Donburi applies for Liquor License in Adams Morgan

2438 18th Street, NW

Good news for Donburi fans – well good news for Donburi fans who’d like a beer (or sake) with their rice bowls – they’ve just posted a liquor license placard.

Also an interesting note from them on their faceboook page:

“Many of you have noticed that we are busier than we ever have been before. During the past year we have been fortunate to receive a wide variety of positive stories in the local news, and we are currently one of the most highly rated Japanese restaurants in DC on Yelp. The flip side of this is that our popularity and growth, which is entirely due to the loyalty and devotion of our customers, means we have to constantly reevaluate how we prepare for service and then cook and present our food to you.

It sounds cliche, but behind the scenes we spend a considerable amount of time considering feedback and constructive criticism. Every Yelp review we receive is reviewed by the entire staff, from the owner to the people who do prep, and oftentimes reviews and comments have influenced the way we do things. If at any time your experience is less than satisfactory, please reach out to us either in person, via email (we have business cards at the register), or through social media (Twitter and Facebook).

We wouldn’t be here without you! Thank you all for helping to make us such a success!”

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  • it seems like if they served drinks A) the food would take longer b) people would stay longer c) less people get fed. I really liked this place went last weekend for the first time and will be back! Just think that serving beer when there are so many other bars people can get drinks at nearby would take away from their food service!

    • Totally agree. With that small of a space, they need to turn over seats.

      • +1 – I love love love Donburi, and it’s a perfect spot to grab something quick and delicious. If you need a drink, just have a soda! Those stools are a hot commodity, and alcoholic drinks would just slow it down.

    • True, but margins on food are usually pretty low for restaurants, so alcohol frequently is the only reason businesses break even. We can all vow to eat and drink in a reasonable amount of time?

      • yes but from the logic, there will be less turn over on food and two people just sitting at a stool slowly sipping on a beer is not a good use of space…

  • Not just one of the most highly rated Japanese restaurants in DC, but actually the only good Japanese restaurant in DC!

  • Hi guys, Jake from Donburi here. Just wanted to weigh in to let you know that we’ve been discussing how our alcohol service would operate for some months, and that we continue to consider how serving alcohol might impact food quality and the turnover of seats. Our ultimate goal is to serve as many customers as possible while also providing them with the best (and highest quality) experience possible, and any changes or updates to our beverage service will be made with that in mind. We’ll be sure to update all of our customers as we make changes, but for now I just wanted to let you all know that we’re listening and will do everything we can to keep things running smoothly!

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