. If it ever was a profitable business, I’d say that train left years ago.

      • brookland_rez

        That’s kind of what I was thinking. Looks like a hold over from DC’s bad days. Definitely looks out of place on Barrack’s Row now. They’ve probably held out for so long because they bought the space years ago when it was cheap. Wonder why it’s closing? I’m betting the owners are cashing in.

    • Went in to get a Nats hat before a game and they were they free ones the Nats give away. They were charging for them doe.

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