Bardo Releases New Beers including Dremo Tibetan Sasquatch Today “debut coincides with our Thursday special of all you can drink for $20”

Photo courtesy of Bardo

From a press release:

“Just two moths after the debut of their first beers, Bardo [1200 Bladensburg Rd, NE] is introducing another wave of brews, bringing the total number of beers on tap to thirteen. Black sour, imperial brown ale, imperial IPA and a dark IPA, as well as dry hopped versions of the imperial IPA and the black IPA will be tapped Thursday, Sept 25th.

Bardo is extremely excited about the debut of the GABF bronze medal winning, imperial IPA, Dremo Tibetan Sasquatch. “Dremo started as one of our cult favorites. It gradually became less of a secret and evolved into our flagship beer.” commented Bardo Brewpub’s Andrew Stewart. “It has been the number one question we have fielded since pulling the brewery out of storage, ‘When is Dremo going to be ready?’.”

Bardo’s Facebook page says:

“We have expanded our cold storage and added more serving tanks. The new brews have been transferred from the fermenters and we now have THIRTEEN beers on tap – including 3 dry hopped and one oak aged. The debut coincides with our Thursday special of all you can drink for $20. Just ask the bartender for the unlimited special.”

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  • All you can drink? Is that legal?

  • I loved this place when it opened but their first batch of brews was offensively bad. Does anybody know if the quality has improved? Are they ironing out the kinks?

    • For years I’ve heard locals praise their beers, but a lot of things have changed in the industry since then. The stuff you’d find in brew pubs or on the shelves 15 or 20 years ago would not stand up very well to today’s craft beers.

      • Bardo was 20 yrs ahead of their time when they were making Sour beers, Imperial IPA and Imperial stout in the 90’s. Maybe the industry has caught up to them.

  • Sounds interesting, but I’m always a little suspicious when it comes to drinking beer brewed by people who measure time in moths.

    • Most good beer takes some time to age. Unless you fancy Miller and Budweiser, I’d be grateful the beer has been aging. Good things take time.

      • He’s commenting on the typo. One of the problems with Bardo’s beer is that they have been churning each batch out in just a couple of days.

    • I only measure weight in moths. but seriously, their brews tasted a bit dodgy last time i was there

  • Have the beer gotten better recently? They were, to be polite, not that good at first.

    • 13 beers on tap? Im sure there is something I would like. I’ve heard a lot about their beer named Dremo. Can’t wait to try it

    • I was there a few weeks ago and sampled a few of their beers. I had a couple pretty tasty ones. I had one or two that were “meh”. I spoke with the owner and he mentioned that it was their first batch in a long time so they are working out some kinks.

      • Went there for the debut of the new beers last night. They were all quite good. Especially the Sasquatch -as promised. It’s almost like the first round of beers was the wimpy stuff and this round is the big beers.

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