In-n-Out Double Double Burger to be delivered in DC on Sept. 25th!?!?!

Photo via OrderAhead

Hang on to your hats west coasters – well it’s not April 1st so here goes – @apblair tweets us:

“#DC to get #innoutburger for a day – is this for real?? OrderAhead @PoPville @BarackObama #InNOut”

“OrderAhead delivers food from the best restaurants in Washington DC and Arlington. To celebrate our launch in DC, we’ll be delivering the best from the West: In-N-Out’s Double Double Burger!

How It Works

Fill out the form to claim your burger (frozen, shipped overnight).
Download the OrderAhead iPhone or Android app
On September 25th, order and pay for your In-n-Out Burger through the OrderAhead app.
When your burger arrives, pop it in the microwave.
Enjoy your Double Double!”

For those not familiar with In N Out Burger: You can see their burgers here.

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  • Frozen? No, just no.

    • As far as I’m concerned screw In&Out. All these years and no DC shop? It’s an outrage. At least we have Ollies Trolley for when I want to feel sick and regretful about my food choices.

      • They will not expand because they want total control of their operations. They don’t trust the quality to be the same if they were all over the nation.

        • Ate at their mothership in July, which ought to be the pinnacle of their quality control. Wasn’t particularly impressed. The meat was better than Five Guys, but that’s not saying a whole lot. The fries were *terrible*.

          Most of the good burger places in the DC area are much better than In n’ Out – though when I say “good,” I also mean the best branches of the various chains, because the quality between locations varies wildly.

          Best thing about In n’ Out was the option of grilling the burgers in mustard. It’s a cool idea I wish someone would do around here, only with brown or dijon instead of French’s yellow.

  • How could this at all be good? From frozen?

  • Now, if they were going to actually expand to the other half of the country and open a location here. YES.

  • I’ve never understood the hype about In-N-Out. No matter how many times I’ve had them, they’re pretty mediocre.

    But then again, I’m a Whataburger guy! 🙂

    • I agree. When I was last in LA, I made it a priority to go In N Out and get the burger my California friends have been talking about forever. I was pretty underwhelmed. While it was a good burger, especially for the money, it does not hold a candle to Shake Shack.

      • justinbc

        Shake Shack is just as boring as In-N-Out. They’re only raveworthy when compared to crap like BK / Wendy’s / McD’s.

      • Dude, no. I’m not some crazed fan of in-n-out, and don’t put it on my “must eat” list when I go home to visit, but it beats the crap out of shake shack. Why? Because it is a lot cheaper and pretty much an identical burger. Shake shack’s owners are geniuses. Basically they copied in-n-out’s burger, opened in a part of the country with no in-n-out, and charged twice as much . Well done fellas!

      • Shake Shack, Elevation, BGR, Burger Tap n’ Shake, Good Stuff, Burger Fi — I’ve had better burgers at all of these, and better fries at most of them than at In-N-Out. Also, better shakes!

    • Y.E., now you have me fiending for a Whataburger, and I can’t have one until December. Thanks, guy!

    • Yes Whataburger! It’s what I miss the most from the Gulf Coast. I hope they wan creep their way up the East Coast. Not the tastiest burgers ever, but they are good, reasonably priced, made to order and OPEN 24/7!

  • Thank you. There’s nothing more overrated than In-and-Out.

    • Yes there is. five guys.

    • Forgive them Father In-n-Out, for they know not what they say.
      In-n-Out’s competition is the sub-$5 burger. They blow away the competition in that category. Sure, I could get a colossal, fancy $15 burger with wagyu/imported cheese/crazy toppings that tastes better, but that’s not what In-n-Out is going for. You need to recalibrate your expectations.
      But if you know anywhere else where I can get a similar quality cheeseburger for $2.35, please let me know. I’ll be there with cold hard cash.

      • Thank you!!!

        As a SoCal native myself, I completely understand the hype that is In-n-Out.

        I’m pretty stoked about this little piece of home coming to DC, even if it is frozen!

        • I spent 5 years in SoCal after college – I would consider it for old times sake but I always got 2 double doubles protein style and animal style- you can’t really freeze protein style.
          The mission valley location drive thru was always a ridiculous line, but they moved it pretty fast.

  • “OrderAhead will be delivering these burgers frozen to keep all the flavors waiting for you. OrderAhead bears no liability for any damages caused by improper handling of these burgers. We have tried them ourselves and think they’re still the best!”

    This disclaimer leaves me wary…

  • I got really, really, really excited. Until I saw that it’s frozen. The whole point of In N Out is that it’s made right there so it’s soooooooooo good.

    Still tempted though.

  • The most overhyped burger joint in the world. Granted I only went once but it was as average as a burger can get. I think people just like the cache that comes with going there since it’s on the West Coast.

  • no, No, NO!

    In-N-Out burger patty is never, ever frozen.

    This headline is more misleading than the “bodyslamed by a runner”

  • As good as the burgers are, it’s the fries that put it over the top. No fries with this promo though. Not surprisingly since the Burger Mobile (In N Out’s food trucks) can’t do them offsite, so they give you potato chips.
    Also, couples who have the Burger Mobile at their weddings in California are the absolute best. (This is a thing out there, and it’s glorious.)

