Washington, DC


@sarahkliff tweets us the photo above:

“DC: found this lost lady pup in Mt. Pleasant with a purple collar but missing tags.”

and via email:

“I’m at a vet and she’s unfortunately not chipped. I’m going to be taking her to the humane society on New York Ave. Vet estimates she is 6 years old.”

UPDATE: Owner found!


“Our sweet dog, Lulu, ran off while our neighbors were walking her today (14th and Quincy St, NW).”

Update: Lulu found too!

Ed. Note: I really thought this was the found dog above, sadly not.


“Missing Cat — Answers to the name of Plum
Gray cat, lost sometime on Sunday, mid-morning from 8th and S St, NW. She responds to her name and is super friendly. Please call 610.715.3859 if you find her.”

UPDATE: Good news – Plum has been found.


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