Shooting in the 300 block of V Street, NW

@DCPoliceDept tweeted around 3am:

“3D Shooting-300 blk V St NW. LOF: B/M, 18-25 yoa, 5’4″, med complx, gry swtr, blu jns”

Updates when/if more info is known.

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  • As long as police does not enforce the law to the block north of it (basically a law-free zone) and does not stop drug dealing in Ledroit Park this is going to continue.

  • its crazy how different this block north is from the area two blocks to the south.

  • I’m reluctant to drop off my food waste at the Compost Cab station there. Super rough. I’ve been in the lawless high rise a block north – it was bedlam in the middle of the day, I can’t imagine going near it after dark.

  • This block and those building just north are a blight on the neighborhood. The residents use the street and sidewalk as as trash can. There are always people outside smoking weed, drinking, yelling, fighting, playing craps. There should be a a row or police vehicles parked along that entire block or the buildings should be converted to mixed income.

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