Looks like 32 Below Frozen Yogurt Closes on Barracks Row

703 8th Street, SE

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Did they close?? Sign on the door on Friday night said “closed” but it was on notebook paper, couldn’t tell if it means closed for good or power was out? Tried stopping by Sunday night, same thing… this is a travesty! could it be true?!”

I’m afraid so. 32 Below frozen yogurt opened up back in 2011 at 703 8th Street, SE. Their website is no longer active and their twitter hasn’t been updated since June.

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  • Place was good in a pinch, but was nowhere near as good as the other froyo places in town. 32 Below was pretty boring and didn’t have a lot of options.

  • Agree. Place was dirty and once when we were there, cashier couldn’t get card reader to work so everyone in the store at the time got free froyo and toppings. Anyone who walked in after was asked to pay cash.

  • That is not a surprise. You don’t need to have such a big place (with that rent) for frozen yogurt.

  • And the line from Rose’s blocked the entrance so….

  • That’s a bummer. I can’t really compare to other froyo places, but I like that place. Would sometimes even go get dessert there after eating at one of the restaurants on Barracks Row.

  • every single fro you place is more or less the same. It’s the same suppliers and the only difference is the number of machines/flavors and toppings. Ever wonder why “cake batter” is a thing? While the operators may be independent, the concept and supplies are decidedly not. that’s why this fad has grown like weeds and it’s not surprising that it’s tough to make a go. Traffic was super light through winter months.

  • I preffered this over other fro yo places, but that’s not saying much. It’s not in a great spot that far from Eastern Market and doesn’t have the same cache as gelato. I’m not surprised.

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