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  • AWESOME! Seriously, Paul Ruppert is the man. Thankful for his commitment to Upshur and Petworth as a whole.

  • Why couldn’t this have been a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts? Do we really need another bookstore?

  • The 20 year statistic would be enough to steer me away from this business venture, but good for them! Hope they do well.

  • You can actually CHANGE the statistics. Buy a book from a store. Yes, it might be a few dollars more than on Amazon. And the library is free – which is great – but authors do need to live. (Right?) Honestly, as an investor, I wouldn’t see a lot of potential here, but as an author – I keep hoping people will value things differently.

  • Is it weird that I’m disappointed that it won’t be a USED book store?

    • Do you know that there is already a great used/free/swap book exchange at Petworth Citizen reading room? So yes, you should not be disappointed in any way!

      Also – why do you think that a USED book store is better for those who actually write books? Should authors not be paid?

  • I’m excited for this and think bookstores still serve a community and consumer function different from other retail. only in a bookstore would I pick something up I might not have heard about online or from a review.

    • It will still be tough. Even with people who want to support local shops, there is still overwhelming competition from Amazon et al.. I would love to see this work (and have contributed) but know it is unlikely.

  • I REALLY hope this bookstore makes it and love the idea!!!

  • Perhaps it’s not so much about books, but about people and community. With such a cozy place to grab a drink next door, what a great place to meet up.

  • Support local book stores! As David Sedaris recently said at Stratmore, “once all the bookstores are gone, where are you going to go to the bathroom?”

  • I will be supporting the bookstore! I love actual paper books and I love browsing bookstores 🙂

  • Does anyone know their hours? I am 100% in favor of this business succeeding, but if (when) I make the trip from the other side of town, I want them to be open 🙂

  • What the hell is a “street book”? 🙂 : )

  • I wish them luck.

    If I’m in the neighborhood, I’ll stop by!

    ps: Hope they do lots of community events like author readings, book signings, open mic poetry, etc.

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