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Barracks Row Updates: Capital Teas Coming, District Doughnut Buildout Progressing, and Capitol Hill Sporting going out of business

by Prince Of Petworth March 27, 2014 at 4:30 pm 9 Comments

731 8th Street, SE

The former Tabula Rasa space is set to become a Capital Teas tea bar and boutique:


749 8th Street, SE

Further down the row, Disrtict Doughnut’s buildout is starting to take shape:


And finally – Capitol Hill Sporting – is having a liquidation sale and going out of business. Back in 2010 there were plans to convert this space into a bar and grill.

727 8th Street, SE

  • AG

    Exciting! I wish a Pacers type store would open up around here. I feel bad for a small business going out of business but it always looked a little sketch. It could have used better curb appeal to keep up with the changing demographics of the neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      I am confused by this statement. The owners are good hard working people at this store. They have been around forever on this street when there was nothing here. What exactly was sketchy? Because it is black owned and you did not like the sports memorabilia, goods , and apparel? Unbelievable. They were some great fixtures on 8th St. for years. Sorry they do not fit your demographic.

      • AG

        I know nothing about the owners, and like I said, I feel bad for a small business, especially one that provides retail diversity in this neighborhood. I didn’t mean sketch as in sketchy dangerous. I meant to express that from walking past the store, it seemed somewhat odd. What was displayed looked haphazard and dusty. You could hardly tell from the outside if the store was even open. It wasn’t that the business didn’t fit the demographic, but that it didn’t adapt to market itself to the changing neighborhood and probably increased competition. I can’t say I’ve ever been in the store. I just don’t ever really find myself seeking out sports memorabilia, but it also didn’t seem inviting to where I’d want to stroll in while killing time in the neighborhood. I could’ve maybe picked up something for the bf or if they sell it, a nats or united shirt for me, but it honestly never even came to mind to look there. You can be the nicest business owner on the planet, and while that helps keep customers, you have to be able to market yourself and draw people in. It never appeared to me that they did that.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly. Backstage was the same way. If it looks like you haven’t updated your storefront in the last 20 years people passing by aren’t going to go in.

      • Anonymous

        +1 — CHSG may not have kept up with the times, but that statement is totally off base. Maybe if they sold overpriced yoga gear or SUP gear they’d be more at @AG’s level.

        • Anonymous

          If the overpriced yoga gear was displayed the same way the Redskins jerseys were displayed at CHSG I think the outcome would be the same. Presentation matters!

        • AG

          It wasn’t so much what they sold as how they sold it. This is a sports town. I’m sure there’s a market for what they sold, and if they sold workout gear, I’m sure a lot of people in the neighborhood would rather go somewhere local than schlep to a Modell’s or whatever. This business didn’t update its aesthetics to draw people in. Yes, it’s superficial, but it’s part of running a retail business. You don’t get a pass just because you’ve been somewhere for a long time.

  • Anonymous

    I’m super excited about the tea shop! Barracks Row needs more retail and I think this will be a great fit (the sporting goods store was not, at least not for the Barracks Row of today).

    • Anonymous

      +100, yeah it is nice to see more non-restaurants open up in the area. (Although, yeah we are losing a sporting good store).


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