Car broken into minutes ago on Park Road


“Dear PoPville,

Right on Park RD between 11th and Sherman ave. Connecticut license plate Volvo wagon. Called 911 about 10 seconds after it happened. Took 3 minutes for them to arrive and guy long gone. If owner of vehicle wants more info please give them my email address. Thank you”

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  • Looks like there’s stuff in the back seat. No, no, no. That’s violating the first rule of Columbia Heights!

  • Wow, the guy couldn’t just break one window and unluck the doors?

    • That was my first reaction – given there is stuff in the back seat, I wonder if this was just vandalism and if they even took anything.

    • My first thought also. This sounds weird, but I’m used to a more considerate type of opportunistic criminal: only one broken window and rarely the driver’s side. So maybe this particular incident was about something beyond theft.

      • I think they might avoid doors out of fear of triggering a car alarm?

        • That’s what I thought too. Smart thief – if they opened / unlocked doors they would set off the alarm.

          • Alarm? I would ignore that, but the sound of breaking glass on a relatively busy street in CoHi would probably make me look. If I’m smashing glass in broad daylight I probably don’t care if the puny Volvo horn starts honkin’

          • the horn alarm is usually louder than the normal horn, so much so that it is a nuisance and people nearby often look over. in some cars it is extremely loud and definitely attracts more attention than the sound of breaking glass, which is actually somewhat subtle with this tempered glass – normally what you hear the most is glass falling and breaking into smaller pieces, but you aren’t going to hear that with automotive glass….

  • Am I the only one with that practices leaving the car doors unlocked under the auspices that a thief may rummage through your stuff and maybe take some quarters but not break your windows?

    • Nope. I’ve never done this — but I know other people who have. This, of course, should be coupled with not leaving stuff in your car to rummage through, not leaving quarters — visible or not, and not leaving any potentially removable electronics in the car.

    • I know someone who did this, but still got her windows broken because the theif/vandal didn’t care to check if the door was open. Just started with busting out the windows.

    • I had a friend who did this because he drove a convertible to avoid having his roof cut, but then someone just disengaged his parking brake and let it roll down a hill for laughs.

  • I reported this and it was a frustrating experience. Couple of things – if you smash windows the alarms almost never go off. The police officer said “only on Ferrari’s or aftermarket alarms do that”. So yeah, smart thief as the doors were left untouched. I was in my basement with the window open which is about 20 feet from where the car was and the windows breaking is actually not very loud. It was a couple of crisp pops similar to an empty garbage can being thrown which is what I originally thought. I saw the guy pull the grey bag out from my window and immediately grabbed my phone and dialed 911. I was on hold for at least 60-70 seconds!!! This was not even my car but regardless I thought it was insane to be on hold for 911. While on hold I jogged down to the end of the street to Sherman Ave to see if I could spot the guy . I didn’t see the thief but I did see two cops in an explorer turning left onto Park RD more than likely headed to the police station there. I flagged them down and one of them looked my way but they just kept going. Anyhow a different patrolman still got there about 4 minutes after but it was definitely too late. It looked to be really expensive camera equipment that got stolen :-/

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