  • justinbc

    All of the disappointment you normally get when you experience the overhyped In-N-Out, now in frozen form!

    • It’s ok Justin. I’m sure there’s a great $20 burger out there that will match your $1000 espresso machine.

      • justinbc

        There is, you can get it here in DC at Bourbon Steak. I would never drink espresso with it though, what an odd combination.

        • +1 for the Bourbon Steak burger.

        • +2 for Bourbon Steak. My personal favorite there is the lamb burger.
          And what’s with the hate for espresso machines? If I recall correctly, all the way back to this morning, Justin got it at something like a 60% discount. How is that not raveworthy? If I had room for one and could get it at that discount, I’d have one too.

          • Most people roll their eyes when someone talks about how a $1K espresso machine is a great deal. It’s utterly detached from reality.
            But I guess it’s a good problem to have? I wouldn’t know.

          • I see. Sounds a lot like sour grapes to me. Especially when the initial post was this morning, and you feel compelled to bring it up hours later, to take a gratuitous shot. Green really isn’t your color.

          • justinbc

            A $2,000-2,400 machine that you get for ~$1,000 is a great deal, whether or not you perceive it to be. I saved just as much as the thing costs, that math isn’t really arguable even if you don’t care at all about espresso.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Champagne is what one drinks with burgers. It’s the perfect combination!

  • Hell no. This will be nasty. Have you ever had microwaved lettuce? Yuck.
    I’m surprised they are using In-n-Out to hype their online ordering app. I’m sure the lawyers are preparing a cease & desist. There’s no way in hell In-n-Out agreed to this; they are extremely protective about their brand and quality control (hence why we will never have an In-n-Out on the east coast – winter supply chains require freezing to transport ingredients).

  • The burgers are nothing special, it’s all about how cheap they are compared to your normal burger joints (looking at you Shake Shack for your overpriced, barely above average burger). The fact you can only get it in parts of the country builds up the hype.

    • +1
      This is the real crime. Shake Shack charges nearly $6 for a burger that very similar in quality to In-n-Out
      (IMHO, it’s slightly worse than In-n-Out, but that’s subjectively influenced by my own nostalgia and the familiar taste of an In-n-Out burger).

  • I must go to Seattle

  • Had it once. Very tasty burger for the price, but the bible verses freaked me out.

  • best ~5$ burger I’ve ever had is in Harrisonburg by james madison, at Jack browns. Has not been beat thus far in my short lifetime, and for the price I’m pretty sure nothing else compares. It’s unfortunately just not as accessible as chains. Right now in the district shake shack is #1 for me but I’ve had and tried all the other popular favorites, in and out included. I’d probably still take five guys over in and out.

    • justinbc

      The best inexpensive burger place I’ve ever been was Charley’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers in Fort Worth. It’s near the TCU campus and mostly appeals to college students, but they put out some incredible product for next to nothing by DC standards.

  • Never understood the hype around In N Out when there were Nations burgers to be had.

  • Southern Californians are oddly invested in this competition, that exists only in their own minds. I guess this is like where Marylanders insist that their crabs are the best (they’re not), and Philadelphians insist their cheesesteaks are the best (they’re not), and Seattleites (??) insist that west coast oysters are the best (they’re not).

  • In-N-Out is about as good as a Rally’s/Checkers. The burger is good, but it’s overhyped.

  • I don’t trust any place that puts a mayo based sauce on their burgers.

  • You can get a comparable burger anywhere. The hype comes from West Coasters, because for a long time, there was no chain like it there. Now you can get a similar style burger all over the country, but the nostalgia has already grown to the point of loyalty. Also, the whole In-and-Out/Shake Shack/Five Guys/etc. competition is not really a competition. The burgers are all similar, and there’s enough grease and fat to make them all taste delicious. If you want a fast burger, just go to whatever’s closest.

  • I worked at In-N-Out in high school and am still a little bit obsessed. This stunt just seemed so unlike anything the company would ever do, so I emailed to ask. Here’s what they said:
    “We cannot guarantee the quality or condition of any of our food delivered by a food delivery service, as we have no control over the manner in which it is maintained once it is received by the delivery service. Therefore, we can confirm that In-N-Out Burger® does not ship food products or have affiliation with any food delivery service.”
    So although OrderAhead may ship you a burger they bought at a local In-N-Out, they probably don’t have the rights to use the pictures and logos, and they certainly can’t guarantee that freezing and shipping won’t completely destroy the otherwise delicious burgers. Sad.

  • I don’t know why I ever read the comments on POP- it’s the same every time.

    “FROZEN? Pfffffttt, forget that.”

    “This restaurant SUUUUUUCKS; it’s literally the worst garbage I’ve ever eaten and I don’t know why anyone would eat there LOL!!!!”

    “Oh yeah? Well I think the restaurant YOU like serves lukewarm vomit instead of food, so you deserve to die a horrible death!”

    Everyone on here hates everything. It’s amazing. What a bunch of negative, angry people.

  • Signed up out of curiosity for how much the burger would cost. Fifteen dollars. Yes, $15 for a hamburger that you have to microwave. The California in me was excited by the prospect but I know it would just be a disappointment.

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